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 Chapter 145: Round 2, Begin!

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PostSubject: Chapter 145: Round 2, Begin!   Thu Apr 21, 2011 2:09 am

Zato couldn’t believe his eyes. The deafening roar of the crowd, yelling and applauding was numb to his ears. All he saw was Jim lying on the ground unmoving.

Dustin slowly moved his head up to look at the loud noise filling his head. The audience was clapping and yelling. Dustin chuckled to himself as he looked over the battlefield to an unmoving Jim. Dustin began to run towards Jim. Dustin approached Jim’s body and bent down. He looked Jim over and picked up his arm. Suddenly Jim’s arm moved and Dustin jumped back in surprise. Jim forced himself to look up at him.
“You ruined everything,” Jim extended his arm out towards Dustin. It was shaking from the strain. Dustin watching carefully. “I will make you pay.” And then Jim’s head fell back on the ground, along with his arm. Dustin took another step forward and grabbed his wrist. He felt a pulse.
“Hey, I still feel a pulse.” Dustin yelled up towards the podium where Zato stood. “You might want to get him so medical attention though.” Zato stood, unmoved, still staring down, almost like he was in his own little world. Mako walked up next to him.
“Sir, you should declare Dustin the winner, so we can get Jim to the infirmary.” Mako said. Zato shook his head, coming back into reality.
“Yes, you are right.” Zato said calmly. “The Winner is,” Zato yelled for the arena to hear. There was a long pause as his eyes shifted down, and stared right into Dustin’s. Dustin felt a cold stare look back at him. “DUSTIN!” The crowd roared louder then before. The walls around the battlefield lowered and EMT’s ran towards them.
“Hey Mako!” Dustin yelled up. Mako looked back at Dustin. “Could you restrain him as well? He has some crimes to speak for and I want to take him with us when we leave.”
“Why of course!” Mako said with a smile as he waddled off. Zato looked back at him and then back towards the arena. Jim was being carried off, and Dustin was walking back to the platform, but very slow.
Dustin approached the platform as it began to rise he fell back. He was drain and exhausted. It was all he had in him to just get to the platform. He was hoping for a long couple of matches to help him regain his strength. The platform hit the top, and all his friends were waiting for him.
“You know you were cutting it a bit close.” Ryan said.
“Yeah, I mean if you lost to Jim, we never would of let you live it down.” Zach added and laughed.
“So you’re pretty lucky you won.” Tyler said.
“Because we would of kicked you out of the Guardians for a lost like that.” Nate chuckled. Kane and Rhypopium stood back a bit confused on their actions.
“You all suck, now help me up.” Dustin laughed as Zach helped him off the ground. The entire group began to laugh as well.
“Humans are odd creatures.” Rhypopium said.
“That may be, but they are close friends. You saw how they wanted to help him if possible.” Kane smiled.
“So your arm is broken huh?” Dustin asked Ryan.
“Looks like it. Sucks, but hey, I still technically won.” Ryan gloated.
“Yes, you technically won Ryan,” Zach rolled his eyes.
“What about you, you look exhausted.” Tyler said to Dustin.
“Yeah, using almost all my energy, and then some, I can’t wait to sit back and watch a few battles to be honest. Then when my match comes up I should be good.” Dustin said exhausted.
“Well let’s get our next round started!” Zato announced as everyone watched the screen randomly show each picture of the remaining fighters. The first picture stopped at Brandon. “Brandon from Earth shall be part of the first round!” The crowd cheered as Brandon flew off the platform and onto the middle of the stage.
“Brandon huh?” Tyler said.
“Alright! Come on choose me!” Zach said excited.
“Oh yeah you have some weird vengeance against him.” Ryan said out loud.
“Damn right, and now I have the chance prove I’m more powerful.”
“Display of power? Is that what this is about?” Nate asked.
“No ONLY that. I mean he did run away from the Guardians, and we can’t let that go.” Zach said.
“You want to prove your more powerful then a Saiyan.” Dustin said. Zach laughed nervously.
“It is a power thing.” Ryan sighed as the pictures of the remaining contestants began to slow down, and then stop at Dustin’s face.
“Oh wow, the winner of last rounds final match Dustin from Earth!” Zato announced.
“No way!” Tyler said.
“How can this be? I just finished my match?” Dustin asked. Zato turned to the Guardians.
“It’s all random. There is always a chance that the last match winner could fight in the following match. Although it hasn’t happen in a years.” Zato explained.
“You saw what he went through,” Nate said as Dustin placed his hand on Nate’s shoulder.
“No need to argue. Rules are rules right?” Dustin said looking up at Zato. He stared right into his eyes threw the mask.
“Yes, rules are rules.” Zato said as he turned back.
“Dustin, are you sure you’re ok to fight?” Ryan asked.
“We are about to find out.” Dustin laughed.
“Oh come on guys, its Dustin. When has he ever lost a match? He will easily take out Brandon. I’m just sad I can’t knock him out of the tournament.” Zach boasted.
“Good luck.” Nate said as Dustin walked to the platform.
As the platform lowered, Dustin inhaled slowly. This was perfect he thought. He had little energy and no idea how powerful Brandon had become. Dustin didn’t think he could of progressed like the others had, not continuously fighting as they had been. He had a plan.
As the platform met the ground, Dustin walked into the stage and shook his head.
“It has been a while Brandon.” Dustin said.
“Yes it has, I’m happy to hear that you weren’t dead.” Brandon replayed.
“Yes, well it will take more then that to kill me.” Dustin said. “Just like Jim’s plan.” This made Brandon look at him a bit different. “He thought he could kill me with his plan.”
“Kill you?” Brandon said a bit confused.
“Why yes, Jim’s plan was to get rid of me. Don’t you know, his Bloodline, the Snake Bloodline, wants to kill the Saiyan Bloodlines.” Brandon’s eye grew wide. “Or at least mine. Sense I am the True Heir. They have spent centuries wanting me dead, and I am the last of my line.”
“Why are you telling me this?” Brandon asked confused.
“Oh no reason,” Dustin said causally as he chuckled. “So shall we fight?” Dustin asked.
“Fine by me.” Brandon said as he poised himself to attack.
“Fighters! BEGIN!” Zato yelled as Brandon quickly rushed towards Dustin with horrendous speed. Dustin smirked as he watched the approaching Saiyan. Brandon was almost on top of Dustin as Dustin disappeared and reappeared in the air. From below Brandon was already rushing up towards him in the air. Dustin was surprised at his speed as Brandon extended his arm out, punching towards Dustin. Dustin placed his index fingers on his forehead and disappeared behind Brandon. As he was doing so, Brandon quickly turned around and punched Dustin in the face. Dustin spun in the air in surprise.
“Whoa!” Nate exclaimed. “He hit Dustin.”
Dustin shook he his as he smiled. “Nice hit. Your speed’s impressive.”
“Thanks.” Brandon said short, as he was ready to right. Dustin moved his neck from side to side, cracking it. Dustin then rose his arm into the air.
“I conceded.” Dustin said. The entire arena gasped in shock as Dustin began to fall from the sky. He landed a little hard on the ground. Brandon, still in the air looked down confused.
“Then the winner of this match is Brandon from Earth!” Zato said as the crowd forced a applause. Brandon flew down toward Dustin.
“Why did you give up?” Brandon asked.
“If you forgot, I used all my power against Jim, and I haven’t had the time to recover. Sorry for the lack of epic battle.” Dustin said as he pushed himself up. The walls around them lowered themselves. “But don’t worry, you will get that match.” Dustin said as he nodded his head up to the other Guardians. “Zach wants to fight you anyways.” Dustin laughed. Brandon looked up toward Zach who had narrowed eyes towards Brandon. “Anyway good luck with the rest of the tournament.”

