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 Chapter 118: Dark Alliance

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Chapter 118: Dark Alliance  Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 118: Dark Alliance    Chapter 118: Dark Alliance  EmptyFri Aug 13, 2010 5:05 am

“It’s good to see you alive Saki.” Ian said as Saki walked into the offices in Washington DC. Bishop was standing next to Ian. Behind Saki, The Guardians walked in.
“Yes, thanks to them surprisingly.” Saki said with a small smirk and turned around. “I thank you for coming to my aid.”
“Its was the right thing to do.” Vin said bluntly. Saki raised his eyebrows.
“Well anyways, I owe you my life.” Saki extended his hand out. Vin places his hand in Saki’s and they shook. “I underestimated your team.”
“How is that?” Zach asked.
“I assumed all Bloodlines were up to no good, and only wanted to help with there own deeds. Even after what happened in Columbus a day or two ago with a few of you fighting the Shredder, I was still convince you were only wanting to harm others. But now, I see the truth.” Saki smiled. “I see that I was wrong. You risked your lives, and even though you did it with some sarcasm, my safety was foremost on your minds. I am sorry for any confusion, and I hope we can work together to stop not only the Shredder, but all evils in this world.”
“We hope that as well.” Vin smiled. Saki turned to Ian.
“I have some work to attend to.” Saki said as he left the room.
“I too want to thank you, but it does not change how I feel towards the Bloodlines.” Ian said.
“Don’t worry your thanking us doesn’t change how we feel about you.” Ryan countered. Ian snuffed at the Guardians.
“Bishop, I would suggest they keep their comments to themselves.” Ian said irritated.
“I will remind you they are not under my command. They help me voluntarily.” Bishop smirked. Ian growled low in his throat as he walked out of Bishop’s office. “Thank you for saving Saki, he seems to understand some Bloodlines are here for good reasons.”
“Yeah, but Ian still has a distaste for us.” Nate said. “I mean he appointed Saki to his position, couldn’t he take it back and cause us issues?”
“Maybe, but if Saki is coming over to our side, then I won’t let that happen.” Bishop said. Zach’s pulled out his phone and looked at it.
“5 missed calls?” Zach said curiously. He opened the phone up to see it was Danielle each time. “Danielle? I wonder what she wants.” Zach asked as began to listen to the voice mail. Ryan’s eyes grew wide as he remembered. Zach put his phone on speaker so everyone could hear.
“Zach, where the hell are you guys! Lauren was kidnapped!” Danielle said over the speaker.
“What?” Nate said in a panic.
“Yeah I might of sort of forgot to tell you guys that.” Ryan said with a edge.
“You what?!” Nate looked up at Ryan.
“How do you forget about something like Lauren getting kidnapped?” Tyler asked.
“Well with the giant battle, saving Saki, finding out Darkrai’s true identity,” Ryan was saying but was interrupted.
“You know who Darkrai is?” Zach spurt out.
“What about Lauren!” Nate asked.
“Well they are technically connected.” Ryan said.
“Darkrai and Lauren’s kidnapping?” Vin asked.
“Well it was Darkrai and Carrie who kidnapped here.” Ryan said. Everyone looked at him confused.
“Who is Carrie?” Tyler asked.
“Ok let me start from the beginning of what happened.” Ryan said.
“Let’s head back to the Base. Danielle sounds like she is freaking out.” Zach said as he listened to another message. The Guardians left the room waving bye to Bishop.
“I’m always lost when they talk amongst themselves.” Bishop said shaking his head.

