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 Chapter 130: End of a long Saga

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Chapter 130: End of a long Saga Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 130: End of a long Saga   Chapter 130: End of a long Saga EmptyThu Oct 28, 2010 5:33 am

Dustin and Sean’s eyes were locked and they both had an intense expression. After a long few moments, Sean broke the silence.
“There seems to be some memory’s missing.” Sean said.
“Yeah, or some that shouldn’t exist.” Dustin added as he sighed. “Something happened.”
“Yeah, but what?” Sean asked. “I know what I saw, I know happened, but you don’t see that. It’s like you never experienced any of them.” Sean said as they continued to talk.

From below, the rest of the Guardians watched, curious of what they were talking about. Their attention was diverted as a helicopter began to land at the other end of the open area. As it landed, the door opened and they could see Bishop and Ian, ready to jump out.
“Well the Calvary is here.” Ryan said with a harsh sarcastic tone. Bishop and Ian began to run towards them. In the distance they could see army trucks and cars driving towards them.
“Wow, this is sad.” Nate sighed. “I feel like they waited for us to finish him.” Close to them, Saki groaned. As Bishop was running, Ian stopped as he stepped on the hilt of the Sword of Tengu, with a small piece of the blade still attached.
“What happened?” Bishop asked as he looked down at the unmasked Shredder. “Saki?!” Saki looked up, struggling to stay up. Ian walked up next to them and looked in surprise at the man he put into power.
“Ian,” Saki began to speak, but Ian looked down at him with distain.
“I see know I was greatly mistaken for giving you the power I did, and leaving you unchecked. I assumed you would have my same mind frame, to help protect the world, not destroy it.” Saki looked up at Ian with rage in his eyes. “You make me sick for what you have done. Not only giving normal humans a bad name, but the entire Government.” Ian looked to the Guardians standing in shock at Ian’s actions, almost guessing that he would defend Saki and his actions. “Please forgive me, and the entire Human Protection Agency. This is not what I wanted when I first envisioned the department.”
“Ian, I’m shocked at your attitude.” Bishop said calmly.
“You don’t know me as well as you think Bishop.” Ian chuckled as his attention was diverted up as he noticed Dustin and Sean, still in the air far above them. Bishop looked up at this too and gasped.
“Dustin?” Bishop asked. Zach and Ryan chuckled.
“Yep.” Zach said.
“But were still unsure of how he survived.” Nate said. Ian looked back over his shoulder and noticed the soldier’s and cars starting to enter the area.
“I should help delegate what will happen.” Ian said as he walked to meet up with the soldiers.
“They have been doing nothing but talking, staring at each other with an intense look.” Vin said.
“Something has to get them down from there.” Tyler said.
“Go fly up there and see.” Zach suggested.
“I don’t need to know THAT badly.” Tyler said with a laugh. Suddenly, coming from in front of them, Danielle, carrying Tia came running towards them.
“Hey GUYS!” Tia yelled in delight. The Guardians’ couldn’t help but smile.

From above Dustin and Sean looked down to see Danielle and Tia joining the others. Sean cracked a smile a smile at the sight of his daughter. Dustin smiled at the sight of Danielle.
“I wonder why Danielle is with Tia.” Dustin asked.
“I left Tia in good hands; Danielle must have been with them.” Sean said. He looked back towards Dustin with the same intense look as before. “We have a puzzle to solve with the past few months.” Sean began to fly down. Dustin sighed as he followed.

