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 Chapter 133: Registration

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Chapter 133: Registration  Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 133: Registration    Chapter 133: Registration  EmptySat Dec 04, 2010 5:25 am

Zach jumped out of the white portal and landed on his feet, but kneeled down to take a breath. Whatever processes the portal put him through, it took his breath away. He felt the air was thin when he was in the portal, and he looked at the green grass below him as he gasped for oxygen. The light around him was almost blinding as he saw a pair of feet fall next to him, with someone breathing almost as hard as he was.
“Zach, you ok?” Ryan’s voice asked. Zach looked up and shook his head as Tyler jumped through the portal next to time and had a little bit labor breathing, but not as bad as the others. Tyler was the first to notice the lush green forest they were in. The trees were taller then he had ever seen.
“Where are we?” Tyler asked.
“I assume the location of the Battle Nexus, but that doesn’t mean anything.” Tyler continued to look around. Nate jumped out of the portal and collapsed n the ground, his back on the ground as he looked up into the clear blue sky.
“Can we find another way back? I didn’t feel this sick fighting the Shredder.” Nate commented. Mako then walked out easily from the portal.
“I’m glad you all made it through. Although were still missing two others.” Mako said.
“How are you not gasping for breath?” Zach asked as he pushed himself off the ground.
“Well I am use to the portal system. It’s the easiest way to travel the multi-dimension.” Mako smiled. The Guardians gave Mako a confused stare as Dustin jumped out of the portal, gasping for breath.
“You ok?” Tyler asked.
“Screw that portal; I’m using Instant Transmission to go home.” Dustin said as he looked around. “Where are we?”
“This is the forested area outside of the Battle Nexus Arena.” Mako smiled.
“Where’s Kyle?” Nate asked.
“Because missing him would be so tragic.” Zach said sarcastically under his breath. Ryan heard him and chuckled as Nate looked over at his brother.
“What?” Nate asked as Kyle stepped through the portal, showing no strain to breathing.
“That’s odd.” Mako said.
“What?” Kyle asked confused.
“I’ve never seen someone who has never walked through the portal not have any issues.” Mako observed as he shrugged his shoulders and turned around and began to walk. The rest of the Guardians looked at Kyle.
“Could be my Bloodline perhaps.” Kyle gave a thought.
“Maybe.” Dustin said curious.
“Are you guy’s coming? The Tournament is beginning very soon, we need to get you all registered.” Mako said from inside the forest. The portal behind them disappeared.
“Not like we have any other choices.” Dustin laughed as the Guardians ran to cache up with Mako. As they went through the forest, a bright light beamed through the trees in front of them, as they knew they were approaching the end of the woods. Tyler and Zach were the first ones out of the woods as they quickly stopped. They saw Mako standing on an edge like area, there was no more ground. To the right and left of them was the cliff like edge and woods. Mako turned around as the rest of them exited the woods.
“Well come look.” Mako smiled as they approached the edge of the cliff. They were all stunned at the sight before them.
Before them was a huge valley, many miles long. The pit was bottomless as they could see, but a large floating platform was in the middle that housed a huge arena. They could see seating around the entire arena, all looking at the battleground in the middle. On one side of the platform was a huge ancient looking building. Along the side of the cliffs were dozens of waterfalls falling into the emptiness below. Dozens of platforms reached out to different areas of the cliffs, and different beings were walking to the arena. The Guardians were in shock at the different species walking towards the arena.
“What are all of these things?” Nate asked.
“You think humans are the only species in the multi-verse?” Mako asked. They saw dozens of different species. A few rhinos walking up right, wearing clothes. Same with a few other species the group was use to, includes a lion, and what looked like a polar bear to them.
“This is amazing.” Dustin commented. “Will we be fighting all of them?” Dustin asked.
“No, only 32 participants in the Battle Nexus, the rest are just fans.” Mako chuckled. “This is actually pretty big. It’s rare to have so many of the same species. Seven humans.” Mako said.
“Seven?” Ryan asked. “There are six of us.”
“There was another human who was invited. It seemed strange, but again, I don’t make the decisions.” Mako said as he raised his arms in the air.
“I wonder who else was invited.” Zach asked.
“Hopefully not Landon.” Nate said. Dustin sighed silently. Suddenly a wooden bridge began to form from the arena platform towards Mako.
“Are you doing that?” Tyler asked.
“Why yes. How else would we get to the tournament?” The rest of the bridge appeared and connected. “So shall we go?” Mako smiled as the Guardians shook their head and began to follow Mako.

