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 Chapter 138: Pain from the Past

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Chapter 138: Pain from the Past Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 138: Pain from the Past   Chapter 138: Pain from the Past EmptySat Jan 22, 2011 4:26 am

Tyler and Eclipso stood in the ring, preparing to fight. The air was tense as everyone in the audience remembered Eclipso’s last battle in the ring.
“He didn’t really kill someone did he?” Nate asked.
“Indeed he did.” Kane said. “It was another human actually, like yourselves. He had some powers too. Now what were they again?”
“Well he could fly,” Rhypopium added.
“Ahh yes, he could fly and put his two index fingers to his head and launched a beam.” Kane said as he mimicked the Special Beam Cannon.
“Piccolo’s powers?” Dustin said.
Zach remembered the girl with Piccolo’s powers that helped saved Darkrai. Was she related to that guy Eclipso killed, Zach wondered to himself.
“Your friend better watch himself. The other human was pretty tough, and Eclipso was losing, which is why he killed him.” Rhypopium said.
“You mean he killed on purpose? And they let him back into the Battle Nexus?” Nate asked.
“It was obvious he did it, but there was no real proof, so only a suspension was given, not banishment.” Kane explained.
“Eclipso ether wins, or make sure his opponent doesn’t. I was hoping to fight him round one to get him out of this tournament so no one was hurt.” Rhypopium said with confidence.
“We have to warn Tyler, before he gets seriously hurt.” Zach said.
“Let the Round BEGIN!” Zato yelled. Zach sighed.
“Little late, unless you want disqualified.” Kane said.
“Hopefully Tyler is smart enough to give up if it gets too bad.” Nate said as he Zach and Dustin looked at each other.
“Tyler’s dead.” Zach said.

As Zato announced the beginning of the match Tyler prepared to fight.
“Oh look at you, trying to be all brave. I suggest you give up before you get hurt little boy.” Eclipso mocked.
“Shut up and fight!” Tyler said as he formed an energy ball and launched it at Eclipso. Eclipso smirked as he jumped out of the way of the energy ball and landed on all four appendages.
“Oh this one packs a punch. Just like my last match on this field. Might just turn out the same way.” Eclipso laughed. Tyler began to run towards Eclipso.
“If all you are is talk, this will be easy you stupid lizard.” Tyler said.
“Lizard eh? You’re as dumb as you look.” Eclipso laughed as he body started to become clear, and slowly his entire body was gone. Tyler stopped running and looked around confused. “I’m no mere lizard; I am a chameleon, the ability to hide in my surrounding; only my camouflage is perfect!” Eclipso laughed.
Tyler was lost as he looked around. Something hit Tyler in the back and Tyler fell to the ground in pain. He looked back up, trying to see where it came from.
“Being blind is fun isn’t it?” Eclipso laughed. Tyler extended his arm out and launched an energy blast. It hit the wall, scorching it. “Oh come now, you can do better then that, can’t you?”
Tyler grinded his teeth as he flew into the air and opened up both palms and two energy balls formed. “I’m sick of you!” Tyler grew more upset. “Take this!” Tyler launched both energy balls and quickly formed more as he continued to launch them in to battlefield. Each blast landed and caused a small explosion, and soon the entire battlefields was engulfed in the explosions. Tyler breathed hard as he caught his breath from the massive attack. A small patch of smoke grew apart without Tyler’s notice as Eclipso exposed himself, spinning. Tyler saw him as he was right on him, and Eclipso smacked the top of Tyler’s head with his tail. Tyler groaned in pain as he was launched onto the ground, crashing into it. Eclipso landed on his feet in front of Tyler.
“How,” Tyler said as he struggled to push himself up. “How did you escape those blasts?”
“Well you were blasting randomly, so there was always a small opening for my safety. If you could have seen me, I would have been hit for sure.” Eclipso said as he wrapped his tail around Tyler’s neck and lifted him up in the air. “I will find mercy on you. Give up now.” Eclipso gave a dark smirk. “Take this mercy, for I don’t give it often, especially to that other human. His life was just like a fly’s to me.” Eclipso laughed as Tyler gripped Eclipso’s tail in anger as a tear ran down his cheek.

The Guardian’s base was quite as Vin sat on the roof, watching the sun set in the horizon. This was a peaceful time of the day, and it gave Vin time to think, and analyze everything. The world was rapidly changing with the Bloodlines, and the evils that held onto power made it worst. The Guardians fought the best they could, but barely survived their encounter with The Shredder. He himself felt unless. He uses all melee type attacks, and none could pierce The Shredder’s armor. His Byakugan was just as useless.
Vin looked at his options, and what he could and should do. Was his place with the Guardians? Was his destiny to serve for the True Heir as his ancestors did, or was his path different? Dozens of questions ran through his head as he felt the base begin to shake.
“What is this?” Vin asked as a light blue streak burst through the ceiling of the base. Vin looked up to see one of the World Rings spinning in the air. Suddenly a black portal appeared before it and the Light Blue World Ring flew into it and disappeared. Vin just stared at where the black portal was, and wondered what was happening at the Battle Nexus.