“Danielle?” Vin yelled as they entered the base a few hours later. They had tried to call Danielle, but she didn’t answer. On the flight back to Columbus, Ryan had explained everything. How Sarah tricked him and the Piccolo girls name was Carrie. Ryan left out Darkrai’s true identity. Ryan remembered he promised Darkrai that he would keep the secret, at least until Lauren came back. Zach was more irritated then anyone, and promised he would find out.
Ryan also went into details of how Darkrai and Carrie wanted to find Lauren. He never find out the true nature of why, but he knew they were behind it, and he was asked to trust them, and she would return safe.
“Danielle?” Nate yelled. “Maybe she’s not here.”
“Well here message said she was going to be, OW!” Zach said as he stopped in his tracks. He pushed his hands in front of him, feeling a wall, but couldn’t see it.
“What’s wrong?” Kyle asked.
“There’s like a wall in front of me.” Zach said pushing on nothing, but he knew something was there.
“Uh guy’s ever have a feeling that were about to be in a lot of pain?” Tyler asked.
“Tyler you don’t have Spider Sense.” Ryan mocked. Nate pushed against the invisible wall.
“There is something here.” Nate said curiously. Suddenly, starting with Zach and Nate, they were all pushed back by some mysterious force and slammed up against the wall. They were unable to move, they all felt a wall of something pushing against them, and they were helpless and unable to move.
“Look what you did Nate.” Zach accused jokingly.
“What? Me? I didn’t do anything.” Nate defended himself.
“You pissed off the invisible wall.” Ryan said.
“Maybe I do have Spider Sense.” Tyler said.
“I don’t think its Spider Sense Tyler.” Vin said as he struggled.
“What evil could of places this trap?” Kyle asked.
“Maybe Landon, or The Shredder?” Zach said. Danielle then walked out of the living area, anger on her face as she looked at them.
“Or a pissed off girl.” Ryan said.
“At least she’s getting the hang of her powers.” Tyler added.
“Oh why couldn’t it have been Landon or The Shredder?” Zach said with a panicked voice. Danielle began to walk towards them.
“You know it’s not nice to not answer your phone.” Danielle said coming closer.
“Sorry we have an important mission.” Vin said calmly.
“Lauren was kidnapped!” Danielle said furiously. “And you guys weren’t here to help!”
“We know.” Kyle said. Danielle’s eyes grew wide.
“You did?” Danielle asked.
“I can clear this all up.” Nate said. “Ryan knew about it, but didn’t tell us until an hour ago, so technically it’s all his fault.” Ryan looked over at Nate.
“You little bastard!” Ryan said. Danielle waved her hands and everyone was able to move, except Ryan. “Well I feel apart of the team.” Ryan said sarcastically.
“Why did you not do anything!” Danielle said. Ryan inhaled.
“We honestly got distracted, but we couldn’t have done a thing. It was Darkrai that took your sister. Darkrai says they need her for something, it will prevent something bad from happening from what I understand.” Ryan hung his head. “I couldn’t do anything to stop it, but I had their word she would return, unharmed.” Ryan didn’t look up. He heard her exhale as he was no longer pinned against the wall.
“I believe you, but I want to find her.” Danielle said. Ryan looked up and shook his head.
“Don’t worry, she will be safe soon.” Nate said.
“We have all had a long day. I suggest we all rest for the night.” Vin said as he looked outside and saw the sun setting.
“Yeah we have finals tomorrow anyways.” Zach said.
“Ahh crap I forgot!” Ryan said.
“Luckily I don’t” Nate smiled and laughed. Zach and Ryan sighed.
“I better be getting home.” Kyle said.
“Kyle,” Vin said Kyle looked over at him. “Welcome to the team.” Kyle smiled as he walked out of the door.

Weyland and Brandon stood in a dark open room. The room was huge, and there was very little light.
“I don’t feel comfortable with this.” Brandon said. “After all,”
“Shut up. You’re not paid to think. I am. This is for the best, trust me.” Weyland smiled wickedly. Weyland had planned everything very carefully. The company had no idea of this transaction, yet it would be grouped together with the expensive of the new Government Contact for their Human Security Department, and no one would be the wiser. But he would gain a fortune, and a friend with power in the process. A door on the far end of the room opened and Brandon saw the shadowy figures of a bulky man in armor, spikes on him and red glowing eyes.
“Weyland, I expect you have what I need.” The Shredder said as he walked in. As he did he looked over at Brandon, and narrowed his eyes.
“The boy is with me, I assure you.” Weyland interrupted. “And I do have what you requested.” Weyland said as he turned around and first grabbed a metal brief case. “You know you didn’t have to come in your armor I made.”
“Formalities I assure you. I cannot let anyone else know my identity.” The Shredder said as he peered over at Brandon.
Brandon felt unnerved with the Shredder in the room. He knew what The Shredder was doing, and he knew he had been fighting The Guardians. Brandon exhaled as he remembered his old friends.
“Yes, well whatever you feel best.” Weyland opened the metal briefcase and revealed it was empty, just a small placing for what looked like would be a thin object.
“And this will hold the power back and not cause me harm correct?” The Shredder asked.
“Of course, just get it into the briefcase and all will go as planned.” Weyland closed the briefcase.
“Did you make the hilt?” The Shredder asked. Weyland smiled.
“Of course I did, and this took a little more thought to create then I assumed.” Weyland hinted.
“You will have a bonus if it works then.” The Shredder said. Weyland then pulled out the hilt to a sword, but no blade attached. The grip had a pattern that looked foreign to Brandon as he looked.
“Once attached, there won’t be a problem, and you will have full control.” Weyland explained.
“Excellent, you have done a fine job. I will transfer the funds to you once I get back.” The Shredder said. “What about the modification to the suit I asked for?” Weyland chuckled.
“You put a rush on these items; your suit modifications went on the back burner.” Weyland explained.
“Fine.” The shredder said irritated. “Make sure you get that done. Once I get the blade, and the new armor, then nothing can stop me.” The Shredder began to laugh manically.
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Chapter 118: Dark Alliance  Empty
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oh snap im gonna get killed by one of you one day
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Chapter 118: Dark Alliance
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