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 Chapter 42: Sweet Sweet Revenge

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PostSubject: Chapter 42: Sweet Sweet Revenge   Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:59 am

Dustin stood frozen, like he saw a ghost. But it wasn’t a ghost. His father was standing in front of him. Just as he looked near ten years ago, his father looked as if he had not aged at all. Jim chuckled from behind Dustin’s father.
“See, I’m not that bad of a guy, I brought your father back.” Jim smiled. Dustin didn’t even look past his father, he was still shocked. It was a dream Dustin thought. It had to be a dream.
“Dad? Is that really you?” Dustin asked hesitantly. His father stood, watching him, but did not answer.
“I guess I should tell you, he’s my puppet.” Jim said. Dustin finally looked past his father and back to Jim.
“Puppet?” Dustin questioned.
“Why yes. Let me show you.” Jim grinned evilly. “Attack.” Jim said as suddenly Dustin’s dad rushed forward, while Dustin was off guard. Dustin’s dad ran forward, lurching his knee up, and into Dustin’s stomach. Dustin gasped for air in pain as he felt the full force of the knee. Dustin’s dad grabbed the back of Dustin’s shirt and threw him into the air. His father flew up quickly and past him. He formed his hands together into one fist and as Dustin got closer to him, he smashed down on Dustin’s back, plummeting him back onto the ground. His impact made a crater in the floor of the battlefield. Jim just stood there laughing.

“His Dad?” Kane said confused. “But why would his dad attack him like that?”
“It’s because Jim has control of him because of the Jutsu! It brings the dead back and gives the user complete control of them.” Nate explained.
“He’s using psychological warfare on Dustin. He knew Dustin wouldn’t attack his father.” Ryan added. Zach clenched his fist in rage.
‘Zato!” Zach yelled as he looked up towards Zato. Zato slowly turned his head to look at Zach through his demon like mask.
“What is it?” Zato asked with a hint of aggravation in his voice.
“You’re the one who is supposed to run this tournament. It’s a two on one match down there! That has to be against the rules! Plus Jim lied to get into the event. What kind of tournament is this?” Zach stood his ground. Zato jumped off the upper platform and landed in front of Zach. It was then Zach, and everyone noticed how much taller Zato was to him, intimidating Zach a little. This grabbed the attention of most of the fighters.
“Listen to me you pathetic species.” Zato said bluntly. “I am enforcing the rules of this event. Jim is using his own abilities to fight, and if that means resurrecting the dead, then so be it! If I took that away I would have to take your little Sheaths your wearing, and while were at it, I might as well declaw that cat behind you.” Kane raised and eyebrow. “He is using his own resources.”
“What about him cheating his way into the tournament!” Zach protested hesitantly, but still not backing down.
“I am not the one that chooses the participants of the Battle Nexus. They might have chosen the other warrior because of Jim’s was controlling him. But I do not know! Now if you don’t mind,” Zato didn’t finish his sentence, he was done. He jumped back onto the upper platform. Zach took a step forward and Zato snapped. “If your foolish to think you can intervene, don’t. If you haven’t noticed there is a barrier around the battlefield. If your friend believes that he is out of his league he can concede the match himself.” Zato didn’t look back at them.
“That guy is getting on my nerves.” Zach muttered.
“Zato might seem harsh, but he’s just following the rules.” Rhypopium said from behind them.
“But this is a bit more serious then you think.” Nate said. “Jim murderer the real Kyle and God knows who else.”
“Then you should have faith in your friend.” Kane said. “And hope that he can over come this.”
But how can he fight his own dad?” Tyler asked.

