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 Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret

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Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret  Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret    Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret  EmptyFri Jan 28, 2011 6:42 am

The Battle Nexus continued; match after match went without much commotion. Kane went after Tyler’s battle, and he fought against what was called the living shadow. Kane was successful in his match and won.
Two matches later Brandon fought against a blob-slime like creature. He quickly blasted it out with a simple energy attack.
After a few more matches, all that was left a Dustin, Nate, Kyle, and another warrior, a bird like creature, with plated armor.
“I don’t want to face off against Dustin.” Nate sulked a bit. “He’s going to easily destroy me.”
“Yeah, and he probably won’t need to go Super Saiyan to do so ether.” Zach said laughing. Nate shot him a dark glare and then sighed.
“Don’t worry Nate, if we end up battling, it will be for fun. No worries. I won’t go Super Saiyan.” Dustin said. “Same for you Kyle.”
“Oh goodie, thanks for evening up the match.” Kyle said sarcastically. Everyone looked at him confused as he brushed it off and watched the screen pan from the four remaining participates.
“What’s up with him?” Kane asked the others.
“No idea.” Dustin said confused. Nate was about to interject when his face appeared on the screen.
“In the second to last match it will be Nate from Earth! Who will he verse?” Zato announced as the last three participants faces flashed next to him.
Everyone waited as the picture of the bird warrior reappeared. “Aero is Nate’s opponent!” Zato yelled as the Guardians looked over. Aero had the plate armor, and had normal human like arms, but his wings were tucked under them, giving him greater mobility. He walked over to Nate and extended his arm out.
“Good luck to you Nate.” Aero said with nobility in his voice. “Shall we head to the ring?” Nate was a bit shocked at Aero’s sportsmanship and kindness as he followed him on the platform as it began to go down.
“Who’s he’s Kane?” Zach asked.
“Aero is actually royalty on his planet.” Kane began to explain. “His race has been pushed to near extinction, and his people have little hope. He does all he can to make things better. He has fought in this tournament for years, hoping that if he takes the championship back to his people, and rally hope for them.”
“Why exactly are his people almost gone?” Dustin asked.
“On his planet, there are two races. The others know as the Ing, are ruthless, mindless drones that do as their leader orders. Aero has refused to relocate and take their home planet from the evil invaders.” Kane sighed. “But it seems that he is getting closer and closer to that being his only choice left.”
“Puts thing into perspective, were fighting for fun, he’s fighting for his entire race.” Dustin said.
“Shouldn’t we all let him win then?” Tyler suggested?
“He would find no honor in that. He wants to win to prove to his people that he is the strongest.” Kane said as they watched Nate and Aero take different ends of the battlefield.

“Good luck my friend. And please don’t hold back anything.” Aero said to Nate. Nate raised an eyebrow in confusion.
“Let the fight begin!” Zato announced as Aero began running towards Nate. Aero slashed upwards and four feathers went flying towards Nate. Nate dove out of the way, and looked back to see the feather sticking into the wall.
“Those would have sliced through me.” Nate said as he turned back and saw Aero right there. Aero brought up his knee and into Nate’s stomach. Nate coughed out, his eyes in pain as he bent around Aero’s knee. Before Nate could react, Aero grabbed the back of Nate’s shirt and threw him into the air. Nate spun in the air, unable to react.
“This might be easier then I thought.” Aero said as jumped into the air, and quickly flapped his arms for leverage and speed.
While spinning in the air, Nate shook his head a bit, trying to gain his composure. He was astounded but Aero’s speed. He then noticed Aero gaining distance between the two of them. Nate places his hands in front of his mouth.
“Time to turn up the heat! Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!” Nate yelled as he let our four balls of fire, blasting towards Aero.
Aero spun out of the way of the first one, but was hit by the next three, and went falling on the ground below. Nate looked down as he was falling himself and let out more fire balls, slowing his decent down. Aero looked up and rolled out of the way as Nate landed safely on the ground.

“Wow nice one Nate!” Zach cheered for his brother.
“Yeah it was pretty smart to use the fireballs to soften his landing.” Dustin said.
“I meant his puns mid battle! He’s doing awesome.” Zach said. Dustin did an anime fall onto the ground.
“You could say he has a fiery…” Tyler began to speak.
“I will rip your arms off if you continue that statement.” Dustin said getting up. Kyle rolled his eyes and groaned.

