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 Chapter 136: Taking a page from Zach's Book

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PostSubject: Chapter 136: Taking a page from Zach's Book   Sat Jan 08, 2011 2:44 am

Shukaku continued to have the sand from around him to flow into him. His body began to bulk up a bit more as Ryan just watched on, hopeless. He wanted to do something, but what. His only thought was to use the Dragon, but without enough time to summon the Dragon, it wasn’t going to work. For each explosion he made, Shukaku easily regenerated it before Ryan could strike again.
Ryan looked up at the top of the cylinder, and noticed a small hole. He looked back down, as to not causes suspicion. Shukaku chuckled at Ryan.
“So any more tricks you want to try Ryan? Or have you realized it is all for nothing?” Shukaku mocked. Ryan quickly formed two Kunai and threw them towards Shukaku. The monster formed a sand wall and blocked the two as they exploded. Ryan was already running.
Ryan formed another pair of Kunai and leapt towards the sand wall, sticking the Kunai into the Sand. He lifted his right arm, pulling out the Kunai and moving it higher, and did the same with his left once the right was secure. Ryan was climbing up the wall.
Shukaku looked forward as the smoke disappeared and saw Ryan gone. He looked back and forth and then up. He saw Ryan climbing the side of the sand wall. “Oh come on. You’re climbing a wall of sand. Do you think you can get away from me?”
The sand Ryan was close to began to shake as a sand pillar burst out, smacking Ryan in the face, throwing him back. Ryan and climbed thirty feet and he was now free falling. Ryan opened his palms and huge globs of clay poured out. They clay began to form in a large bird that Ryan grabbed onto. Shukaku growled in irritation.
“A stupid bird won’t save you!” Shukaku roared. He lifted up his arm that was fully covered in sand and the claw began to flow up towards Ryan. Ryan gasped.
“Go Up!” Ryan yelled to the Clay bird as it flapped it wings and headed straight up. Shukaku looked past Ryan as he saw the hole at the top.
“Sneaky bastard.” Shukaku said under his breath as Ryan was almost at the hole. Shukaku forced the opening close as Ryan pulled the away from the opening and spiraled to the left. Shukaku’s sand claw turned and slashed at Ryan. The Clay bird turned and took the slash as Ryan was knocked off. The clay bird screeched as Ryan began to free fall.
“Well escaping isn’t going to work.” Ryan said as he concentrated and the clay bird flapped its wings and Ryan grabbed onto it. He looked down at the laughing Shukaku.
“So Ryan, any more desperate moves?” Shukaku mocked.
Ryan squinted his eyes and was deep in thought. He knew he was trapped, and his Mystic Art was useless……….correction, Ryan smiled as he thought, the Dragon was useless.
Ryan inhaled and realized what he needed to do. Shukaku knew everyone of his moves, but he had to come up with a new move. But what? Ryan wasn’t great at pulling attacks out of no where, unlike Zach who could come up with something when nothing was there.
“Oh Ryan!” Shukaku yelled. “Come down and PLAY!” Ryan noticed that in six different direction, sand pillars formed out from the walls around him and raced towards him.
From below Shukaku watched as Ryan was smashed in-between them. Shukaku chuckled in delight.

“It’s been too long!” Dustin said clenching his fist. “Something’s not right; I feel a weird power in there.”
“And what to you propose to do?” Zato asked as Dustin was trying to end the match.
“I don’t know, but if this tournament is structured, not being able to see what is going on in there could contradict the rules.” Dustin said worried. He had felt something dark from within the sand pillar where Zach and Ryan were in. He wanted nothing more then to blast it into pieces, but Nate stopped him, and told him to talk to Zato first.
“There are rules, and no one is to interfere in the match. We have to wait and see what happens.” Zato said, emotionless as he watched the sand pillar, almost fixated. Dustin sighed in defeat and walked back to the others on the platform.
“So what did he say?” Tyler asked.
“He won’t interfere. If this doesn’t end soon, I will make it end.” Dustin said.
“Are you sure it’s wise?” Kyle asked. “You could be disqualified.”
“Screw the tournament! If Zach and Ryan are in danger we have to help them.” Dustin clenched his fist as his eyes grew worried. Tyler’s went the same way.
“What is it?” Nate asked.
“A Power level just went through the roof.” Tyler said as the sand structure began to shake.

