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 Chapter 140: Foreshadowing

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PostSubject: Chapter 140: Foreshadowing   Chapter 140: Foreshadowing EmptyWed Feb 09, 2011 6:23 am

The propellers of the helicopter seem to drown everything out for Ian. He said the six soldiers around him talking like there was nothing. He knew they were just use to the noise, but he had grown irritated by it quickly. But luckily they were close to approaching their destination. A solider tapped Ian on the shoulder to gain his attention.
“Sir, were approaching the island, we will be there in ten more minutes.” The solider said. Ian shook his head.
“I want to land next to the old mans mansion.” Ian yelled.
“But sir, we were suppose to only,” The solider began, but Ian interrupted him.
“I don’t care what you were supposed to do, tell the pilot to land where I want, you won’t leave that island!” Ian yelled. Everyone in the chopper looked over anxious. The solider sighed as he moved towards the front next to the pilot. Ian could see, not hear, the solider the plan. The pilot looked angry, but Ian didn’t care. The pilot looked back annoyed, but Ian gave him a dark look. The pilot said nothing and turned back to his job. The solider nodded his head to Ian, showing that they would land at the mansion. Ian smirked in delight.

About ten minutes later the helicopter landed on a would-be helipad. The pad was overgrown with moss and a ticket of leafs and branches. The weight of the helicopter crushed them. The ruttier began to stop as the forest around them was quit as the door opened a two soldiers jumped out, rifles pointed, and ready to shoot. Ian took a step our and took off his dark glasses and looked around. Most of the buildings were in shambles and were in disrepair. In front of them they was a large wall surrounding a much larger building, but with half the building broke off. Three more soldiers jumped out.
“Sir, should we,” A solider asked as Ian put his hand up to quite him.
“There too much silence.” Ian said.
“Well we did just come in from a helicopter.” A Solider said.
“No, we should he insects, they are quite.” Ian said looking around. “Were being hunted. Keep sharp boys.” The solider all looked around wildly, waiting for the attack. Suddenly they heard hooting coming from behind the wall. Three large dinosaurs, all the same, nine feet tall with a V crest across their chest.
“Are those raptors?” A solider asked.
“No, Dilophosaurus. Take them out, before,” Ian began to speak but one of the Dilo’s snapped its neck and a black bloat flung threw the air and into the eyes of one of the soldiers. He fell to the ground, screaming in pain. “KILL THEM!” Ian commanded. The rest of the soldiers quickly aim and fired. Four darts flew threw the air and hit all three of the dinosaurs. They all fell to the ground within a second.
“The Neruo-Toxin seems to work.” A solider said as he bent down to see the still screaming solider.
“What did they do to him?” Another asked.
“Their spit is venom. He is being blinded.” Ian said as he bent down and grabbed the gun the solider had dropped. He pointed at the soldier’s neck as the others looked at Ian in shock. Ian pulled the trigger and a dart injected into his neck and the screaming stopped.
“But, why?” Someone asked.
“There was no anti-toxin for the venom. He would have been in pain for hours. He’s happier dead.” Ian said as he shouldered the rifle and looked at the others. “We have a job to do boys.” The other’s circled around Ian as they walked towards the mansion.

Inside the mansion, the air was cold. With the hole in the side, the weather had been able to ravage what was left of the decaying house. The soldiers walked cautiously as Ian almost knew what he was looking for. While interrogating Harrison after coming back from the island, he mentioned one of the Bloodlines staying watch in the mansion, reading something. Apparently Harrison fell back asleep, and Ian got no more information, but he was curious.
“Find the way up the stairs.” Ian said to the soldiers. Two of them shook their heads, and walked further into the mansion.
“Why are we here sir?” One of the remaining soldiers asked. Ian looked over to him.
“You are not here to ask questions. You are here to kill the damned animals that would want to eat us. So just shut up, and shot when necessary.” Ian said as he began to walk away. The solider pulled his gun up, and for a moment aimed at Ian. The other solider took a step back in shock at his comrade’s actions. “Go on. Shoot me.” Ian said. The solider pointing the gun was shocked. Ian turned his head. “I didn’t think so.” The tense moment was interrupted from a solider in the other room.
“Sir, we found the stairs!” He yelled. Ian turned away and walked towards the others. “You will stay down here, let us know if something happens.” Ian said as he walked out of the room.