“DADDY!” Tia said as she jumped out of Danielle’s arms and raced towards Sean’s as he landed. Sean smiled as he picked her up and hugged her. Dustin landed behind him and Danielle took a few steps towards him.
“Long time no see.” Danielle smiled. Dustin blushed a little.
“Yeah,” Dustin smiled. “A lot longer then anyone thinks actually.”
“Oh I think I do know.” Danielle said as she leaned in and kissed Dustin quickly. This caught Dustin off by surprise as he began to lose his balance. Everyone laughed accept for Bishop and Sean, although they smirked. From behind them Ian and a group of Human Protection Agency soldiers walked up. The soldiers looked down to see Saki laying ion the ground.
“Sir,” One of the solider said.
“Arrest him.” The soldiers looked at Ian confused. “Do what I say. He is a murderer.” The soldiers didn’t move and looked over the group in front of them. They were prepared to arrest them, not their boss. Sean placed Tia on the ground and moved her behind him, readying himself. “What did I just say!” Ian snapped at the soldiers. They grinded their teeth as the grabbed Saki and pulled him up, placing his hands in in handcuffs. Saki looked back and gave the Guardians a dark look, but said nothing as he was walked back to the police car.
“Ian,” Bishop began to speak.
“No need Bishop. I should make sure it all goes well.” Ian looked towards the group and took a long second to see Dustin. “I must be off.” Ian began to walk off.
“Ok so now that were not dying, tell us, how did you survive that raptor attack?” Zach asked. Dustin sighed.
“I didn’t.” Dustin said. Everyone but Danielle and Sean looked at him confused.
“But when we tried to wish you back to life with Shenron, he said it you couldn’t.” Nate said.
“I was alive, that’s why the Eternal Dragon couldn’t bring me back to life.” Dustin said.
“But you said you didn’t survive the raptor attack?” Ryan asked confused, trying to piece together everything in his head.
“Well,” Dustin began, but was interrupted by Danielle.
“He didn’t survive because he didn’t experience the raptor attack, or going to Isla Nublar.” Danielle said seriously.
“What are you talking about?” Tyler said. “Dustin was with us the entire time we were on Isla Nublar.”
“Yes, but no.” Danielle said. Dustin looked at her more confused then everyone else.
“What are you talking about?” Dustin asked.
“The Dustin that went to Isla Nublar, the Dustin that sacrificed his life for the entire world, it was a clone.” Danielle said. Everyone gasped in shock and confusion in a classic anime style.
“Clone?” Bishop said confused.
“Wha?” Dustin whispered to himself.
“Yes a clone of Dustin, made by Landon.” Danielle continued to explain. Everyone was still shocked at the thought, except Sean who just shook his head.
“That would explain why when we fused I had memories of interactions with Dustin, but he does not.” Sean explained.
“It was Landon who made the clones of Gaara, Sasuke, and Deidara. But I didn’t think he could make a perfect clone.” Ryan said.
“Wait!” Zach stopped as he pointed towards Dustin. “How do we know you’re not the clone!”
“Roll up your pants leg Dustin.” Danielle said. Dustin raised an eyebrow. “Your scar from Sirius.”
“That’s right.” Dustin said as he bent over and rolled his pants leg up, and on his knee was the scar from Sirius’ sword. The wound was healed but a huge scar was permanently on his knee.
“I noticed that the clone Dustin didn’t limp. That day he went after Landon.” Danielle remembered.
“That’s right! I remember noticed that too, but I just thought it was his Saiyan Bloodline healing him.” Zach said.
Dustin was trying to process everything. The thought that someone, something else was living his life for an undetermined amount of time. Dustin’s thoughts were interrupted by Vin.
“If Landon made this clone to replace Dustin, then why did he not do anything to try to harm us?” Vin asked.
“Well if Landon made a perfect clone of Dustin, then I would image Dustin’s heart was in him too.” Sean began to theorize. “Dustin wouldn’t hurt any of you. Landon’s plan back fired.”
“Wow. This is a lot to take it.” Nate said.
“I wonder,” Ryan asked.
“What?” Zach looked over.
“Did the clone figure out he was a clone?” Ryan asked. Everyone looked at him confused. “On Isla Nublar he acted differently as we progressed through the island. Maybe he found out he was a clone somehow, and that’s why he sacrificed himself.” Everyone was silent in thought over the matter.
“If so, the clone of Dustin was a true hero.” Bishop said. Dustin clenched his fist.
“Dammit Landon!” Dustin said as he punched the ground, causing the pavement to crack.
“Wait, Danielle, how did you know about all of this.” Nate asked. Danielle smirked.
“I was with Darkrai and Carrie.” Danielle said. Ryan opened his eyes wide. Zach jumped out, and started to ask questions.
“Do you know who Darkrai is? Come on tell me! I have to know!” Zach said. Danielle laughed.
“Sorry, I don’t know.” Danielle lied to him, respecting Sarah’s request to stay hidden. Zach sulked.
“So Darkrai knew where Landon was?” Nate asked.
“Yes, Darkrai and Carrie realized that Dustin was captive with Landon and asked me for help with my Bloodline.” Danielle said. Dustin looked over at Danielle in surprise.
“Oh yeah,” Danielle smiled and laughed and took a step back as she extended her arm out. “Try and punch me.” Dustin shook his head in disagreement.
“What? No way!” Dustin protested.
“Fine then I will.” Sean said as he opened his palm and shot a energy beam at Danielle. Dustin gasped as the energy blast hit an invisible wall, and Danielle was unharmed. Dustin took a few steps and felt a barrier.
“When did you find out that you were a Bloodline?” Dustin asked.
“It was while you were,” Danielle stopped herself. “When your clone and the others went to Isla Nublar.” Dustin smiled but then frowned and looked at Zach, Ryan and Tyler.
“Wait,” Dustin said seriously. They all looked worried. “Raptor attacks?” As in Velociraptor?” They all shook their head. “You went to an island of dinosaurs without me!” Dustin yelled in playful anger.
“In our defense, LOOK A T-REX!” Zach said as he pointed behind Dustin. He looked behind and the three of them began to run away. Dustin looked back and prepared to run after them but Danielle grabbed his arm. Dustin looked at her.
“Welcome back.” Danielle said. Dustin smiled back. Sean took a step forward towards Dustin.
“I am heading home with Tia.” Sean said.
“Nope, you promised to take me to the park.” Tia said. Sean smiled.
“My bad, were heading to the park.” Sean said.
“Thanks again.” Dustin said. “You know we made a good team,” Sean stopped him.
“I am not joining the Guardians. This was a one time thing.” Sean said as he picked up Tia and flew off. Dustin and Danielle watched.
“Well let’s head home ourselves.” Dustin said as Danielle laughed. “What?”
“Well it’s sort of funny, but you’re a better kisser then your clone.” Danielle began to walk off in the direction the others did. Nate began to snicker as Dustin wrapped his mind around it all.
“You kissed my clone?!” Dustin yelled as he ran towards her.

