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 Chapter 119: Brothers Fury

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PostSubject: Chapter 119: Brothers Fury   Wed Aug 18, 2010 2:31 am

A dozen soldiers sat in a hotel room, waiting for lights out. Eleven of them were playing poker, smoking cigars, drinking beer and chatting. Another was reading a book in the corner.
“I’m sick of our assignment.” One man said as he threw in a clip as he called the hand.
“We don’t have a choice; we were assigned here to keep an eye out in the area.” Another man said as he finished off his beer.
“Well I think it’s a waste, I mean when we DID do something, we were booed and we couldn’t do a thing. I joined to kill off some Bloodlines.” Another solider said as they all laughed.
“At least we have a lot of free time, and we can all have fun.” Another said as he looked back at the lone solider sitting. “Well most of us.” Everyone laughed.
“Smoking, drinking and gambling are not my idea of fun.” The solider form behind the book said.
“What did you say?” A solider asked annoyed. He sat up and began to walk over towards the loan solider. As he walked over, the solider behind the book waved his hand in the air. The Solider walking towards him stopped walking and turned around and looked at the others.
“What’s wrong Smith?” A Solider asked. Smith pulled his gun out and put the barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger. The dead solider fell to the ground.
“What the hell?” Another Solider asked in surprise as they all jumped up and looked over at the loan solider. He moved his book down and they soldiers saw his dark familiar eyes.
“Some how I knew I would get blamed for that.” The lone solider said.
“What did you do?” A Solider asked as he pointed his gun towards the lone solider.
“A gun?” The lone solider chuckled. “Why play with toys?” The red lightsaber ignited from behind the book and shined red across the soldiers face. “When real weapons are more effective!” The lone solider jumped up and swiped at a solider in front and the solider fell to the ground yelling. The other soldiers took a step back as the lone solider kept his head down.
“Your one of those sick little bastards.” A soldier said.
“See now you went and hurt my feelings. I was going to let you live, but,” The lone solider extended his hand out and another solider went flying and hit the wall hard and fell to the ground. A group four soldiers rushed the lone one and he spun and sliced into each other.
The other four soldiers stood in shook at what they had witnessed.
“What are you doing here?” One of them demanded.
“I was curious to be honest. But mostly bored.” The Lone Solider laughed. “You all think it’s so easy to take down a Bloodline. Well eleven against one, and I haven’t been touched yet.”
“Shoot him!” A solider said as all four of them pulled there pistols out and began to shoot the lone solider. The lone Solider twirled the red light saber in a circle blocking all the attacks. The guns clicked, out of bullets from there pointless barrage.
“You would have been more effective with super soakers.” The loan solider said as extended his arm out and lighting bolts shot out and began to electrocute the four soldiers. The screamed in pain as their bodies fell to the floor. The loan solider walked over to the window, where the curtains were closer he cut them opened with his light saber and blasted the glass out. He lifted his head to reveal it was Jace, Megan’s brother. He looked over the sky line of Columbus in the night. He was on the top floor of the hotel. He heard a groan and looked over as saw the solider he Force Pushed onto the wall.
“What?” The solider said in shock at seeing the rest of his soldier’s dead on the ground.
“Be lucky I spared you. Just remember if one Bloodline can do this, imagine what an army of them could do.” Jace then jumped out of the window. The solider scrambled onto his feet and ran to the window to see Jace sliding down the side of the building, his lightsaber in the hotel, slowing him down.

Vin looked up into the sky and saw the burnt markings on the side of the hotel. The marking went down from the top of the building to the bottom. Another him dozens of cops and Human Protection Agency members ran around, taking notes, and talking. Bishop stepped next to Vin.
“Out of twelve soldiers that were here, ten of them are dead, one is alive, and is accusing the twelfth member is the murderer.” Bishop explained.
“They believe the murderer was a Bloodline?” Vin asked.
“The surviving solider said he wielding a lightsaber like in Star Wars, and jumped out of the window.” Bishop explained. Behind them a car stopped and the doors opened with Zach, Ryan, Nate, and Tyler.
“Sorry were late, stupid exams took forever.” Zach said as they join Vin and Bishop.
“So what’s going on?” Nate asked.
“Murderer.” Vin answered.
“Were not CSI, why were we called?” Tyler asked.
“A Bloodline is the suspect.” Bishop answered.
“But I assumed that is what the HPA is here for?” Ryan asked.
“Well Saki requested that you helped. I am guessing to help mend any animosity between the HPA and Bloodlines.” Bishop said. “Where is the little guy?
“Kyle?” Nate answered. “He wasen’t feeling good he said, so he stayed home.”
“Well, we will do what we can.” Zach said. “What sort of Bloodline are we dealing with?”
“Jedi.” Vin said with a monotone.
“It couldn’t be Megan would it?” Tyler asked.
“The murderer was male, and wielded a red lightsaber.” Bishop said.
“Jace?” Ryan asked.
“It could be, but I don’t understand his purpose.” Vin said.
“Jace?” Tyler asked.
“Megan’s brother.” Nate said.
“Oh yeah, when I was gone and no one missed me.” Tyler said scornfully.
“What is Jace doing here?” Nate asked.
“I don’t know, I just hope Sirius is not with him.” Vin said while sighing.