Dustin’s father levitated down and stood a few feet from Dustin. Dustin was struggling to get off the ground.
“Isn’t this delightful Dustin? Jim asked. “I would say after all the battles, after all the struggles it comes to this, but there hasn’t been. This is our first bout, and I will win easily. You thought your strength would win, but it useless if you don’t fight.” Jim laughed and shook his head.
“Your wrong Jim,” Dustin strained to say as he pushed himself off the ground. Jim raised and eyebrow. Suddenly Dustin jumped up and placed his hand on his head, his fingers pointed out. “SOLAR FLARE!” Dustin yelled as a blinding light hit his father. Dustin jumped over his father and began to fly, rushing towards Jim, fist ready to strike. Dustin charged with intensity, but suddenly realized Jim was not getting closer to him as he flew. He looked back to see he father grabbing his ankle from over his own shoulder. Dustin looked in distress.
“Oh look at that. To get to me, you must fight your father.” Jim laughed as Dustin’s dad swung Dustin over his shoulder, and slamming Dustin’s back into the ground. Dustin cried in pain as he felt the concrete and his back hit. His father quickly began to spin around, lifting Dustin up in the air. Around and around the spun, then letting go of Dustin. Dustin slammed into the outer wall of the battler field and fell back to the ground. “Ohh that HAD to hurt.”
Dustin pushed himself up again, struggling. His father took a step forward. Dustin wasn’t prepared to attack his father. He couldn’t. He father was just being used as a tool by Jim. He just couldn’t he thought. He had to get to Jim. Maybe if he could get the book, Dustin began to think, but he was interrupted by his father charging towards him. Dustin jumped up and took a defensive position.
Dustin’s father unleashed a barrage of punches towards Dustin. Dustin began to dodge them, ducking, and strafing out of there reach. Suddenly his father did a leg swipe, Dustin jumped over it and hi father attempted to upper cut Dustin in the stomach. Dustin was able to quickly intercept his father’s fist with his hands, an inch from his stomach, while mid air. Dustin’s father then swung his other fist across Dustin’s face, causing Dustin to go rolling on the ground. Dustin knew he had to act.
His father started to walk towards him as Dustin jumped into the air and placed his index fingers onto his forehead. Suddenly Dustin disappeared. His father looked around, confused at Dustin’s technique. As his father had his back turned from Jim, Dustin appeared in the middle of the area, between Jim and his father. Dustin began to run towards Jim.
“If I take you out then he will be freed!” Dustin yelled as he charged towards Jim. As he was almost at Jim, suddenly Dustin’s father appeared between them. Dustin had no time to react as he was in shock. His father lurched his leg into the air, kicking Dustin in the face, causing him to fly high into the air. His father flew off after him.
Dustin shook his head to gain back his composure as he saw his father flying towards him. His father grabbed the front of Dustin’s neck, and fly over him, moving his arms around, keeping a firm grasp. Dustin’s father then ran his knee into the back of Dustin’s spin. Dustin arched his back s he felt the pain shot through his body. Blood spurt out of his mouth as he cried in pain. His father repeated the process, driving his knee into Dustin back again. He let go of his son’s throat and Dustin started to float in mid air, slowly descending. Dustin’s dad clasped his two hands together, forming one fist and slamming it into Dustin’s stomach, launching him back into the ground.

“DUSTIN!” Zach yelled as they watched Dustin fly back into the ground. The arena rumbled as Dustin hit the ground.
“That’s got to hurt.” Rhypopium said.
“Dustin’s needs to fight back.” Nate said. “He’s going to get himself killed if this keeps up.”
“Oh don’t worry,” Mako said as he waddled next to them. “Zato has always stepped in when possible to prevent death. Right Zato?” Mako said as he looked towards his superior. The others looked over to Zato, who turned his head slightly.
“Yes of course, the last thing we want is for anyone to die.” Zato then turned his attention back to the match.
“Well he might have to step in soon. Dustin’s getting worst. I can feel his power level dropping with every attack, and that last one did a lot to him.”

“I’ve done it!” The Professor said in his lab. Landon, Sirius and Jason stood waiting as he worked in his lab they finally reached.
“You did what?” Sirius asked.
“I have been able to examine the Dragon Ball Landon gave me and find they hold a distinct energy pattern.” The Professor said in excitement.
“And this means?” Sirius asked again.
“It means he can easily locate the rest of the Dragon Balls.” Jason said with a hint of annoyance towards Sirius.
“Wonderful.” Landon smirked as he walked up to the Professor. “Do you have the locations of the rest of the Dragon Balls?”
“Yes,” the Professor handed Landon a piece of paper. Landon looked at it and ripped it into two pieces and turned and handed the other piece to Jason.
“Jason find these three Dragon Balls, I will find the rest. Keep a lot profile, I don’t want Dustin or anyone else getting hint of what were planning.”
“Why keep a low profile?” The Professor asked.
“Because, I want to see the look on Dustin’s face when I get my wish, because he will wish he was never born.” Landon began to laugh manically, as Jason sighed as started to walk out.

Dustin’s father watched from the air as his son struggled to move, but not moving far. Jim laughed manically from below.
“Alright, I’m done playing around. Let’s finish this. Let’s end the reign of the would be ruler of the Bloodlines.” Jim said as he pointed towards Dustin. “The best part of this is, you have no idea why I hate you so much.” Jim laughed more. “This runs deeper, and father into the past then you could even imagine.”
Dustin’s father opened his palm and formed a ball of concentrated energy. The glowed a bright white light as he lifted his hand over his head. “Spirit REVENGER!” Dustin’s Father yelled as Dustin looked up and saw his father, preparing to kill him.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 42: Sweet Sweet Revenge   Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:20 pm

Your daddy didnt hug you did he dustin :p lol jk
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 42: Sweet Sweet Revenge   Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:06 am

xX-6FKR-Xx wrote:
Your daddy didnt hug you did he dustin :p lol jk

"Daddy! Daddy why won't you hug me, you hug the mailman."
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 42: Sweet Sweet Revenge   Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:14 pm

so, is landon just like chillin in dustin form?
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 42: Sweet Sweet Revenge   Wed Mar 09, 2011 4:59 am

gaara_tar wrote:
so, is landon just like chillin in dustin form?

I very good and legit Question Zach.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 42: Sweet Sweet Revenge   

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Chapter 42: Sweet Sweet Revenge
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