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 Chapter 141: Family Affair

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PostSubject: Chapter 141: Family Affair   Chapter 141: Family Affair EmptySat Feb 19, 2011 3:24 am

Dustin strained inside the snakes mouth. He could feel its hot breath as he continued to keep the mouth open. Jim was chuckling as he watched.
“Well I can’t imagine you keeping this up forever.” Jim said.
“What did you do with Kyle?” Dustin demanded.
“Was there ever really a Kyle?” Zach yelled past them. Jim closed his eyes and smiled.
“Of course there was a Kyle. You all knew him. At Kings Island. The boy who helped you Zach was the real Kyle.” Jim inhaled. “While Sirius was attacking you, I was watching your every movement. Waiting for a opening. But Sirius didn’t give me one. That is when I noticed that boy, Kyle. He was perfect. I could take his identity, get close enough, and kill you Dustin.” Jim laughed. “It got even better when he went to investigate a scream in the distance. I followed him, and he was push over to kill.”
“You monster!” Dustin said in anger.
“You call me a monster, I call myself an opportunist. I then had to take care of his family, as to not raise suspicion. I decided to wait to infiltrate the Guardians, as Nate’s new best buddy. But when I was about to do it, you disappointed me Dustin. You went and died on me.” Jim said. “Or at least I thought, and so did everyone else. You went to Isla Nublar and died. Or apparently your clone did. But my hopefulness to kill you with my own hands were gone, and I decided to take things into my own hands. But even before that, I had something more important to take care of.
“I was told of a normal human, Saki, who was now what was called the Bloodline Murderer. I had to watch him, and take him out at the moment of his weakness. Luckily you all were actually battling him. So I started to work with him, plotting for you all of you to be destroyed.” Jim said as he looked up towards the other Guardians. “But even their abilities were a bit surprising to me. They lasted much longer then I would of guessed against The Shredder. Then you intervene Dustin. You were alive. I was in shock, and also very very happy.” Jim chuckled.

Ryan walked out into the platform where the other warriors of the Battle Nexus were. They were all watching, distracted, and didn’t notice him. Ryan’s arm was I na sling, and wrapped up from his battle with Zach. Ryan was a bit confused at what was going on that was grasping everyone’s attention.
“Who’s fighting?” Ryan asked as he walked next to Zach. He was shocked to see Dustin in Manda’s mouth, and Jim on the ground. “What the hell happen?”
“Jim was Kyle.” Zach said casually.
“The hell?” Ryan said confused.
“Yeah that’s what we thought.” Tyler mentioned.
“We have to help Dustin!” Ryan said.
“STOP!” Zato said. The Guardians looked at him confused. “This is an official Battle Nexus round. If you interfere you and your friend will be disqualified.”
“This is a bit more serious then the Battle Nexus!” Zach said. “Jim is evil, and manipulated his way into the Battle Nexus!” Zach and everyone else were suddenly distracted by Dustin chuckling.

“Why are you laughing?” Jim asked. “You’re in the mouth of a snake. You’re in no position to laugh about anything.” Jim was growing in irritation.
“Let me show you!” Dustin said as he began to yell. “AHHHHHHHHH!” The air in the stadium became still. Suddenly the air around Dustin began to twirl around him. Manda’s eyes moved down towards his mouth. Dustin’s eyes turn a light green hue as his hair straightened out and turned golden. An Aura of the same color formed around him. Dustin moved one hand that was holding the snake’s mouth open away and pointed towards the snake’s throat. An energy ball formed and launched into the throat. Manda’s eyes grew wide and the snake exploded in a blast of energy and smoke. Jim was watching carefully and calculating. Dustin, in his golden aura flew up above the smoke and looked down towards Jim.

“Wow that was amazing!” Tyler said.
“I don’t know what we were worried about.” Zach said. “Dustin is going to be able to destroy Jim. He’s a Super Saiyan! Jim can’t be anywhere close to his power.”
“I hope so, but we don’t know Jim’s true power.” Nate suggested. “I mean he tricked all of us, he could be more powerful then we think.”
“But Dustin can handle himself,” Ryan said. “Right?”