The rest of the day was uneventful for the team. After finding no leads to where Jace could have gone, they decided to go off on there owns for the day. Vin headed back to the Base. Zach and Nate dropped Tyler and Ryan off at their homes, and began to head home themselves.
“Shouldn’t we train or something?” Nate asked.
“Probably, but we have been fighting for a few days straight, I think we all need to rest. We are all aware that Jace is here, so there’s not a whole lot more we can do. Where ready at least, he won’t get us on a surprise.” Zach said as he turned the corner into a housing development. His tires came to a screeching halt as they saw the mysterious cloaked figure in front of them.
“It’s him!” Nate said as they unbuckled their seat belts and jumped out of the car. Nate grabbed his sword and Zach’s sand Sheaths.
“Who are you? Tell us now. I want to know why you have been helping us like you have.” Zach demanded. The cloaked figure looked up and removed his hood, revealing Jace.
“What are you talking about?” Jace asked confused.
“Wait is Jace the guy who has been helping us?” Nate asked.
“I doubt it, Jedi’s don’t fly.” Zach added.
“There was a reason I considered not coming here, and now I remember.” Jace said as he flung his cloak off and revealed he was wearing normal Jedi attire, his now longer hair pushed back into a pony tail. He grabbed his lightsaber and ignited it. “You all are extremely annoying.”
“I would think Sirius would of learned his lesson before.” Zach smirked. Jace smirked back.
“Oh you think Sirius s pulling the strings this time? Oh you’re wrong!” Jace raced forward at an alarming speed towards Zach and Nate. Nate tossed Zach his Sand Sheaths as Zach forced the sand to flow out and formed a huge barrier in front of them.
“Get ready!” Zach said to his brother. Nate shook his head as he pulled his sword from its casing.
“Idiots! A stupid wall can’t stop me,” Jace said as he was above the sand wall and began to fall down towards them, preparing to slash. “And my sister is not here to save you this time!”
Zach jumped to the left and Nate jumped to the right, avoiding the lightsabers slash as it pierces through the concrete below them. Jace landed on his knees as he looked up and moved his head to look at Zach. Zach had already strapped the Sand Sheath’s onto his back, and prepared himself.
“Don’t you want to play?” Jace said as he stood up quickly and charged Zach with his lightsaber ready. Jace approached and swiped down with his lightsaber, and Zach formed a sand strand as a defense but the lightsaber slashed right through it. Zach jumped back before the saber could pierce though him.
“Take this!” Zach yelled as a giant sand spear formed from the Sand Sheaths and launched towards Jace. Jace smiled a slashed at the spear, splitting it into two, and causing the sand to fall lot the ground.
“You have to know your sand is nothing against my lightsaber by now.” Jace smiled and the red saber retracted back. “So I will make it fair.” Jace attached the lightsaber to his belt. “So come on, give me all you have!”
“I will!” Zach yelled as sand flowed around his shoulder and arms, forming the Sand Claws. Zach ran forward and swiped down at Jace. Jace took a simple step back and chuckled.
“I said ALL you have.” Jace mocked. Zach grew angrier and began to swipe continually, not stopping. Jace crossed his hand behind his back and easily dodged each of Zach’s attacks. Zach grew more impatient, and swiped as his legs. Jace jumped over them and kicked Zach in the face. Zach staggered back a few steps. “This is almost pathetic.” Jace extended his arm out and Force Pushed Zach across the way, and Zach slammed into a tree.
“Forget about me?” Nate yelled as Jace turned around and saw Nate right on him, his eyes already in Sharingan form, slashing his sword at him. Jace’s eyes grew wide as he moved to the left, the sword missing himself, but slashed through Jace’s pony tail, slashing it off. Jace glared at Nate as he dodged the rest of the slash. In a fluid motion, he grabbed his lightsaber and ignited it, and the red saber sliced through Nate’s blade. The upper half clanged as it hit the ground. Nate looked at Jace with disbelief.
“Wrong move Uchiha.” Jace said as he lunged forward towards Nate. Nate jumped over the saber and landed back on the ground. Jace extended his arm our and make the motion of choking. Nate began to gasp for air as Jace lifted him from the ground. Nate couldn’t feel anything around his neck, but knew he was losing air quickly. He was suspended in the air, and helpless. Jace smiled at Nate’s struggle.
Suddenly Jace lifted his head and turned over his shoulder, looking towards Zach, who was still lying against the tree. Jace shrugged his shoulder as he turned back and Zach in his face.
“Hello.” Zach said with a smugness n his voice. Jace was caught by surprised, and Zach smashed Jace with a giant sand fist. Jace went flying and slammed into Zach’s car, leaving an indentation. Nate gasped for air as he fell to the earth. Zach flowed a pile of sand that cushioned his fall. Zach ran over this is brother. “Are you alright?”
“Better now.” As Nate gasped for air he had missed as Zach helped him up. They looked over at an angered Jace as he pushed himself up form the car.
“HOW?” Jace said in a rage as he pointed to Zach’s lifeless body next to the tree.
“Now you see me,” Zach waved his hand in the air, and the lifeless Zach collapsed into a pile of sand. “Now you don’t.”
“Well played.” Jace said as he looked at his lightsaber. “You ticked me and got a good hit in. Your brother did quite well too, he took me by surprise. If he was able to add elements to his sword strikes then I would have been in real trouble.”
“Elements? What do you mean?” Nate asked.
“Ask a relative,” Jace said. “But I told myself if you two got one good nit in, I would tell you the message.”
“Message?” Zach asked.
“Yes, well from a very good source, I was told that someone known as The Shredder was going to be stealing a ancient artifact, The Blade of Tengu.” Jace explained. Zach shook his head confused.
“Why are you telling us this? Aren’t you our enemy?” Zach asked.
“I am? Who made that assumption? I was hired to do a job and I did. This time I am doing this as a favor to someone. From what I hear this Shredder is a threat to all Bloodlines, and it’s in my best interest to notify you.” Jace explained.
“Then why don’t you do stop him?” Nate asked.
“Because this is my good deed for the year. Now go play hero and stop him. I have only heard legends about how the Blade of Tengu can be used, and trust me, you don’t want to find out for yourselves.” Jace said as he turned his back.
“HEY!” Zach yelled. Jace stopped, not looking back. “This isn’t over Jace!” Jace slowly turned around and had an annoyed expression on his face. Jace then ran, at an extreme speed and, before Zach or Nate could react, his lightsaber was next to Zach’s throat.
“You need to learn to keep your big mouth shut. Remember I went easy on you.” Jace retracted the lightsaber and turned around. “Also remember, if my sister is foolish enough to fall for you,” Jace chuckled. “And you hurt her. Hell hath no furry like an older brother.” Jace started to walk away.
“One more thing Jace,” Nate said as Jace looked over his shoulder. “Was it you who killed the soldiers in the hotel?” Jace smiled.
“Yes it was me. A service I provided on the house, no need to thank me.” Jace said as he began to run out of the housing development. Zach was ready to jump in his car.
“We have to go after him!” Zach said.
“No.” Nate stopped him. “We need to look into this Blade of Tengu.”
“What if he is lying?” Zach asked.
“What if he is telling the truth?”