Upstairs, Ian walked alone in each room, until he found the study. Yes, this was where they stayed he thought.
He looked around, and saw a rotting old desk. Ian smirked as he saw his target. He walked over to the desk and pushed the chair out of the way. He saw that one of the drawers was busted loose, and he pulled it out. A single note book sat in the drawer. Ian pulled it out and began to read the notes.

Ian chuckled as he finished reading the notebook.
“That old fool thought he could hide this technology?” Ian chuckled more as a solider walked in.
“Sir, you have been in here for a long time, are you ok?” He asked.
“Just fine.” Ian said as he pulled a lighter from his pocket and flicked it to ignite the flame. He moved the notebook over the flame as it caught fire, each page burning into a burnt crust. Ian dropped it onto the ground.
“What was that?” The solider asked.
“My last obstacle.” Ian laughed as he walked out of the room. The Solider watched as the notebook burned. “Come now, it’s time we go to the Visitor Center.”

“Relocating is a pain.” Landon said as he was at a computer screen. He was in small room, lush, and full of expensive furniture and pictures. Sirius sat on a couch, feeling awkward, not use to his surroundings.
“We still need to find a permanent residence.” Sirius said.
“What? You don’t like it here?” Landon asked curiously.
“Landon,” Sirius sighed. “Were on a boat.” Landon laughed. They had temporarily took a boat and now was in the middle of a mass of water, nothing else for miles. The boat was more of a yacht.
“What? I rather like it. Plus the former owners won’t need it any time soon.” Landon chuckled darkly.
“We don’t have the room for our plans Landon.” Sirius grew more irritated. He hated forming an alliance with Landon, but he had no choice. As long as The Guardian’s existed, he was at odds. He had to keep Landon close, and when the time was right, he would take care of him as well.
“That’s true. This was a temporary thing sense we had to get out of my old base.” Landon said as he looked up at the ceiling. Sirius stood up in frustration.
“We need to continue the plan to make them. It will be the best idea.” Sirius demanded. Landon looked back down.
“Sirius,” Landon chuckled. “You underestimate me. I know that you stand by this plan of making those thirteen new minions, and I think it’s a profound idea, and could work. We will get to that. In fact, were going to the good doctor’s laboratory, to do just that.”
“You’re not just having us randomly float around?” Sirius asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Not anymore were not.” Landon laughed as he jumped out of the chair and walked out of the room. Sirius groaned as he followed.

Out on the deck of the boat Landon inhaled the evening air. He chuckled as he looked back into the window of the deck with the controls, Jason was there.
“Jason, take us to the good doctor’s laboratory please.” Landon asked. Jason shook his head as he began to mess with the controls. Sirius walked out after Landon.
“Landon, I assumed you had a plan for when you awakened the Bloodlines. It now seems like you’re just doing random things, like with those clones.” Sirius said.
“Random? Really? Hmm, I guess it does seem random. But makes it a bit more diabolical don’t you think?” Landon said as his smile grew to a serious stare as he looked up and saw a shiny glare in the water. “Jason! Stop the boat!” Landon yelled. Jason pulled the brake and the boat rocked as it stopped.
“What is it?” Sirius asked as Landon jumped over board the boat. “Landon?!” Landon splashed into the water and began to swim down. The professor walked out onto the deck.
“What the hell is going on?” The Professor asked. “I am trying to do some work on this annoy boat, and we stop and everything goes flying in my room!”
“Landon said to stop, and Jason follows his every pointless order.” Sirius said as he looked up at Jason, who was able to hear him and he squinted his eyes at Sirius.
“Where is Landon?” The Professor asked as Landon jumped out of the water. The splash caused a wave that rocked the boat. Landon landed on the boat and smiled as water dripped from him.
“What is wrong with you?” Sirius asked. Landon smiled as he opened his hand and revealed the four stared Dragon Ball. The others looked in awe.
“One of the Dragon Balls!” The Professor said as he walked up to it Landon and looked at the Dragon Ball. Landon placed it into his hand.
“Professor, please use this to help me find the rest of these.” Landon said with dark smile.
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Chapter 140: Foreshadowing Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 140: Foreshadowing   Chapter 140: Foreshadowing EmptyThu Feb 10, 2011 4:09 am

well shit im so pumped for the orginization :p
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Chapter 140: Foreshadowing
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