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 Chapter 129: SION! HA!

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Chapter 129: SION!  HA! Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 129: SION! HA!   Chapter 129: SION!  HA! EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 5:10 am

The outskirts of Columbus was quite. Everyone had evacuated once again when the battle began. Suddenly in a empty parking lot a black hole appeared. Carrie stepped out first and looked around the area.
“Were clear.” She said into the black hole, and behind her Danielle stepped out, with Tia, Sean’s daughter, holding her hand.
“Wow!” Tia said. “It’s empty.”
“Yeah, I just hope Dustin got their in time.” Danielle said. Carrie looked into the center of the city.
“Yeah he made it.” Carrie said. “I can feel his power level. Sean and his are growing.”
“Daddy is getting more powerful?” Tia said excited. Suddenly from out of the black hole, Sarah walked out. She pointed her hand at the black hole and it disappeared.
“They are going to fuse.” Sarah said.
“Should we intervene?” Carrier asked.
“Danielle, you take Tia and watch from afar. Don’t get involved. Carrie and I will get a closer look and help if we need too.
“Ok.” Danielle said as they all took to their different directions.

The Shredder laid on his back in a giant crater caused by Dean’s Big Bang Kamehameha. He looked up to see the laughing Bloodline, pointing down at The Shredder.
“Oh man, this guy’s a pushover.” Dean laughed more. The Shredder groaned as he began to pick himself up. “Oh ready for round two huh?”
“Wow,” Nate said next to Zayn.
“What?” Zayn asked.
“I never thought Dustin could be so cocky.” Nate said.
“It’s not Dustin exactly.” Zayn began. “Dustin and Sean are not the best Fusion partners. They don’t have the same ideals. Where Zach and Ryan’s sense of justice prevails in me, but Sean’s cockiness seems to be taking form with Dean.”
“Hey Zayn!” Dean yelled from above. Both Zayn and Nate looked up to him. “Start working on your Mystic Art.” Suddenly Dean disappeared and reappeared next to them. “We don’t’ have much time.” The Shredder was already up, and was preparing to attack.
“You can hold him off.” Nate said.
“Oh I know I can,” Dean smiled as he lifted himself off the ground and charged towards The Shredder. The Shredder slashed down at Dean, but Dean disappeared as the claw would have gone through him. He reappeared behind The Shredder and smashed his leg into his back, flipping The Shredder over. The Shredder gained his ground, and shot a claw at Dean. Dean was caught by surprise and it caught him in the neck, blowing him back into the wall of a building, and it began to cut off his air.
“Where’s your cocky attitude now?’ The Shredder said as he began to run toward Dean. Dean was struggling with the claw, trying to pull it out, but he was losing air, and time.
“Raging Vanishing Beam!” Tyler yelled as a Vanishing Beam covered in a red aura blasted into The Shredder. The Shredder went flying into the building Dean was trapped on, and the side of the building broke apart, releasing Dean from the claw. Dean fell to the ground gasping for air.
“Looks like I owe you thanks.” Dean said as he looked up at Tyler.
“Let’s not get too cocky.” Tyler said. Dean shook his head as The Shredder lunged out from the busted building, both sets of claws ready to slash down at Dean. Dean looked back, and as the claws came down towards him, he dove out of the way. The Shredder’s claws dug deep into the concrete.
“To slow.” Dean mocked as The Shredder pulled up a huge piece of the ground with his claws.
“Speed is not everything!” The Shredder yelled as he threw the giant piece of concrete towards Dean. Dean extended his arm out and launched an energy blast into the concrete, shattering it into thousands of pieces.
“Watch out!” Nate yelled as Dean looked to the side and saw The Shredder running towards him, and the lunged. Dean scowled as he concentrated and as The Shredder was on him, he disappeared. The Shredder rolled on the ground and quickly got back up. Dean appeared in the air above him. He felt his left cheek and moved his hand in front of him. Red blood dripped form his finger tips. Dean wiped the rest away form his face watched The Shredder wit ha careful eye as he looked at him.