“GIVE UP TYLER!” Zach yelled from the stands. Tyler was slowly losing air as his grip on Eclipso’s tail began to loosen.
“Oh don’t worry, you won’t die, but you might never wake up after I take away every last breath air from your lungs. Meaning I will still continue on in the tournament, and you, well will wish I did kill you.” Eclipso chuckled as a black portal appeared above them. Tyler looked up with what little strength he had left. Everyone was also distracted by the black hole the randomly appeared. Eclipso was the only one not to notice. The World Ring flew out and spun in the air.
“What’s that?” Kane asked.
“A World Ring?” Dustin question. “How did it get here?” The World Ring flew down towards Tyler as Eclipso finally noticed it.
“What is this?” Eclipso asked as the Light Blue World Ring opened up and clamped onto Tyler’s arm. Tyler’s eyes grew with life again as his body began to glow a light blue aura. “This power, it can’t have come from that ring!”
“AHHHHHH!” Tyler yelled as his body began to power up from the energy of the World Ring and his aura grew larger. Eclipso’s tail let go of Tyler and Eclipso was thrown across the battlefield, smacking into the barrier. Tyler landed on his feet, the light blue aura around him glowing bright.
“Hey Zato!” Eclipso yelled past Tyler. “He’s using outside help, one of his friends must of done something! He should be disqualified!” Everyone looked over towards Zato for his decision. Tyler was the only one who didn’t as he continued to stare towards Eclipso.
“You can’t!” Zach said to Zato. Zato looked towards Zach and the back toward the battlefield.
“His friends did nothing to assist him. It must be a power of his own. The fight continues!” Zato announced. Eclipso cursed under his breath as his attempt to win failed.
“You’re a coward.” Tyler said, gaining Eclipso’s full attention. “You find anyway to win, threw calling cheating when it didn’t happen, to murdering your opponent if need be. I wonder how many life’s you have taken mercilessly.” Tyler opened his palm and a light blue ball of energy formed. Tyler launched it towards Eclipso. Eclipso jumped to the side as the energy blast hit the wall, and formed into dust.
“Time for my disappearing act.” Eclipso said as he camouflaged into nothingness. Tyler looked around, trying to find him. “You might have a bit more power, but you can’t hit want you can’t see.”
Tyler closed his eyes and took in a long breath. He waited for a long moment. He was searching for Eclipso through his power level. The air was still as he searched. He could easily hear the crowd mutterings all around him.
“Hehehe, time for this to end.” Eclipso said. Tyler’s eyes opened as he did a spinning kick in the air to the right. His foot hit something as Eclipso became visible, his eyes popped out from the kick. Tyler moved in closer and grabbed him by the throat. Eclipso kicked his feet in the air, trying to get lose.
“Well well, looks like the tide has turned for you.” Tyler’s eyes grew dark. “Let’s see how you feel after experiencing all the pain you have caused!” Tyler opened his free palm and formed the blue energy ball again. Eclipso looked down at the ball and began to squirm more out of fear. “Don’t worry, it will only hurt equal to the amount of pain you have caused.” Tyler smirked as he launched the energy ball into Eclipso. Eclipso’s eyes opened and his pupils grew small as he let a roar of pain.

Eclipso found himself floating in darkness. HE looked around rapidly, confused at what had happened.
“Where did that brat send me?” Eclipso asked as in front of him he saw himself and a human like creature on its knees. “What?”
“Please, please have mercy.” The man said.
“You should know better then to expect mercy from me.” The other Eclipso said as his tail smashed on the ground and then zipped into the chest of the man. The real Eclipso screamed as he felt something running through his chest. He looked down and saw nothing, but he felt it hard to breath. The other Eclipso disappeared with the man, as another appeared, this time Eclipso was standing over a cat women who was on the ground.
“Please sir, please!” The cat women pleaded. The other Eclipso just cackled as he kicked her in the stomach. The real Eclipso felt the pain as well, holding onto his stomach. The others disappeared as another Eclipso and Tyler appeared, Eclipso holding Tyler up by his tail. The real Eclipso began to gasp for air. In the dark emptiness.

Back at the Battle Nexus, Eclipso was laying on the ground, yelling in pain, his eyes closed tight. Tyler stood over him as his aura began to disappear. The Light Blue World Ring detached and fell to the ground with a clang. Tyler closed his eyes for a moment and opened them again, back to the innocent, almost empty look from before.
“Eclipso is unable to continue, Tyler is the winner!” Zato announced as the crowd roared in applause. Tyler smiled, but had a confused look upon him. He bent over to grab the World Ring as the barrier lowered as medics were running towards the still screaming Eclipso. Tyler walked to the lift and met up with his friends.
“What did you do to him Tyler?” Nate asked.
“Well the energy ball made him feel the pain he has caused in his entire life. So he would know the sadness and pain that they did.” Tyler explained.
“How did you pull that off?” Zach asked.
“No idea.” Tyler said proudly. The rest of the Guardians, excluding Kyle, did a anime fall onto the ground.
“I would guess the World Ring. They seem to be getting more powerful.” Dustin said as they got back up.
“Yeah they are.” Tyler said as he stared at the World Ring in his hand. He had noticed a slight change from each World Ring. His personality had become a little darker with each one, but this one was a bit extreme. He could still hear Eclipso’ echoing screams in the air.
“But you won. Plus we have a kick ass attack for any villain who come our way!” Zach boasted.
“Now let’s begin the next round!” Zato announced as the Battle Nexus tournament continued.
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Chapter 138: Pain from the Past
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