Brandon continued to fly, bitter and worn. He lost his job, and had no where really to go. He flew over a large apartment complex, when his eyes grew wide. He looked down to see a giant snake coiling towards him. Brandon attempted to move out of the way, but he was caught by the giant purple snake, as it coiled around him, and began to squeeze him.
“Oh Brandon, don’t struggle.” Jim’s voice said as he stood on top of the head of the snake.
“Jim? What do you want?” Brandon asked.
“Oh my dear friend, I want only to help you. But I will need your help in return.” Jim smiled wickedly.
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Chapter 130: End of a long Saga Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 130: End of a long Saga   Chapter 130: End of a long Saga EmptyThu Oct 28, 2010 9:31 pm

wow a clone how gay lol also brandon plus jim equals gay homosexual lesbian anal sex?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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Chapter 130: End of a long Saga Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 130: End of a long Saga   Chapter 130: End of a long Saga EmptyFri Oct 29, 2010 12:30 am

xX-6FKR-Xx wrote:
wow a clone how gay lol also brandon plus jim equals gay homosexual lesbian anal sex?!?!?!?!?!?!?

believe it or not i had this planned sense the beginning.
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Chapter 130: End of a long Saga Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 130: End of a long Saga   Chapter 130: End of a long Saga EmptyMon Nov 01, 2010 12:05 am

hahaha oh dustin i love you and your antcs
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Chapter 130: End of a long Saga Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 130: End of a long Saga   Chapter 130: End of a long Saga EmptyThu Nov 11, 2010 9:07 pm

is there ever gonna be a new chapter???
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Chapter 130: End of a long Saga Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 130: End of a long Saga   Chapter 130: End of a long Saga Empty

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Chapter 130: End of a long Saga
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