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 Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name

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Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name   Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name EmptyWed Oct 06, 2010 5:26 am

“Saki?!” Vin said from the ground as the looked on to see Saki in The Shredder’s suit. He had bags under his eyes and he himself looked battle worn, but was smiling at the ones below him.
“But that makes no sense!” Nate complained. “We saw you and The Shredder together!” Saki laughed.
“All part of my plan. I guess I should be nice enough to explain everything.”

“It all began when I was assigned as the Director of the Human Protection Agency. I knew that I could use my status for the better of man kind, but how much good could I do? I knew that some Bloodlines like your little group would come off as heroes to the public masses, so I needed another way to get what I wanted. A way to rid the entire world of your kind. That is when I was approached by a certain CEO.
“Charles Weyland came to me with an idea, a concept for armor that could combat the abilities and the powers of the Bloodlines. Originally he wanted to make them for the Human Protection Agency, all agents would have them for battle, but my mind began to work. With that armor, one could take out all Bloodlines. So I kept the armor for myself, and had it modeled after Oroku Saki, better wise known as The Shredder. I thought it was a great homage to my name. So work began on the armor as I continued my work as the head of the HPA.
“The armor has cybernetic enchantments that give me the speed and strength only a normal human would dream of, and gives me the ability to stand up to you all. I hate having to bring myself to your level but it was a necessary evil in my plan. But after some training I was ready to go out hunting. Originally I was only killing Bloodlines that came my way here and there, but then the one with the eyes interfered one night.” Saki looked at Nate is disgust.
“I knew I would have to deal with you, I just didn’t expect so soon, and so many of you. I heard that Bishop had sent a group of you Isla Nublar. Looked into it from the government files and found out the island was not only inhabited by dinosaurs, but also for some reason had a barrier the nullified all Bloodline powers. I was hoping that more of you would have died on the island,” Saki looked at Dustin. “But only one of you did, and somehow you returned.” Dustin looked at Saki puzzled.
“As the days continued, I had to keep a lower profile. I devised a plan to lure one of you out into the open and take you out. Systematically destroy you all one by one giving me the advantage. But I had to get you separated so I had to hire someone to get deliver a letter. He wasn’t as subtle as I wanted him to be.” Everyone but Sean and Dustin’s eyes grew wide.
“You mean when Jim attacked the base?!” Zach said.
“The Snake Bloodline in fact contacted me, knowing my true identity some how. I paid him to keep his mouth shut. I never did any dealing with him face to face; I am planning on killing him once I’m done with the likes of you. But that is how you got your note. Unfortunately I couldn’t kill you when I had the chance, and the HPA came, so I had to flee. I didn’t want them to get hurt, being the fine soldiers they are.

Dustin listened to the story confused. All the event’s he was speaking of seemed to happen during a extended period of time, a month, maybe more, but he didn’t remember any of it. He was confused, he felt as if time had slipped from him.
“How did we see both Saki and The Shredder?” Nate demanded.
“Oh that, it’s quite simple. I realized that people were trying to figure out who The Shredder was, so I came up with the plan to get a pawn to dress in the armor, and kidnap me. Everyone fell for it, even Ian and Bishop. I knew they would send you to come save me. It was like an easy game of Chess, every piece played their part to a tee, and I was the king, and I was the victor. Afterwards, I meet up with the individual who wore the suit, and even though he was a good solider, I had to kill him, a quick shot to the head. I couldn’t risk anyone knowing my secret.” Saki laughed with no remorse for what he had done.
“It had became clear to me that I needed more power to deal with you, so I found out about the Blade of Tengu, and issued Weyland to create this hilt for me to hold its power!” Saki lifted his helmet back onto his head. “And now,” The Shredder’s metallic voice said “I need to unlock the sword’s true power!”
The Shredder lifted the sword into the air and a strand of lighting it, and another hit it afterwards. Dozens of strikes of lighting hit the Sword of Tengu, causing the ground to shake. Suddenly The Shredder was lifted off of the ground and began to float in the air. He let go of the Sword of Tengu as it began to float on its own, circling The Shredder as he laughed.
The Guardians stood up and looked up at The Shredder with worried eyes.
“What is he doing?” Vin asked. Dustin, Tyler, and Sean watched on, but were more focused on the sword then The Shredder.
“I don’t know, but there is a higher power level coming from the sword right now then from the Shredder.” Dustin said. Tyler finally realized what was going on.
“He’s merging!” Tyler yelled.

Bishop and Ian rode in the helicopter, headed for the city, both nervous.
“How much longer?” Bishop yelled to the pilot.
“Another 20 minutes or so sir.” The pilot said. Bishop sighed in aggravation. Suddenly the helicopter began to shake.
“What the hell?” I an said as the looked out the window, the wind was wild in the air, and they was the lighting in the distance. Bishop and Ian looked at each other. “Pilot, get there NOW!”