“I can’t underestimate this guy again.” Dean shifted his eyes to Zayn, standing still, his eyes closed. “His Power Level hasn’t changed. We need his Mystic Art,” Dean disappeared and reappeared next to Nate.
“Are you done disappearing around like a coward, it’s rather annoying.” The Shredder said.
“Zayn, we need your Mystic Art NOW!” Dean said with an edge in his voice.
“Why don’t you try this?” Zayn countered. “It’s hard when it’s something you haven’t done before!”
“You need to use your anger.” Dean said. “Think about if The Shredder does win this battle. If he kill’s us, he will kill all of our families, and every other person you care about. Use that rage to furl your power!” Zayn clenched his eyes more and Dean smirked as he looked back towards the Shredder.
“So your plan had some holes in it?” Nate asked skeptical of Dean’s plan.
“No, it’s going to work out perfectly.” Dean placed his hands in front of him. “Take this Shredder!” Dean yelled as he launched dozens of energy blast towards The Shredder chuckled under his breath as the energy blast landed around him, and blasted into him as well. Small explosions burst out around the area. The Shredder began to walk out of the explosion, showing no effect from the energy blast.
“That’s didn’t work.” Nate said a bit scared. Vin ran over to them.
“So we charge at him?” Vin said.
“No,” Dean said as he continued to blast right into The Shredder. The Shredder was pushed back a bit, but moved slower towards them.
“Dean, your attacks aren’t working!” Tyler said as he prepared to attack with him.
“STOP!” Dean yelled as he looked up at Tyler. “Trust me. You will need all your energy.” Tyler clenched his fist as the red aura around him began to burn brighter.
“Your plan seems more like random energy blast and hoping for the best.” Nate said. Suddenly everyone looked back at Zayn. The air around them felt different, and Dean and Tyler could feel huge increase in power level coming from Zayn, while Nate and Vin felt a surge of Chakra around him.
“He’s doing it!” Vin said in surprise. Patterns of a mix of gray and gold began to reveal themselves around Zayn’s body. The glowed bright as The Shredder watched on in anger.
“I can’t let you complete that!” The Shredder yelled as he began to run towards them. Dean turned back around and launched another energy blast into The Shredder pushing him back.
“Sorry, but as the distraction, I can’t let you do that.” Dean smiled. Nate chuckled.
“You had this planned didn’t you?”
“Who me? The guy who just does random energy blast?” Dean smiled as Zayn yelled as he opened his eyes and the patterns were now constant on his skin. “Now for the main event.”
Zayn began to walk forward, towards The Shredder, and stood next to Dean, Nate and Vin, while Tyler hovered from above.
“It makes no difference! Whatever you throw at me won’t change a thing. You will run out of energy to attack, and then I will destroy you all!” The Shredder boasted. Dean looked towards Vin.
“Vin, what is the weakness part of his armor, if any?” Dean asked. Vin focused and looked at everything part of The Shredder’s armor with his Byakugan.
“The back of his armor, but not by much.” Vin said. Dean looked over to Zayn.
“Whatever your Mystic Art is, focus on the back of The Shredder’s armor.” Dean said.
“Got it.” Zayn said as he took a few steps forwards. “I would get out of this area if I were you.” Dean shook his head and picked Nate up and lifted himself into the air. Tyler swooped down and grabbed Vin as the watched from above.

“One on One?” The Shredder asked.
“Not exactly, but for my new move, I need the space.” Zayn said.
“Looks like you caught the other fused one’s cockiness.” The Shredder said.
“It’s not cockiness, if you can back it up!” Zayn yelled as the patterns began to bun brighter, almost blinding.

“I’m curious,” Dean said to himself. Nate looked up, being held by Dean.
“About what?” Nate asked as Vin and Tyler looked.
“For the Mystic Art, most of the time a trigger is needed. The will to go to the next level of power. I wonder what he used.”