“Nice moves.” Aero said pushing himself up.
“Thanks, you’re pretty good yourself.” Nate chuckled, closing his eyes, and opening them to reveal his Sharingan. “You won’t catch me off guard again.” Aero tilted his head a bit confused.
“Not sure what you mean, but trust me when I say, I shall win.” Aero said as he soared into the air. Nate looked above, waiting for his next move, having trouble detecting it. “Your fire won’t be able to stop me this time.” Aero speared out his arms and the feathers under them began to extend out. “Feather Hurricane!” Aero yelled as he slashed his arms in front of him over and over again. The wind in the entire arena began to pick up, and after each slash feathers molted from Aero, but more instantly grew out. With each slash Nate could feel his hair being blown more and more.
“What!” Nate said as he looked down to see his feet being lifted up by the wind. He looked back up, seeing Aero’s move with his Sharingan. Nate say all the feathers flying around at top speeds, cutting him, then Aero would come in and attack him full force, winning the match. Nate smirked up towards Aero, knowing he had the edge.
Nate tried to gain a little control while being lifted, but failed. Aero smirked as he looked down. “Having issues gaining composure? Well it won’t help when we whip the storm up a bit!” Aero opened his arms wide and then brought them together. The wind began to become fiercer as Nate was flung around in circles.
Nate felt a sharp pain across his arm as he saw a feather as slashing threw his shirt and cut his arm. He looked to see more feathers approaching him. Nate was almost helpless in the tornado. The Feather flung pas him, ripping into his shirt, one getting stuck in his arm. Nate groaned in pain as he pulled it out, blood dripping from the end.
“You’re stuck in the tornado, and the feathers will only get worst. Give up!” Aero announced to Nate. Nate closes his eyes and gripped his fist. He let the wind around him throw him every which way as red marks began to cover his body.

“His Mystic Art?” Tyler asked.
“No it’s different. His power level isn’t increasing like when a Mystic Art is activated.” Dustin said.
“Then what is he up too?” Zach questioned.