As they approached the end of the bridge, they got a feel for how huge the arena was. The huge opened doors that welcomed the dozens of different species as they walked in. They paid no attention the pink skinned beings they walked around, but The Guardians, excluding Kyle, all looked around in amazement at the new experience. They entered with the crowd, keeping an eye on the short Mako as to not get lost.
“This is amazing guys. Aliens are real!” Tyler said.
“Tyler we already fought aliens.” Ryan sighed.
“Oh right,” Tyler sulked a bit remembering the Xenomorphs.
“This way, come.” Mako said as he approached a table with a human with a long purple robe on.
“Mako, how are you? Did you get the rest of the humans?” The purple robed man asked. The Guardians walked up behind Mako.
“I’m doing great Sako. And yes, these are The Guardians.” Mako said as he looked back at them.
“Wonderful, let’s go down the list.” Sako said. “Dustin Snyder,” Dustin shook his head. “Nate and Zach Taraentelli. Ryan Erichsen. Tyler Hockman.” Sako looked over his list for a moment. “Kyle Witmyer.” Sako looked up carefully and confused.
“That’s all of us.” Kyle said with a smile.
“Well good.” Sako said as he turned to Mako. “So everyone is registered.” Zach was distracted as he looked through the crowd. He was amazed but everyone around him, and excited to participate in this tournament, he was sure he would……
Zach’s eyes grew wide as he eyes saw something he never expected.
“Excuse me Sako,” Dustin began to ask. “Any chance we could get the name of the other human who is participating in the tournament?”
“Brandon!” Zach yelled through his teeth in anger.
“What are you talking about Zach?” Ryan asked.
“THERE!” Zach pointed in front of him as the saw Brandon looking the other direction.
“Holy crap! It’s Brandon.” Tyler said. Brandon looked over his shoulder and saw the Guardians as he eyes grew wide.
“Oh my God……” Brandon gasped as The Guardians stood shocked, except Zach.
“You TRATOIR!” Zach yelled as a strand of sand flew out of Zach’s Sand Sheath’s and zipped through the crowd and grabbed Brandon, slamming him into the ceiling. The people around them jumped out of the way and screamed in surprise.
“Jesus Zach!” Nate said.
“Zach, let him go.” Dustin demanded.
“I’m not going to let him get away; I am going to get answers.” Zach said in a rage.
“Put him down!” A new voice said. A man in a green robe walked out of the shadows. His face was coved by a red demon looking mask. Kyle seemed on edge now that he was near. The robed man walked next to Zach. “I said put him down, unless you want to be disqualified before you even step into the ring.” Brandon looked back at the others, then back at Zach. Zach sighed as he pulled back his sand stand. Brandon fell and landed on his feet as he hit the ground. Brandon turned around and walked out of the small corridor.
“Didn’t even say a word.” Zach muttered.
“I can’t believe he’s here.” Nate said. “I mean what has he been doing this entire time?”
“I don’t know but,” Dustin paused. “We will find out.”
“Will there be any more problems?” The robed man asked.
“Oh no, don’t worry Zato.” Mako said nervously. “We don’t want to ruin the Battle Nexus.”
“We do not,” The robed man said as turned and walked away.
“Who was that?” Tyler asked.
“That is Zato, he is in charge of the Battle Nexus, and runs everything. You don’t want to anger him.” Mako said.
“I’m sorry guys,” Zach began. “I saw him and my anger took control. I hope I fight him in the tournament.”
“Zach, I probably would have done the same, if not more if I saw Landon.” Dustin said. “But let’s keep the fighting to the ring.” Zach shook his head. Coming from inside the arena area they heard a huge horn.
“It’s time, it’s time!” Mako said. “You all need to go to the battleground for the introduction ceremony and the first round pairings!” Mako scurried through the crowd into the arena.
“Come on, let’s go!” Nate said in excitement as they all followed towards the entrance into the battle ground.

The Guardian’s stood nervously in the middle of the large battleground. Around them the other participants of the Battle Nexus stood, looking up at a podium on the top of the entrance building. To the left was a huge screen, showing a picture of each participant in four rows of eight. Suddenly the crowd went silent as Zato walked onto the platform, his arms raised.
“Silence please.” Zato announced with a booming voice. “I want to welcome everyone to the Battle Nexus Tournament!” The crowd roared in excitement. Zato shook his head in approval. Dustin wondered what he looked like behind his demon looking mask. “We have thirty two warriors in front of me, and by the end of the day, one will be the new Battle Nexus Champion.” Zato looked down towards the participants. “You skills and powers will be put to the test here today. The rules are very simple. You fight until you are incapacitated, give up, or if you kill your opponent, you will be disqualified.” Tyler and Ryan gave each other a look of worry at Zato’s last comment. “But do not worry warriors, death has never happened here. This is for the sport of the fighting! Now, let’s see who our first participants are!”
Zato looked over at the giant screen as it changed to two grids showing each participant of the Battle Nexus. A lighting square randomly flashed around, making a beeping noise. The first grid flashing square began to slow down.
“Who will be out first warrior?” Zato asked as Zach’s square lit up. “Looks like Zach Taraentelli from Earth!” Zato yelled as the crowded roared with him. Zach shook his head in approval.
“That’s right! The best out of the gate. I’m ready for anything these weaklings throw at me!” Zach boasted. The other participants looked over towards him annoyed.
“We can’t take Zach anywhere can we?” Nate sighed. Kyle chuckled.
“It looks like this Zach has a lot of talk, but let’s see if he has the enthusiasm for his first opponent.” The flashing light on the second grid began to slow down, and finally stopped on Ryan’s picture. All the Guardian’s gasped in shock. “Ryan Erichsen from Earth as well! This is sure to be an exciting match up!”
Ryan and Zach looked at each other and just smirked.
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Chapter 133: Registration  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 133: Registration    Chapter 133: Registration  EmptyTue Dec 07, 2010 3:48 am

oohhh damn ryan and me! lets fuse then we both win lol. and brandon is fucking mine!!!!!! and dustin, it's TARANTELLI. no "e" after the second "a"
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Chapter 133: Registration  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 133: Registration    Chapter 133: Registration  EmptyTue Dec 07, 2010 3:53 am

sorry about the last name, I will fix that for the future, my bad.

also a small spoiler for the fight, Ryan learns a new Mystic Art.
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Chapter 133: Registration  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 133: Registration    Chapter 133: Registration  EmptyTue Dec 07, 2010 4:03 am

oh hell yes lets get this show on the road cough"we know the ending to this already remeber dediara garra" cough albino
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Chapter 133: Registration  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 133: Registration    Chapter 133: Registration  EmptyThu Dec 09, 2010 3:52 am

you're forgetting ryan, gaara only lost ebcause he had a village to protect. i dont give a shit about protecting anyone, so i already win.
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Chapter 133: Registration  Empty
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Chapter 133: Registration
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