The Earth under them shook as The Shredder grew a bit worried about what was to come.
“I call upon our fallen comrade!” Zayn yelled as he spun his arms around in the air. “To take vengeance for the sacrifice you made!” Zayn suddenly slammed his arms to no the ground. “Mystic Art! Sand-Clay Platypus Barrage!”
“WHAT?!?!” Dean, Nate, Tyler, and Vin yelled at once in disbelief, almost falling from the sky.
The ground shook more as a clay-sand platypus popped out from the ground and quacked. The Shredder laughed uncontrollably.
“THAT’S your ace in the hole.” The Shredder laughed more as two more platypuses, on each side of the first popped up and quacked. The Shredder’s laugh started t slowly stop and three more platypus’s popped up and quacked next to the others. Six others popped in front of the first group, quacking in unison. The Shredder’s laugh was all but gone when six more, on both sides popped up quacking. More and more platypus’s emerged from the ground, and stared down The Shredder. The entire battle field was filled.
“My God!” Tyler said.
“There has to be at least a hundred of those platypus’s” Nate said.
“I can’t believe he used the damn platypus as the trigger.” Dean sighed. “But whatever works.” Dean looked towards the others. “Be prepared to aim for the back at my mark.”
“Now go and avenge Jeff’s sacrifice! Kill The Shredder!” Zayn declared as the hoards of Platypus all quacked at once and charged towards The Shredder. One of the jumped towards the Shredder, but the Shredder sliced into it. As the impaled platypus wiggled its legs it exploded. The Shredder was thrown onto his back from the explosion. He looked up to see more and more heading towards him. He quickly got himself up as he looked towards Zayn was staring, smiling, and enjoying what he was doing. Suddenly The Shredder felt something on his back and he looked over to see a platypus on his back beginning to glow. In a piercing explosion launched The Shredder forward, causing him to skid on the ground. As he did, he felt more and more weight on his back. As he stopped he saw a dozen platypus’s on his back glowing, and he was enveloped in a huge explosion.

Overhead they watched as Zayn and the remaining platypus jumped back, away form the giant explosion.
“Those explosions are incredibly powerful!” Tyler said. “More then I could imagine.”
“It’s exactly what we needed.” Dean said. “But we have to hurry. I don’t know how long the Fusion will last with using the Mystic Art. Vin, any changes in the back of the armor?”
“It’s weaker, that’s for sure.” Vin said.
“Any structural damage yet?” Dean asked.
“Not yet,” Vin said.
“When there are no more platypuses, here is what we do,” Dean began to explain his plan.

The smoke from the explosion started to be blown away from a wind in the air. The Shredder pushed himself up, he was not hurt, more annoyed. The blasts from these platypuses were wearing him down, more then he assumed. He was done playing around.
“So, you going to give up, or am I going to get to have more fun?” Zayn laughed as The Shredder looked around and saw he was completely surrounded by the Sand-Clay Platypus’s.
“I will never give up. I won’t ever stop until every one of you pieces of shit is dead on the ground beneath my FEET!” The Shredder yelled in anger. Zayn shook his head.
“Too bad. ATTACK!” Zayn commanded as the surrounding platypus’s jumped into the air, preparing to attach themselves to The Shredder. The Shredder crossed his arms and a small lighting aura surrounded him. The Shredder expanded his arms out and the aura followed, filling the small area, hitting all the platypus midair. The clay animals were surrounded by electrical sparks, and all exploded in the air, The Shredder unaffected. Zayn looked past The Shredder, seeing one last platypus, and his Mystic Art pattern on his skin starting to dim. He was running out of energy. He looked back down to see The Shredder running towards him again.
“Your ticks are over!” The Shredder yelled as he slashed down. Zayn strafed to the left, but The Shredder’s other arm slashed and slammed into Zayn, forcing him to fly backwards, a small gash in his face with blood flowing down. As he was flying backwards he grabbed the platypus on the ground and threw it back towards The Shredder, not yet turned around. The platypus attached itself to The Shredder’s back as Zayn clapped his hands together.
“Detonate!” Zayn said as the platypus began to explode on The Shredder’s back, and Zayn hit the wall of a building with his back, and his entire body began to glow white, and Zayn split up into two beings. Ryan and Zach formed and fell to the ground, both of them had a gash like Zayn did on their faces.
In front of them The Shredder stumbled from the explosion, and groaned.