“So Jim, you think your misdeeds will go unpunished.” Dustin placed his hands together. “Kaaaaaaaa,” Dustin said as the energy ball formed, preparing for the Kamehameha.
“You’re pathetic Kamehameha Beam? Can you do something a bit more original?” Jim asked.
“Meeeeeehhhhhhaaaaaa.” Dustin continued to charge the energy blast as the ball grew with power.
“Blast him out of the stadium!” Zach yelled in support.
“Meeeeeeeeeee,” Dustin was almost finished.
“Fool.” Jim muttered.
“HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Dustin yelled as he pushed his arms forward and launched the Kamehameha towards Jim. Jim bent his knees, watching the energy blast rush towards him. As the beam was almost on him, Jim jumped high into the air. The crowd gasped as they watched him avoid the beam and was level with Dustin, who was ending his attack, but also vulnerable.
“Now to show you why the Snake Bloodline deserves to be on top. Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu!” Jim yelled as dozens of Shuriken’s appeared around him, spinning at top speed. Jim was already begging into fall back to the ground, but the Shuriken’s launched towards Dustin. He has very little time to reach. As the first ones passed him, Dustin disappeared. The other Shuriken’s flew towards the stands. The audience began to fun, but Dustin appeared from below suddenly, extending his arm up and unleashing a huge energy beam, blasting all the Shuriken’s into dust. Jim landed back on the ground and laughed.

“That was a close one!” Nate said. “Dustin was almost sliced.”
“He needed another second! Look.” Tyler said. He noticed before the others a Shuriken stuck in his arm.
“Oh man!” Zach said as Dustin pulled the Shuriken out. Blood ran down his arm.
“Alright Jim, I won’t let you hurt anyone else.” Dustin said as he suddenly disappeared. Jim looked around, trying to spot the Saiyan. Suddenly Dustin appeared behind him. “I don’t care about our past, and whatever our Bloodlines had against each other. This is now between me and you!” Dustin said as he launched energy orb towards Jim. It hit Jim in the back and he launched forward. Dustin flew fast past him, and kicked Jim into the air. Dustin quickly formed energy balls in both hands and launched them at Jim. The Explosion made the arena shake as Dustin threw another dozen energy balls at Jim, who was engulfed in smoke and flames. Dustin’s golden aura burned brighter as he launched himself back into the air, and flow into the explosion. Suddenly Jim’s body went flying out of the smoke and racing towards the ground. Upon impact, everyone in the arena could hear Jim scream in pain.
The smoke began to blow away with the wind, and Dustin, hovering in mid air, looked down and watched Jim. Jim pushed himself up, as he grinded his teeth. Dustin began to descend to the ground, across the field from Jim. Dustin closed his eyes and his hair turn back to the dark brown curly normal state. Dustin opened his eyes, and they too were back to normal.
“I don’t need my Super Saiyan form to defeat you Jim. You under estimated my abilities.” Dustin mocked. Jim chuckled.
“And I wasn’t even getting your full attention, constantly worried an attack of mine would hit the audience. What a hero.” Jim smirked as he moved his hand behind his back. He pulled his hand back, but had a old book in it. “Well let’s take care of that, I want your full attention for what happens next.” Jim flipped through the book as Dustin prepared himself. Jim threw the book into the air and places his hands together. “Ancient Style: Barrier Jutsu!” Jim yelled as a near transparent shield formed around the outside of the battlefield. Dustin looked around and smiled.
“So now I don’t have to hold back? You’re not really helping yourself there Jim.” Dustin laughed.
“Honestly, this is to prevent you from running away for the real fight.” Jim said as the book feel into his hands. He quickly turned a few pages. “You think strength is the only way to win a battle. How about this! Summoning Jutsu!” The book in Jim’s hand began to glow bright blue as pure energy was flowing from it and Jim, as Dustin took a step back. “Reanimation!” Jim Cackled as the entire stadium began to shake. The energy on the ground began to seep into the concert. Suddenly a crack appeared below Jim, and began to spilt the battle field into two. Dustin jumped to one side as smoke and red steam poured out of the ground.
The stadium was silent as everyone watched what was going to happen. Only the Guardians knew the attack though.
“What is he doing?” Kane asked.
“He’s using Reanimation Jutsu!” Zach said.
“Let’s pretend I have no idea what that is.” Kane said.
“It’s a technique that brings the dead back to life. But who is Jim bringing back to life?” Ryan asked.
Suddenly a human like figure emerged from the crack in the ground. He looked in his mid-thirties, and built. Dustin’s entire body began to shake as he saw the man. His eyes grew wide as he took a step back. Jim looked at Dustin’s expression in delight and laughed.
“What’s wrong Dustin? You don’t like the little reunion I have set up for you?” Jim laughed louder. The others noticed Dustin’s hesitation and near frozen stature.
“What’s wrong with Dustin? He’s just standing there.” Tyler asked.
“And who is this guy? Why is Dustin acting like that?” Nate asked. The Man looked around and smiled and he shifted his neck to the side and cracked it. He then looked straight at Dustin.
“Father……” Dustin whispered with shock and fear in his voice.
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Chapter 141: Family Affair Empty
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omg its his dad do i sense a father son kamehameha hmm?!?!?!?!
ps elephant < this is an elephant lol
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Chapter 141: Family Affair
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