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 Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape

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Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape   Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape EmptySat Sep 04, 2010 1:33 am

The Shredder sat back in a seat in the helicopter, groaning from the pain of his hand.
“Those little bastards, they will pay, once I get the blade attached to the hilt,” The Shredder said as he looked up. “What?” The Shredder was talking to the pilot through a communicator in his helmet. The Shredder opened the door to the helicopter and looked back too see Ryan flying on a clay bird and Tyler flying towards him. The Shredder let out a slow growl through the metal as he turned back into the helicopter.

The night was bright with the surrounding lights from Time Square around them. Ryan looked down to see hundred’s if not thousands of people looking up at want was happening. Ryan looked back up to see Tyler a few feet ahead of him.
“Hey!” Ryan yelled. Tyler looked back, not reducing his speed.
“What?” Tyler asked. “Why are you so slow, you use to be able to keep up with me.”
“I don’t know, come on Jeff, go faster.” Ryan said to the clay bird. The bird chirped weakly. Ryan looked at his clay pet with a worried face. Ryan looked up too see The Shredder poking his head out the helicopter, with a bazooka on his shoulder. “Oh crap.”
“Wha?” Tyler said as he turned around to see the missile from the bazooka flew out towards them. Tyler and Ryan moved out of the way of the missile as they heard The Shredder over a loud speaker laughing.
“Good choice! Your life’s for the lives of the people down there!” The Shredder moved back into the helicopter as it flew off more.
“Tyler, stop him, I got the missile.” Ryan said as Tyler shock his head and flew off towards Shredder’s Helicopter. Ryan turned the clay bird around and began to nose dive towards the Missile. On the ground Ryan could see people running in terror as he tried to go faster.
“Quack!” The bird shook a bird as it made the weird noise. Ryan looked down at it.
“What?” Ryan said as the bird looked back towards Ryan, and the head of the bird turned into his platypus. “No! You can’t do that. You’re too sick!” Ryan said to the platypus. Ryan was able to hear its thoughts. The platypus then flapped it’s wings and the wind around Ryan began to throw him into the air. “STOP!”
“Quack!” It flapped again and the gust of wind blew Ryan towards a nearby building. Ryan grabbed for an edge as he looked down to see the giant bird morphing back into his Platypus. Ryan struggled to pull himself up on a small ledge as the platypus fell faster then the bird nose dived and the platypus grabbed onto the missile. Jeff looked back at Ryan and quietly quacked.
Ryan closed his eyes and clapped his ands together and whispered. “Detonate.” Ryan didn’t look as the missile exploded above the people. Windows around the areas shattered from the explosion, but no one was harmed. They all ran in fear. Ryan didn’t open his eyes, he could feel the explosion from where he was at, and knew he would not see his friend ever again.

“Alright Ryan!” Nate said from Lerenzo’s home. Nate, Zach, and Vin watched on as they searched for Ryan, and watching Tyler race towards the Shredder’s helicopter.
“Where is Ryan?” Zach asked looking around.
“He must be on the side of a building.” Vin said. “Tyler will have to find him once he returns.” Vin watched as Tyler and the helicopter flew farther away. “I wish there was something we could do.”
While the three were talking, Lerenzo looked around his destroyed room, and saw the broken off pieces from the Shredder’s claws. He bent down and picked up a sharp piece and examined it.
“Son of a bitch.” Lerenzo said as the Guardians turned their heads to see Lerenzo.
“What is it?” Zach asked.
“The metal used for his armor and claws,” Lerenzo paused as he peered at metal scrape more. “It’s specially made.”
“Yeah we found out that from it able to resist our attacks.” Nate said.
“But how do you know it’s specially made?” Vin asked.
“Because, my company has been experimenting with a new type of metal, and this is it.” Lerenzo said as the Guardians looked at each other in confusion.