Shukaku laughed as he saw the sand pillars smash against Ryan. “It’s about time your out of my way. Now I can focus on growing in power so I can take care of the rest of them.” Shukaku said as he began to look down, but noticed something in the corner of his eye. “What?”
Ryan jumped over the sand pillars, his Mystic Art glowing more powerful then before. “I finally figured it out!” Ryan yelled. He clapped his hand and slowly opened them back up, forming a giant ball of clay, free falling.
“What is this, a giant ball? HA! That won’t do a damn thing.” Shukaku laughed as Ryan smirked as the giant ball broke apart in dozens of small clay balls.
“To defeat you, I have to do the most random thing I could think of,” All the clay balls themselves began to glow bright. “I’ve been playing too much Call of Duty and Zach is starting to rub off on me. Mystic Art: Sticky Grenades!”
“Sticky what?” Shukaku asked confused. Ryan quickly grabbed two clay balls and threw them towards Shukaku. Shukaku formed a barrier that the grenades hit, and exploded on contact, crumbling the wall. As Shukaku prepared for the next grenades he was shocked to find two hit his body. Ryan continued to throw more.
“I knew I couldn’t get you with an old move, so I took a page out of Zach’s book, think of the most stupid random idea, and go with it!” Ryan threw another wave of sticky grenades. Shukaku blocked a few, but the just exploded on contact and another wave attached around his body.
“But HOW? How are they able to explode without your verbal command?” Shukaku asked in anger as he tried to removed the grenades attached, but couldn’t’ detach them.
“With my Mystic Art, I am able to control the clay a lot better then before!” Shukaku growled as the last wave of Sticky grenades hit him. Ryan was still free falling, and was getting closer. Ryan looked up as the Clay bird swooped down and Ryan grabbed hold and flew up a bit. “I rather not be too close to you when I do this.”
“NO!” Shukaku yelled as he let out a large claw towards Ryan. Shukaku didn’t notice a few grenades attached to it.
“Oh we can’t have that.” Ryan smirked as the Sand Claw blew up. Shukaku knew what this meant. “But to help with the dramatic effect, I will activate it verbally. Mystic Art DETONTE!”
All the clay balls began to glow more as they all began to explode. “NOOOOO!!!” Shukaku yelled in pain as the explosion began to grow more and more. Ryan’s Mystic Art pattern on his skin began to disappear as the Clay Bird flapped a bit higher. Ryan looked around at the sand pillar walls worried.
“Damn.” Ryan said as he realized if the sand pillar was still active, that meant that Shukaku was still conscious. The smoke began to clear as Ryan heard a roar coming from Shukaku. Ryan saw that a lot of the sand had fallen off Zach’s body, but his eyes still were the dark Shukaku’s.
“You, I shouldn’t of let you live as long as I have.” Shukaku said weakly. Ryan formed a fist with his right hand and placed his left palm on it.
“Not exactly how I want to end this but I don’t have a choice.” Ryan said as he jumped off the Clay Bird and fell towards Shukaku.
“Now DIE!” Shukaku said as he unleashed another Sand Claw, this time weaker and smaller then before. Ryan moved to the left as the tip of the claw slashed into his face, cutting him a bit. Ryan cringed in pain as he releases his left hand form his right fist and Shukaku saw that there was clay on his right fist. “Wha?”
“I’m ending this!” Ryan said as he was almost at Shukaku and he began to move his fist in front of him, ready to punch Shukaku. “Detonating Punch!” Ryan yelled as the clay on his hand began to glow and his fist collided with the side of Shukaku’s face. The clay detonated blasting in Shukaku’s face. Ryan was screaming in pain as the blast resonated in his arm, breaking his arm in multiple places. Shukaku went spin flying back, hitting the back sand wall as Ryan was flung back himself. The sand cylinder began to shake and become unstable as sand began to fall all around them.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 136: Taking a page from Zach's Book   Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:38 am

um hell ya get raped bitch i just pwned your ass and i totally would break my arm to do it go big or go home motha fucka
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 136: Taking a page from Zach's Book   Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:48 am

ok so heres how a sand battle works. when i fucking cover the battle field with sand, if he touches any of the surfaces, i grab him with THAT sand. not shoot fucking sand pillars out?? what the hell is that?
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 136: Taking a page from Zach's Book   Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:55 am

gaara_tar wrote:
ok so heres how a sand battle works. when i fucking cover the battle field with sand, if he touches any of the surfaces, i grab him with THAT sand. not shoot fucking sand pillars out?? what the hell is that?

Shukaku=cocky Idiot

Deal with it!
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 136: Taking a page from Zach's Book   

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Chapter 136: Taking a page from Zach's Book
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