Jace perched himself on top of a roof, watching as Zach and Nate drive out of the housing development, back towards the base. Jace reached into his pocket and pulled out a phone and pressed a few numbers on the pad and waited.
“Hello?” A Familiar voice asked.
“It’s Jace, I have notified them.”

On the other side of the phone, Brandon stood in a empty office and smiled.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 119: Brothers Fury   Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:25 am

Elements? You mean like chidori-sword?! Man story me is stupid
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 119: Brothers Fury   Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:28 am

redtar94 wrote:
Elements? You mean like chidori-sword?! Man story me is stupid

How is Story you stupid?
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 119: Brothers Fury   Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:17 am

Tyler could've probably figured out to combine chidori with my sword before story me
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 119: Brothers Fury   Fri Aug 20, 2010 6:08 am

lol no bobo could have figured that out before you afro < this guy is black lmao
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 119: Brothers Fury   Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:10 pm

dustin, soldier is spelled S-O-L-D-I-E-R not S-O-L-I-D-E-R just sayin. oh btw music upload works. itd be cool if u put on of those attachments in the middle of the story to add some theme music
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 119: Brothers Fury   Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:36 am

gaara_tar wrote:
dustin, soldier is spelled S-O-L-D-I-E-R not S-O-L-I-D-E-R just sayin. oh btw music upload works. itd be cool if u put on of those attachments in the middle of the story to add some theme music

shut up!

and that is the plan, but still working on it.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 119: Brothers Fury   

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Chapter 119: Brothers Fury
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