“You want all 13?” Landon asked Sirius as they sat in the conference room. Suddenly they felt the ground shaking a bit. Landon’s eyes grew wide.
“What was that?” Sirius asked.
“I feel a great power level rising. A power I haven’t felt in many years.”
“What is it?” Sirius asked.
“The Sword of Tengu.” Landon whispered. Sirius clenched his fist.
“My God! Who got their hands on it?” Sirius asked.
“Maybe that ‘Bloodline’ killer I have heard about. None the less, this could be problematic.” Landon said. “If we are hit with the sword were dead. Our longevity from our Bloodlines would no longer be in effect.” Suddenly Dr. Edger ran into the room.
“Sir, there’s a situation.” Edger said.
“What now?” Landon asked.
“He’s escaped.” Dr. Edger said with a hint of fear in his voice. Landon stood up with anger and took a step towards the doctor. Sirius put a restraining hand on Landon’s shoulder.
“Wait, this could work to our advantage.” Sirius said with a evil smirk. Landon raised an eyebrow as he looked at him.

“What are you talking about?” Ryan asked.
“When we were researching the Sword of Tengu, I remember looking at a part that mentions that a user can merge with the Sword of Tengu if it contains enough power. I think that’s what he’s doing right now!” Tyler said as another lighting strike hit the sword as it moved faster around The Shredder. The Shredder began to laugh.
“Yes! I feel the power of the sword!” The Shredder yelled as another lighting strike hit him this time. The strike blinded everyone as the Saiyan’s and Tyler felt a surge of energy.
“I can’t see!” Nate yelled. The heard a metallic yell coming from the Shredder, but it sounded like pain. They heard a loud thud, and felt the earth under them shake. The lighting light began to fade as they saw the silhouette in the light, but it looked different from The Shredder.
“What happened to him?!” Zach yelled as he was the first to see The Shredder’s new form.
The Shredder’s armor had been restored and changed. A purplish hue covered the armor plating. He now had shoulder pads with long spikes, and they were curved to a sharp deadly point. The claws were now back on The Shredder’s fist, longer and sharper. The Shredder’s Helmet was restored as well; the metal was now more metallic silver, and every edged looked like it was sharp enough to cut through solid steel.
The Guardians stood in shook at The Shredder’s new form. Lighting flashed around his body as he took a step forward. The power coming from him was freighting.
“Look in terror at the face of your undoing! I am no long a mortal, I am a God. I am The Super Shredder!” The Shredder said laughing in a deeper metallic voice.
“You know putting ‘Super’ in front of your name doesn’t automatically make you more powerful, it’s actually pretty lame.” Zach said. Said he did, Dustin and Sean, standing beside him look at him. Zach shifted his eyes weary to both of them. “I mean uh, I should put super in front of my name.” Zach said nervously.
“I have merged with the Sword of Tengu, its powers are in my blood, and you are at my mercy!” The Shredder boasted.
“So any plans fearless leader?” Ryan asked as he looked at Vin.
“Dustin’s back, all responsibilities revert to him.” Vin said. Dustin shook his head in confusion.
“You guys decided on a new leader in my absence? Seriously guy it wasn’t that long!” Dustin said annoyed. “At least I think I wasn’t” Dustin whispered to himself.
“I’m waiting.” The Shredder said impatiently. Dustin turned back at their opponent.
“Alright guy,” Dustin said under his breath so the others could hear, but The Shredder could not. “We need to work together. I want everyone to strike at once. Use everything you have. We have to stop him now.”
“But he’s more powerful then before.” Nate said.
“I know, but it’s not like we can run away.” Sean said.
“If we all throw everything we have at him, we might be able to pull this off.” Tyler said.
“So were hoping for a lot of luck?” Ryan asked.
“Don’t we always.” Zach smiled.
“Alright Guardians!” Dustin yelled as he lifted himself into the air. “ATTACK!”