Dustin’s platform rose and he was with the others.
“You gave up, why?” Tyler asked.
“Because he knew he would have lost.” Rhypopium added in. “He was too tired to have a real battle.”
“Your right.” Dustin said. “If I had a few rounds, maybe, but he was fast too. I tried to gage his abilities, and his speed would have over taken me.”
“That’s fine by me, gives me a chance to kick his ass anyways!” Zach added.
“Now, let’s get the next round started!” Zato yelled.

On the Professor’s island Jason walked into the laboratory. Sirius and the Professor were working in front of a computer.
“Has Landon returned?” Jason asked.
“No not yet.” Sirius said as he continued to look at the computer screen as the Professor looked at Jason.
“Did you obtain the three Dragon Balls?” He asked. Jason had a backpack on that he took off and unzipped. He turned it upside down and three Dragon Balls rolled out onto the table next to the one the Professor already had. “Wonderful!”
“Jason,” Sirius said as he turned to him. “Do you have any idea what Landon is going to wish for?”
“No, he doesn’t tell me anything on that nature. I am surprised he hasn’t told you ether. Course when you just a second rate minion,” Jason insulted as he turned around. Sirius growled as grabbed Jason’s shoulder.
“I am not a second rate minion, that’s your job.” Sirius said with anger as a purple aura covers his hand.
“The way you take orders and came groveling to Landon for help, that’s what it looks like.” Jason said irritated.
“Come now kids, play nice with each other.” Landon said as he walked into the room. “I can’t go anywhere can I?” Landon threw two Dragon Balls next to the other four.
“Did you not find the last Dragon Ball?” Sirius asked as he removed his hand from Jason as Jason walked out of the room.
“Of course.” Landon reached into a pocket and pulled out the last Dragon Ball.
“So, let’s make the wish.” The Professor said.
“Oh no, not now.” Landon said.
“Why the hell not?” Sirius asked annoyed.
“Because, while I was out, I found out the Guardians are at the Battle Nexus.” Landon said.
“Then now is the perfect time. When we summon the Dragon they can’t find us out!” Sirius said.
“That’s no fun. I want them there to witness the new age. The second coming.” Landon chuckled.
“what is your wish?” Sirius asked.
“We will wish for power and control over all Bloodlines, and then the world will be ours.” Landon began to chuckle darkly.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 145: Round 2, Begin!   Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:07 pm

wow i would have thought they would wish for all the gumdrops from the planet of the apes not something dumb like complete control over the world lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 145: Round 2, Begin!   Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:16 pm

i dont have anything else to add. im just letting you know im still reading
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 145: Round 2, Begin!   Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:41 pm

xX-6FKR-Xx wrote:
wow i would have thought they would wish for all the gumdrops from the planet of the apes not something dumb like complete control over the world lol!

oh wee all know Landon always has something else up his sleeves
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 145: Round 2, Begin!   Mon May 09, 2011 10:03 pm

come on dustin keep writing this is our only connection to you!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 145: Round 2, Begin!   Mon May 09, 2011 10:07 pm

its the end of the school year, so work as been swamped, I will try and push another chapter out this week though. Although weren't you going guys going to play Naruto again? lol
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 145: Round 2, Begin!   

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Chapter 145: Round 2, Begin!
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