“This armor!” Vin yelled. “There’s a crack in his armor!”
“Alright guy,” Dean said as he started to spin around in the air with Nate. “Let’s finish this!” Dean let go of Nate, launched him towards The Shredder, still recovering from the explosion. Nate opened his hand as a Chidori ignited in his hands.
“Let me help you out!” Nate yelled as the Chidori turned into the Earth Chidori and his Mystic Art burned brighter. He slammed into The Shedder’s back as he arched it in pain, feeling the strength of the attack. Nate flipped back and landed on the ground, his Mystic Art now extinguished.
“ARGGGGGGGGHHHHH!” the Shredder yelled in pain as Tyler flew behind him dropping Vin off. Tyler’s red aura burned more as he motioned his arms in a circle and a formed a red circle.
“Rage Energy Blast!” Tyler yelled as a powerful red energy beam shot out from the circle, blasting into The Shredder’s back. The Shredder’s entire body shook from the powerful impact. As The Shredder bent to his knee’s, dealing with the pain, Dean landed next to Tyler, eyeing the crack in the back of The Shredder’s armor. Tyler jumped back as Dean extended his arm out and opened his palm, facing into the air.
“So much for your merging with the Sword of Tengu.” Dean said as a rainbow colored orb formed in his palm, spinning, and glitter falling from it.
“Is he going to glitter The Shredder to death?” Zach asked. The Shredder looked back over his shoulder at Dean, standing there with this sphere in his hand.
“Stardust……..” Dean yelled as he threw the ball towards The Shredder, and it launched into the crack of the armor. The Shredder’s red eyes grew wide. Dean closed his palm. “BREAKER!”
The Shredder let out a ear piercing metallic scream as his enter body started to flash different colors as he was lifted into the air. The sound of his scream caused the other to feel the pain he was.
“What’s going on?” Ryan asked as he and ach ran up to the others.
“The Stardust Breaker is a multidimensional attack.” Dean explained. “It’s breaking him apart.”
“Wow.” Tyler said as his aura was now gone.
“Do you know of another way?” Dean asked.
“Well, it’s a just death for him at least.” Zach commented.
“Death? This won’t kill him.” Dean said. They all looked at him. The Shredder’s screams grew louder, drawing everyone’s’ attention as a huge light explosion grew from him. Suddenly, The Shredder, back to his normal form, his armors more destroyed then before, fell to the ground, his helmet rolling off, exposing the beaten and worn face of Saki. Next to him, the Sword of Tengu clanked as it hit the concrete.
Dean walked over toward the sword and bent down, picking it up by the hilt.
“After everything, all the sacrifices you made, the pain you caused, and the money that was used, it was all wasted.” Dean lectured. Saki looked up, rage in his eyes. “Amazing how you were so sure, and how you played around with us. The best part was, you thought I was doing the same, but it was all part of the plan.” Dean continued. “I will admit, for my first villain as Dean, you were worthy.” Dean looked at the Sword of Tengu. “I should stab this into your heart right now,” Saki’s eyes grew scared. “But I won’t. I rather have you rot in a cell for the rest of your life knowing Bloodlines continue to live.
“As for your toy, it’s too dangerous to leave alone.” Dean looked up into the air and began to fly, until he was above the buildings in the city. HE looked back up and threw the sword into the air, and brought his hands together and formed a energy ball. In the close distance he saw a helicopter coming into Columbus, landing on the outskirts, and dozens of army vehicles driving closer. Dean look back up and saw the light form the sun shin from the ancient sword.
“Big Bang Kamehameha!” Dean yelled as the giant energy blast shot form his hands and blasted into the air, shattering the sword on impact. Dean continued to shot the energy blast into the air. A few pieces of the sword dropped to the ground, but no one noticed as they focused on Dean.
“What is he doing?” Vin asked.
“He’s using energy so he can defuse.” Zach said as suddenly the energy blast stopped. Dean’s body began to glow as the defusion began and he split into two forms, and Dustin and Sean formed, in their normal forms, looking at each other, their brows scolded in thought as they looked at each other, ignoring everything else.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 129: SION! HA!   Chapter 129: SION!  HA! EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 6:59 am

omg revenge of JEFFEREY!!
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i cried thats all i have to say
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he did. i was there
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Chapter 129: SION!  HA! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 129: SION! HA!   Chapter 129: SION!  HA! Empty

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Chapter 129: SION! HA!
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