Dustin lifted himself off the ground, followed by Sean and Tyler. He clenched his fist together and flashed into his Super Saiyan form. Behind him, Zach, Ryan, Nate, and Vin began to run forward. Zach had sand swirling around his arms, ready to attack, while Nate held onto his sword, lighting flowing around it. A small mouth opened from Ryan’s palm and a dozen clay birds flew out and surrounded him. Vin poised himself ready to attack. Dustin flew above them, the golden aura burning bright, followed by Sean, in his Super Saiyan form. Tyler flew along side then, fist ready to strike. The Shredder laughed.
“This is perfect. An all out attack huh? I can destroy each of you quicker that way.” The Shredder chuckled as they drew closer.
“Take this!” Ryan yelled as the dozen clay birds zipped past the rest of them ,and flew into The Shredder’s armor plate, exploding on impact. The Shredder was blinded by smoke. Nate sprinted forward ahead of the rest of the ground, jumping into the smoke, slashing down with his sword. The Shredder lifted his arm up and blocked the sword. Lighting sparks flew around both of them as the clash continued. Nate pulled his sword back and quickly slash sideways with it, launching a electric slash towards The Shredder. The Shredder didn’t move as the slash hit him, having no effect. As the smoke cleared The Shredder slashed his own claws towards Nate. Nate defended and blocked the incoming claws, but the Shredder picked up his leg and kicked Nate in the stomach full force, causing Nate to fly across the battle field, past everyone.
Zach extended his arm out, launching a blast of sand towards The Shredder. The sand scatter around him as The Shredder moved his attention to Zach. Zach shot another blast of sand, one after another, none, seeming to have no effect. The Shredder took a few more steps forward, preparing to strike Zach. Suddenly Vin jumped over Zach and ran for The Shredder, ready to attack. The Shredder lifted his arm up and as Vin was in front of him, but couldn’t attack. The Shredder looked at his arm, and it was covered in the sand around him. HE looked back forward at Zach, who was smiling. The Shredder then tried to swipe with his other arm, but it was surrounded by sand as well. Vin smirked.
Vin began to rapidly hit every part of The Shredder’s armor with his fore fingers. A small spark ignited off the armor each time it hit. Vin spun around, twisting his hand and landed his entire palm onto The Shredder’s armor plate, and a burst of Chakra Energy exploded out from behind the Shredder. The Shredder began to chuckle.
“Amusing, but hardly worth your effort!” The Shredder sounded like he was growling as his body surrounded itself by and electrical pulse, and the sand around his arm fell to the ground. The Shredder slammed his fist into the ground, the claws running into the concrete as Vin jumped back. A small flash of light enveloped Zach, and they all heard screaming. A pillar of lighting was shocking Zack. “Thunder Ball!” The Shredder yelled as Vin looked back and The Shredder’s other arm was extended out with a orb made of lighting in it. It shot forwards and hit Vin in the chest as he went flying, hitting Zach, and they both rolled onto the ground close to Nate.
Dustin sped towards The Shredder, is eyes enraged. He slammed his fist into the Shredder’s face plate. The Shredder didn’t move. Dustin hovered back, clenched his fist and his golden aura burned brighter . Sean flew to the other side of The Shredder, and they both shook there heads. They rapidly began to clash their fist and feet onto the Shredder. The Shredder stood there unaffected as the Saiyan’s bashed with all their might into the villain’s armor. The Saiyan’s flew back a few feet and Dustin put his arms to his side, as did Sean.
“Kameha….” Dustin began as a energy orb charged in his hands.
“Gallic…….” Sean said at the same time as a purple energy orb formed in his.
“meHA!” Dustin yelled
“GUN!” Sean yelled at the same time as the two energy beams fired and clashed against The Shredder at once in a giant explosion. The two of them hovered around the explosion, breathing hard, as they put a lot into the energy blast.
From in the explosion The Shredder jumped up and surprised Dustin and grabbed his face, and pushed him down, crashing Dustin’s body into the ground. The Shredder let go of his face as Dustin’s body bounced up from the impact and The Shredder kicked him into the side, flinging him next to the other fallen Guardians.
Sean began to fly towards The Shredder as The Shredder pointed the claws on his writs towards Sean and launched them. The first pair slashed his left arm as Sean dodged. Another pair of claws suddenly appeared and was shot. This one stabbed into Sean’s arm and pushed him into the ground. Sean looked up as the claws as they began to spark, and his body was electrocuted. Sean yelled in pain.
The Shredder turned to Ryan and Tyler, both stood in fear in front of him. Tyler flew towards him and extended his arm out.
“Vanishing Beam!” Tyler yelled as the pink energy beam blasted the Shredder, with no effect. The Shredder began to run towards Tyler. Tyler stopped flying and formed two energy balls in his hands. He started to rapidly fire dozens of energy balls at The Shredder. Each other blasting onto his armor, only slowing him down for a second, but Tyler continued, a pink aura enveloping his body. The Shredder was close enough and punched Tyler in the stomach with his claws, and flung him next to his friends. The Shredder looked back to where Ryan was, but no gone. He noticed he was back with his friends, helping Zach up.
“What happen to everyone attack?” Zach strained to say.
“Well I did attack, but I didn’t feel like getting the shit beat out of me, again. We need another plan.”
“He’s too powerful, nothing is affecting him.” Nate said as he pulled the Shredder’s claws out from Sean’s shoulder. Sean exhaled from pain as it exited.
“Sense he fused with that damn Sword, were nothing to him.” Sean muttered. Dustin smirked.
“Guy’s I have an idea.” Dustin chuckled.
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Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name   Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name EmptyFri Oct 08, 2010 9:31 pm

omg a chapter where every one gets the shit kicked out of them and i dont get touched thank you dustin i have been waiting for this chapter my whole life lol you all suck
ps when did i get mouths in my hands lol flower
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Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name   Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name EmptyFri Oct 08, 2010 10:50 pm

xX-6FKR-Xx wrote:
omg a chapter where every one gets the shit kicked out of them and i dont get touched thank you dustin i have been waiting for this chapter my whole life lol you all suck
ps when did i get mouths in my hands lol flower

when you died and then came back to life, the clay fused inside of you.
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Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name   Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name EmptySat Oct 09, 2010 2:26 am

good chapter. loved the image of nathan getting flung acrpss the screen by a kick. oh, and, this is an elephant elephant
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Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name   Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name Empty

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Chapter 127: Putting the word "Super" in your name
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