Tyler was flying faster as he was slowly caching up top the helicopter. The wind hit his face, and he had to squint to see before him.
“I wish I was a better shot.” Tyler said as he knew he had to get closer to be able to hit the helicopter with an energy blast. He extended his left arm forwards and formed a pink energy ball. “I hope this works.”
Tyler launched an energy ball towards the Helicopter. As it launched, The Shredder poked out of the helicopter again and pointed the bazooka towards the energy blast. The rocket fired and clashed with the energy ball. The explosion was close to Tyler, causing him to stop flying.
“Dammit!” Tyler said as he prepared to fly towards the helicopter again as he heard, in three rapid succession, the bazooka fire, and three missiles fly through the cloud made by the first explosion, and past him. Tyler turned his head as he panicked. “Well perfect.” Tyler said as he began to turn around mid-air as he felt a surging power source coming from behind him.
The cloud blew into thin air as the mysterious cloaked figure flew through it. Tyler looked on in shock as he flew past him, his head still covered in the shadow on his cloak. The cloaked figure flew fast as Tyler looked back at the helicopter in the distance. Tyler had a decision to make. Help the cloaked figure, or attempt to stop The Shredder. Tyler cursed himself as he turned, and flew towards the missile’s.

Inside the helicopter, The Shredder looked out the door and laughed.
“Excellent. They went for the missiles.” The Shredder looked up towards the pilot. “Yes, I agree. The next time I meet up with The Guardians, I will kill them, or die trying! I am sick of this game of cat and mouse, next time, is the final battle.” The Shredder laughed as the helicopter flew further into the distance.

Tyler was trying to fly as fast as possible as he finally caught up to the cloaked figure.
“Hey, uh, what’s up?” Tyler asked casually. The Cloaked figure didn’t look over or say a word, but pointed to one of the missiles. “You want me to take out that missile?” Tyler asked. The cloaked figure gave Tyler thumbs up. Tyler shook his head as they sped up.
Tyler focused as much has he could, looking straight at the missile. He looked past it for a moment and saw people running around like crazy. Tyler formed an energy ball and held onto it. He knew he had to throw it soon, or even if he hit the missile, the explosion would affect the people on the ground, but he didn’t want to shot the energy ball too soon and miss, with his poor aim. Tyler looked over at the cloaked figure.
The cloaked figured swiped his arm in the air, forming a crescent energy wave and shot it. The crescent wave flew and collided with two of the three missiles. The cloaked figures stopped flying and looked towards Tyler waiting.
Tyler looked back at his missile. He was more panicked now that it was all on him. He extended his arm out and shot the energy ball. The ball flew and collided with the missile successfully.
“Yes!” Tyler said in relief as the explosion didn’t affect the people below. He looked behind him to see the helicopter out of sight and he sighed as he looked back to see the cloaked figure gone.

Ryan watched on from the edge of the building he was standing on as Tyler blew up the final missile. Ryan exhaled in relief that no one was seriously hurt, at least no civilians. Jeff’s self sacrifice was hard on Ryan, and even though Ryan realized Jeff was just a lump of clay, the connection was still there. He also had the issue of his clay was no longer mobile for him. He then looked down at the street below, at least fifteen stories high.
“Well this seems to be a problem.” Ryan said as he looked back up to see the Cloak Figure floating in front of him. “Little help?” Ryan asked The Cloaked Figure extended his arm out. Ryan looked at it and saw an opportunity to pull the cloak off of the person. He then looked up and at the shrouded face and sighed. He knew what the right thing to do was. Ryan grabbed the arm and the cloaked figure lifted up and started to fly towards the others.

