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 Chapter 132: Saiyan vs Sand

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Chapter 132: Saiyan vs Sand Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 132: Saiyan vs Sand   Chapter 132: Saiyan vs Sand EmptyThu Nov 25, 2010 3:06 am

“Come on Dustin!” Zach whined as Dustin attempted to ignore him while on his computer. It was the next day and Ryan, Tyler and Zach were at the base relaxing.
“No, I am reading up on world events sense I was gone.” Dustin said as he didn’t look away from the computer screen.
“We need to train more, and I have never had a chance to fight a Saiyan. I need the practice.” Zach said as Dustin looked up at him.
“And what Saiyan to you expect to fight?” Dustin asked.
“What if you go evil?” Zach said. Dustin shook his head.
“Broly?” Ryan suggested. Dustin and Zach looked over at him.
“If we face someone with Broly’s power, were screwed.” Dustin chuckled.
“I told you I would spar with you Zach.” Tyler said.
“I know, but I want to face Super Saiyan.” Zach said.
“Why is facing a Super Saiyan so important to you Zach?” Ryan asked.
“I want to push myself farther and become more powerful. If we can become more powerful now, we will be prepared for whatever comes at us next.” Zach said gripping his fist.
“You’re not going to stop bugging me if I don’t will you?” Dustin asked.
“I will start adding a pun into each sentence.” Zach said. Dustin sighed in defeat.
“Fine, let’s go.” Dustin said as he stood up from the chair.
“This should be interesting.” Tyler said as they began to walk out of the room.
“100 bucks on Dustin.” Ryan said. Zach turned back.
“HEY!” Zach yelled.
“That’s a fool’s bet.” Tyler said.
“I hate you both.” Zach said as they continued to the training area.

