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 Chapter 157: Friend or Foe?

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PostSubject: Chapter 157: Friend or Foe?   Chapter 157: Friend or Foe? EmptySat Oct 20, 2012 5:49 am

Nate was astounded that the old man was as quick as he was. He was having trouble keeping up with him, as he zigged and zagged through the crowd and around buildings. Suddenly the man turned a sharp left next to the barrier wall. Nate ran and turns and was confused.
It was a dead end. Three walls and the opening Nate stood in. The old man could have jumped the wall, perhaps Nat thought.
“Where did you go old man?” Nate said to himself as he easily jumped onto the top of the wall and looked out into the forest area that was next to Palmacosta. He scanned the area for any signs that someone recently ran through.
“You there! Get down!” A voice said behind Nate. He turned around to see a man in armor.
“Uh sorry, I was just,” Nate began to explain.
“The city is in lock down, get off that wall and get back into town.” The guard said.
“Lock down? Why?” Nate asked as he jumped back down next to him.
“The orders were not clear, but it is dangerous to go outside the city. It is for everyone’s protection.”
“So the reason for the lock down is because of something not in the city?” Nate asked, trying to get as much information as possible.
“Normally yes. If you would excuse me.” The guard walked away. Nate looked back at the wall, wishing he could figure out who the old man was, and how he knew Lauren. But he had to get ready to Kevin’s dinner.

An hour later Zach and Rachel were waiting in the front of the meeting hall, talking. Ryan walked up to them.
“So how was your day?” Ryan asked. Rachael shyly turned her head.
“We made out.” Zach said proudly. Ryan looked at him a bit stunned. Suddenly Rachel smacked him hard across the head. “OW!”
“Stupid Sand.” Rachel said as she turned away.
“Not much of a ladies man here ether eh?” Ryan chuckled. The doors open and Kevin stood there, a serious look about him, but also nervous. “Hey. We really appreciate the meal, and the place to stay tonight.”
“Of course, anything for a friend.” Kevin said monotone. Ryan was a bit confused but let it go.
“Where’s Nate?” Rachel asked as she turned around. Nate came running around the corner.
“Hey guys!” Nate said to them. “Kevin, what’s going on? Some guard told me the town was locked down.” Everyone looked at Kevin. He pointed to the east as the smoke single was almost gone but could still be seen.
“That means Lord Landon has reason to believe there is a danger somewhere. The lockdown is to protect the citizens from whatever it might be.” Kevin explained. They all shook their heads, almost like they were unsure. “Please come it.” Kevin said as he turned and walked into the meeting hall, and the others followed.

They walked into a huge dining room, the table filled with many different foods and drinks. A Roasted pig, vegetables everywhere, bowls of fruit and more. Zach and Ryan began to drool.
“I didn’t realize how hungry I was until now.” Ryan said as the two of them quickly sat down and began to gorge in food. Nate sighed in embarrassment.
“Can you two not be civil for five minutes?” Nate said as he and Rachael sat down.
“So you’re use to this?” Rachel asked.
“You never get use to those two acting the way they do.” Kevin grabbed a cup and lifted it into the air.
“To good friends and new friends.” Kevin said. They all raised their glasses in responds.
“Too true!” Zach said as he looked at his glass and looked puzzled at it. “Is this water? It looks a bit off.” Suddenly the water began to ripple in all the glasses.
“Put them down!” Ryan yelled as he threw his glass, and the others did the same. The water splatted everywhere, but stayed formed and began to reform into a human shape, and Cole appeared.
“YOU!” Zach said in annoyed shock.
“MY reputation precedes me.” Cole chuckled.
“Yeah something like that.” Zach said as he gripped his fist, ready to fight.
“What is this about?” Ryan demanded as he looked at Kevin, who kept a straight face.
“I knew something was fishy with the lock down. It wasn’t preventing something from coming into Palmacosta; it was preventing them from escaping.” Nate said. Cole clapped his hands.
“That is correct. Now if you would all be good little boys and girls,” Cole snapped his fingers and a dozen guards came into the room surrounding them. “and just die.”
Everyone was frozen, and trying to figure a way out of this. They were surrounded. Ryan began to chuckle.
“I’m disappointed in you Kevin. I thought you were going to be better than this.” Ryan’s hands were under the table. Kevin raised an eyebrow as he looked down and saw a clay spider underneath him. All the guards and Cole did as well. “Detonate!” The clay spiders burst into min explosion in the room, blasting them all back causing confusion and Chaos.
“Nate grab Rachael!” Zach yelled as he grabbed her arm and the four of them began to run out the door.
“Follow them you fools!” Cole yelled threw the smoke.

The hero’s ran out of the meeting hall the smoke bellowed out of the open door. They looked around and saw guards at the exit of the town.
“Where do we go?” Rachael asked franticly.
“Ryan, make a clay bird!” Zach said.
“There’s not enough time.” Ryan said as he saw the guards, Kevin and Cole run out of the meeting hall. They only had the docks to run too.
“We need to get a boat!” Nate said as they began to run.
“Cole’s a Water Bloodline! The ocean is his element, were dead out there!” Zach said, but theydidn’t stop running.
“Plan Alpha!” Kevin yelled as he armored up his body, and Cole looked at him confused. Three guards disappeared and reappeared right in front of the docks blocking their paths. The stopped, now surrounded again.
“We fight?” Ryan looked at Zach.
“We fight.” Zach smirked as they prepared themselves. Nate closed his eyes and reopened, Sharingan spinning.
“Get behind us.” Ryan said to Rachel.
“Alright, everyone Attack!” Cole said as he began to charge, Kevin ran behind him. Suddenly electrical sparks ran around Cole, as he screamed in pain. It was also ear piercing. He fell to the ground, Kevin wearing a glove behind him. They all looked at him confused. Kevin let out a smirk.
“I’ve wanted to do that for ages.” Kevin laughed. The hero’s did an anime fall.
“What was that?” Zach demanded to know.
“Landon for some reason wants you all dead, and Cole came here looking for you. The only way to make sure he didn’t kill you is to work with him. Right men?” Kevin yelled as all the guards shook their heads.
“Yes Sir!”
“What are you going to do with him?” Zach asked.
“Do not worry. He will awake thinking you all did this. I will tell him you guys went north from there. Sense I assume you’re going out towards the ocean.” Kevin explained. “Speaking of, there should be a boat at the dock for you guys.” Ryan walked up to him.
“Thank you; you have no idea how much.” Ryan explained.
“Your right I have no idea. For all I know you’re going to be even more powerful and evil then Landon.” Kevin began to laugh. “But I will trust you my friend. Whatever you’re doing, it’s only to make our world better.” Kevin smiled as Ryan nodded.
“Come on, we got to get going!” Zach said. Ryan ran to meet up with his friends as they walked towards a boat. A guard walked up to Kevin.
“Sir,” He began to talk. Kevin lifted his hand up.
“I made the right decision. They are about to make a change in this world, I know it.” Kevin said with a smile of hope.
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Chapter 157: Friend or Foe?
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