“Dammit!” Zach yelled as he watched the Helicopter fly away. “The Shredder got away.”
“Not much we can do, were sort of grounded.” Nate said. “You can’t make Sand Wings and fly Zach.”
“Oh can’t I?” Zach asked as if it was a challenge as he prepared himself.
“Zach,” Vin said as he extended his hand in front of Zach. “If you must try Sand Wings, please try them at a height that won’t kill you.” Zach looked over the edge and shook his head and saw Ryan and the mysterious Cloaked Figure fly towards them.
“Ryan!” Zach said in relief as Ryan jumped into the room as the Cloaked figure hovered in air, almost waiting.
“Thank for the help guys.” Ryan said sarcastically.
“Well if we came and saved you,” Nate started to say. “You would have been mad.”
“True.” Ryan said thoughtfully.
“Thank you for your assistance.” Vin said the cloaked figure. The figure nodded its head in responds. Zach abruptly began to talk.
“So who are you? You going to tell us?” Zach demanded. The cloaked figure didn’t move. Zach grew irritated.
“I think we should respect his privacy Zach.” Ryan said. Zach looked at his friend in shock.
“What? Why?” Zach asked.
“I had a chance to pull off his cloak, but, it didn’t seem right. Whoever he is, he is hiding his identity for a reason,” Ryan turned to the Cloaked figure. “When you’re ready, please come to us and join the Guardians.”
“I agree.” Vin added.
“Well, when you put it that way,” Zach said casually, as he suddenly jumped towards the Cloaked Figure. The Cloaked figure flew slightly to the left as Zach realized his folly and began to fall. The Cloaked Figured grabbed Zach by the ankle, and held him upside down. They all began to laugh.
“Nice one Zach.” Nate laughed. Zach struggled a bit and tried to pull himself up, to no avil.
“Would you let me go,” Zach said as he began to fell the Cloaked figures fingers start to loosen. “I DID’T MEAN LIKE THIS!” The cloaked figured tighten his hold on Zach again. “What is this, a stupid cartoon?”
“Did I miss Zach doing something stupid?” Tyler said as he flew in from behind.
“Shut up!” Zach yelled. The cloaked figure tossed Zach back into the room as Zach landed on his feet. The cloaked figure then flew straight up. Tyler looked up as he watched him fly away.
“Not going to follow?” Tyler asked.
“No, we are going to respect his privacy.” Vin said. They then heard a cough behind them. They looked over to see Lerenzo standing there.
“Speaking of privacy.” Lerenzo said.
“Oh crap,” Nate said. “You’re not going to call the cops are you?”
“I don’t have to. I am sure someone already has. I would suggest you leave.” Everyone looked surprised at Lerenzo.
“What? Your letting us go?” Zach asked.
“Yes, there is no need to have you jailed. I realize what you do is for the better good.” Lerenzo said. “Just don’t do it in my home from now on.” Lerenzo said.

Lerenzo looked over the ruble of his study after The Guardians had left. He opened his fist with the piece of the Shredder’s claw in it and looked it over once again. He walked over to a phone and dialed.
“Hello. This is Lerenzo. Yes, I know what time it is. But my home was destroyed by the one they call the Bloodline Murderer.” Lerenzo listen to the voice on the other end of the phone. “Yes, and I need to know everything, and everyone who has used our new metal.” Lerenzo waited. “What? The records are wiped clean?” Lerenzo said in anger. “What about the contract with the military?” Lerenzo asked. He waited a few more moments. “There’s only one signature? Weyland.” Lerenzo waited a few more moments and listen to the voice over the phone and began to smile. “Contact the rest of the board, I want an emergency meeting tomorrow morning!” Lerenzo hung the phone back up and picked it back up. He dialed again and listened for the ringing.
“Yes, I need your service’s tomorrow morning. Yes, Thank you.”
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Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape   Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape EmptySat Sep 04, 2010 9:48 am

A moment of silence for Jeff .......................................................................................................................................................................................... Friend, Platypus, Guardian. Sad
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Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape   Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape EmptyMon Sep 06, 2010 8:26 am

no words can describe the sorrow i am feeling right now No
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Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape   Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape EmptyTue Sep 07, 2010 12:07 pm

this has been an awful weekend for you ryan
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Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape   Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape EmptyTue Sep 07, 2010 7:55 pm

So am I going to get an explanation of what happened?
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Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape   Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape Empty

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Chapter 122: Shredder's Escape
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