In the training area, Zach and Dustin stood across from each other. Zach clipped his Sand Sheaths around his chest and smirked. Tyler and Ryan stood against the wall, ready to watch.
“Are you ready?” Dustin asked as he took a fighting stance.
“Yes, but I want you to go Super Saiyan. Don’t hold back anything.” Zach requested. Dustin shrugged his shoulders and in a blink of an eye his entire body was surrounded by a golden aura, his hair turned the golden hue of his Super Saiyan form.
“How can you go Super Saiyan so easily?” Ryan asked.
“I’m not exactly sure; it’s slowly taking less and less effort to go into this form.” Dustin said. “So Zach are you happy now?”
“Very. Training with you will help me become more powerful.” Zach said as two strands of sand flowed out of the sheaths. Dustin smirked.
“This might just be fun.” Dustin lifted from the air and went flying towards Zach. Zach extended his arm out and the two sand strands flew towards Dustin. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Dustin yelled as he and the sand strands almost met in the middle of the room as the doors to the room flew open, making a crashing sounds, distracting both Zach and Dustin as they saw Kyle standing at the door.
“What the?” Ryan asked as he and Tyler looked over. Behind Kyle Nate walked in.
“Hey Guys.” Nate said. His positive demure turned confused as he saw Dustin mid-air in Super Saiyan form with half a dozen strands of sand pointed towards him, ready to strike.
“What the hell was with that entrance?” Tyler asked.
“Sorry,” Kyle laughed. “I was going for a dramatic effect.”
“Can we please go back to fighting?” Zach asked.
“Why are you two fighting?” Kyle asked.
“Were sparing.” Dustin said. “Zach was whining about getting practice against a Super Saiyan.” Kyle raised an eyebrow.
“I wasn’t whining!” Zach snapped. Ryan and Tyler burst into laughter. Zach snapped his neck to the others and they stopped.
“Whatever you say. You ready now were out of distractions?” Dustin asked.
“You know it.” Zach smirked as the sand strands moved into Dustin, all pointing sharp. Dustin just smirked as the stands slashed into him, but his body disappeared.
“Instant Transmission.” Zach said. “Those tricks won’t work on me.” Zach looked around. Suddenly, and without Zach noticing, Dustin was standing back to back with Zach.
“Your sand is really slow you know.” Dustin taunted as Zach’s eyes grew wide. “Your going to have to be a bit more crafty then that.” Zach quickly turned around and formed sand into a fist and smashed it towards Dustin. Dustin lifted his arm and opened up his palm. The golden aura around him burned brighter as he hand blocked the giant sand fist.
“I wanted to fight, not have a game cat and mouse.” Zach said as Dustin shrugged his shoulder.
“Speed is just as important as power Zach. Balancing both is the key to winning.” Dustin said with a serious face as Zach didn’t change his serious face. A familiar voice barely broke both of their concentrations.
“What are they doing?” Danielle asked as she and Vin walked into the room.
“Zach wants practice against a Super Saiyan apparently.” Nate said.
“Sparring is a good idea in our down time; they seem to both taking this a bit seriously.” Vin noticed as Dustin and Zach didn’t move, the giant sand fist still in Dustin’s palm.
“You learned your fighting lesson for the day, are we done with the sparring?” Dustin asked.
“No. I want to learn new skills. Were not done yet!” Zach yelled as sand covers is free hand into a claw and Zach slashed at Dustin fiercely. Dustin moved his body back, but the front of his shirt was caught in the claw and was torn through easily. Dustin looked down surprised at what Zach attempted to do.
With Dustin distracted at the slash marks Zach had made, Zach pulled his sand fist back and pushed forward, ready to slam it into Dustin’s side. Dustin looked up quickly and swiftly dodged the sand fist as it past next to him. Zach didn’t stop as he slashed again with his other hand covered in the sand claw. Dustin squinted as he ducked out of the way from that attack. Zach grinded his teeth together as he let out a barrage of punches and claw swipes at Dustin. Dustin continued to dodge the dozens of attack with ease.
“I’ve never seen Zach attack like that before.” Nate said.
“I’m surprised at how easily Dustin is dodging Zach’s attacks.” Vin said.
“His movements are like he has hours to prepare for the attack.” Ryan commented.
“He’s able to sense Zach’s movements. Zach is not hiding anything right now, he is attacking with everything he has power wise.” Tyler said as he was able to following the movements much easier then the others.
Zach slashed forward one last time and Dustin jumped straight up into the air and landed on arm, holding himself up with his ability if flight. Zach looked up at him.
“Something wrong?” Dustin asked.
“Why won’t you attack me?” Zach asked annoyed. Dustin chuckled.
“Because I can win without attacking you Zach. You’re too worried about becoming more powerful. You’re already pretty strong, but you’re not thinking straight.” Dustin said. Zach took in a long breath, listening to Dustin’s words. To their side, and they not noticing a black smoke began to form.
“Uh guys?” Tyler asked as they looked over curiously.
“What is going on?” Dustin asked.
“Is that Darkrai’s portal perhaps?” Vin questioned.
“No, Darkrai’s portal is a lot different.” Danielle said as Dustin floated off of Zach’s arm and landed next to him. They prepared themselves as the black smoke began to form.
“Be ready.” Dustin said. Zach shook his head. The smoke formed into a round figure as everyone was nervous and in a flash of light, formed into a portly bald old Asian man. Dustin and Zach sighed.
“Well that was anti-climatic.” Kyle said.
“Hello.” The man said to them.
“Uh hi. Who are you?” Zach asked confused.
“My name is Mako, and I am here with a invitation.” Mako said. Everyone but Vin looked confused.
“An invitation for what?” Tyler asked
“The Battle Nexus!” Mako said with joy in his voice. He opened a scroll. “Dustin Snyder, Ryan Erichsen, Zach Taraentelli, Nate Taraentelli, Tyler Hockman, and Kyle Witmyer are all invited to participate in this year’s tournament!”
“Battle Nexus tournament?” Dustin questioned
“Yes,” Vin interjected. “It’s a Multi-Dimensional tournament that recruits fighters from all over to battle. It’s actually rather well known.”
“Well of course you would know Champion.” Mako said.
“Champion?” Everyone said in surprise as they looked at Vin.
“Oh yes, Vin won five years.” Mako said.
“Wow dude.” Zach said impressed.
“Why isn’t he on the list then?” Ryan asked.
“Well winners of the Battle Nexus are not allowed to participate again, it’s the rules.” Mako explained.
“It’s actually an honor, only 32 participants are in the tournament.” Vin said.
“How did Kyle get an invite?” Ryan asked curiously.
“I don’t make up the selection, I just collect the participants.” Mako said as he waved his hand in the air and a white portal appeared. “So, shall we go?”
“Right now?” Dustin asked.
“Yes, the tournament is underway very soon.” Mako explained. Dustin looked back at Danielle who looked disappointed, Dustin inhaled and transformed back to his normal form.
“I don’t see why not.” Tyler said.
“Could be a lot of fun.” Nate smiled. Dustin walked back to Danielle.
“Go on.” Danielle said.
“It won’t be long, not like last time.” Dustin laughed nervously.
“I know. I will help with Lauren.” Danielle said as Nate looked back at her.
“What do you mean?” Nate asked.
“That’s why I came over to begin with, Lauren will be awake soon.” Danielle smiled. Nate sighed in a relief and smirked.
“I will stay back and make sure the city is safe.” Vin said. Danielle smiled at Dustin.
“Go win.” Danielle said as Dustin shook his head and turned back. The others were already ready near the portal.
“Come on Dustin,” Tyler said. “You won’t want to miss me becoming the Battle Nexus Champ!”
“In your dreams Tyler, the title is mine.” Zach boasted as Mako smiled and walked into the portal as Ryan, Zach, Tyler, and Nate followed into the portal. Dustin walked past Kyle, who was standing and watching the portal.
“Come one Kyle.” Dustin said as he walked in through the portal. Kyle gave a oddly evil smirk as he walked through the portal himself.
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Chapter 132: Saiyan vs Sand Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 132: Saiyan vs Sand   Chapter 132: Saiyan vs Sand EmptyWed Dec 01, 2010 8:40 am

go ryan, kyle got fucking burned! why did kyle get invited? lol prceless. i hate that fuck
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Chapter 132: Saiyan vs Sand
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