The red marks on Nate’s skin began to glow brighter as he spun faster in the tornado. Aero grew a bit irritated.
“So be it, I gave you a chance to give up.” Aero said as he spread his arms out more, holding them for a moment. Then eh flapped them down, increasing the force of the tornado, adding more feathers into the swirling vortex. The feather began to swirl more and more towards Nate, but he didn’t budge. The feather gain speed as they marked their target and dove towards Nate. As they approached, Nate opened his eyes.
“Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!” Nate yelled as dozens of embers releases from his body from the red markings. They continued to blast from his skin, hitting the feathers, incinerating them. Nate continued to unleash the flames from his body as the wind tornado was starting to be engulfed by the flames. Soon the entire tornado was not wind, but a huge tornado of flame.
Aero flapped a bit higher, getting away form the heat, his mouth opened from shock at the turn of events. He was sweating from the heat that was emanating from the huge tornado. “My God, he’s taken over my attack!”
“That’s right!” Nate’s voice echoed from within the fire tornado. Aero looked down the middle and saw Nate standing on the ground, immune from the fire. “Now let me show you another trick.” Nate closed his eyes and brought his hands together. “Fire Style: Fire Dragon Jutsu!”
The fire tornado began to distort a bit as it became more linear. The shape swirled around and became thin, with the end forming a long snout with flaming sharp teeth, finally forming into a giant dragon, looking up towards Aero.
The fire dragon spun up towards Aero, its teeth bearing out. Aero easily dodged the first snap of the dragon as he flew around it. The dragon quickly turned and followed in the air. Aero was able to easily dodge each attack. Nate smirked.
Flame began to pour out of the red marks on Nate’s skin and fuel the dragon, it grew in size and power. Aero was not having trouble dodging it.
With each snap of the fiery jaws, the dragon gain more distance on Aero. He flew every which way, but he was outmatched and he knew it.
“I give the match to Nate!” Aero announced as the Dragon had its jaws over his head. Nate exhaled in relief as he opened his arms up and the fire dragon began to fade away.
“The Winner is NATE!” Zato announced to the Battle Nexus. The audience roared in applause at what they saw take place, all amazed at the power and skill of each fighter. Aero smiled as he flew down to Nate, now back to normal.
“You were a superior fighter.” Aero extended his arm out.
“I don’t know about that, but I’, glad you gave up, not sure how much longer I could of control the dragon.” Nate laughed as he and Aero shook hands. Aero joined in the laughter as they walked to the platform and they were lifted up.
“That was awesome Nate!” Zach said as he ran to his brother. Kyle walked up to Nate and looked annoyed and serious.
“When did you learn that attack?” Kyle asked.
“It just came to me I guess.” Nate said. Kyle scoffed as he turned around. Zach turned around towards him.
“What’s your problem Kyle? You have been moody sense we got here!” Zach demanded.
“Zach,” Nate said.
“Zach’s right.” Tyler interjected. “What’s wrong?” Kyle turned around and smirked at Dustin.
“Well what do you have to say fearless leader?” Kyle asked. Dustin titled his head confused at Kyle’s actions.
“Whatever squabble your team is having can be taken care of in the ring.” Zato said from the platform above them.
“Of course.” Dustin said as he and Kyle walked to the platform and it began to lower. “Kyle, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing. I am sorry for my actions.” Kyle said as he didn’t look at Dustin. It was silent as they walked into the ring. The barriers around them rose.
“What’s wrong with you Kyle?” Nate asked.
“You tell us, he’s your friend.” Zach said.
“Something is off sense we got here.” Nate said. Zato was watching them the entire time, without them noticing. He looked back towards the arena.
“Let the match begin!” Zato announced.
“Good Lu,” Dustin tried to say to Kyle, but before he could Kyle interrupted him.
“Wind Blade!” Kyle yelled as he slashed his arm in the arm. A blast of wind flew towards Dustin as he narrowly jumped out of the way. Kyle continued the same movement three more times. Dustin jumped over the first two, but the other one sliced a small bit into Dustin’s face. Dustin placed his hand on his face to feel blood.
“Whoa, come on, this is supposed to be a friendly fight.” Dustin said.
“Oh this is friendly Dustin. All in good fun.” Kyle smirked as he crossed his arms and then let them out and a swirl of wind flew out. “Wind Scythe Jutsu.” Dustin could see thousands of slashing in the burst of air. As it approached Dustin quickly flew into the air. The burst of wind hit the wall and blew off. Dustin then saw thousands of deep slash marks in the wall.
“Kyle Seriously! That could have killed me!” Dustin yelled in anger from above. The other Guardians watched with concern of the situation.
“My apologies. Let me use another move.” Kyle said as he bent down and places his palms on the ground. “Summoning Jutsu!”
“What can Kyle summon?” Tyler asked. The ground shook as the entire arena felt it.
Suddenly a purple strike burst form the ground. The form of a snake flew up and surprised Dustin, and shut its jaws around him. The crowd gasped.
“Is that Manda?” Zach asked. Manda’s jaws shook as Dustin forced them open, straining to keep them open. Kyle laughed as he got off the ground.
“Looks like I can’t up the rouge any longer.” Kyle said as he places he fingers under the underside of this cheek and dug unto his skin. He began to pull it back, literally pulling his face off. Everyone watched in disgust as they could see another face underneath. Kyle’s voice changed, got deeper as the face was completely ripped off and the Guardians were shocked.
“JIM!?!” Zach, Tyler and Nate all said at once in shock as they saw Jim standing in the ring laughing.

Brandon was just as shocked as the others, watching to see Jim fighting Dustin. Jim told him he was to enter the Battle Nexus to be able to get back into the Guardians. Jim never said he was entering himself.

Jim didn’t stop laughing as Dustin watched, trying to push the snakes mouth open.
“Jim? What are you doing here? What did you do with Kyle?” Dustin demanded with a strain in his voice.
“Oh you pathetic Saiyan, you have no idea how is all fell into place. And now to finish this fight, because by the time I’m done, you’re going to wish you had stayed dead!” Jim laughed with a wicked chuckle.
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Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret    Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret  EmptyFri Jan 28, 2011 10:06 pm

you know whats sad, i cant really picture jims voice anymore...
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Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret    Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret  EmptyFri Jan 28, 2011 10:17 pm

hahaha jim was inside of kyle...... and way to completly copy the chunin exam and world martial arts tournament all in one lol i like it though
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Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret    Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret  EmptyFri Jan 28, 2011 11:32 pm

but Zach is that a bad thing?
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Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret    Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret  EmptyFri Feb 04, 2011 10:16 pm

sometimes i just miss everyone. jim was fun to laugh at
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Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret    Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret  Empty

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Chapter 139: Kyle's Secret
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