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 Chapter 144: Final Strike

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Chapter 144: Final Strike Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 144: Final Strike   Chapter 144: Final Strike EmptyThu Mar 31, 2011 5:22 am

Dustin was almost too afraid to open his eyes. He didn’t want to see his death coming at him. He decided just letting it happen was best, because he couldn’t keep up his Kamehameha much longer. But then Dustin was distracted by something. Nothing.
Dustin didn’t hear anything. Dustin didn’t even feel his body exhausted. He slowly opened his eyes and saw he was in a black void. There was nothing but him.
“So this is the after life? I will admit I was expecting more.” Dustin said as he looked around, assuming he was dead.
“You’re not dead.” A familiar voice echoed in the black void. Dustin looked around, trying to find the source of the echoing voice, but he didn’t see anything but black.
“Who are you?” Dustin demanded. He continued to look around as he noticed figure was appearing in front of him. As the figure became whole, Dustin recognized his father. “Dad?”
“Yes son. It is me, the real me. Not under the control of that sickening Snake Bloodline.” Dustin’s father said. Dustin was tense, but could tell it was his real father though.
“Where are we?” Dustin asked.
“In your subconscious. I brought you here.” His father said.
“Why?” Dustin asked Confused.
“Because, I wanted to talk to you.”
“You could have waited like five minutes, I will be dead then.” Dustin joked, but rolled his eyes as his situation.
“But that is why I wanted to talk to you. I know you can still win.” Dustin laughed at his father’s statement.
“Not sure if you can watch, but the match has become a little one sided, and I can’t escape Jim’s attack.” Dustin said hopeless.
“You don’t need to escape the attack. Just overwhelm his.” Dustin’s father said. Dustin looked at hi confused. This was all still surreal to him. He wasn’t even sure if he was dead, hallucinating, or what.
“I have hit the wall dad. I don’t have anything left.” Dustin said defeated.
“This is my fault.” His father said. Dustin looked up at him. “I shouldn’t have run way for years. I tried to keep us hidden from this world, but you still got sucked into it, and even so, you are now, and ill prepared, and don’t even know the power you have.”
“Power I have?” Dustin asked confused.
“Saiyan’s have two unique abilities. First off, after recovering from a near death experience, you grow stronger.”
“I know that one.” Dustin said.
“And, the reason Saiyan’s were chosen to rule over the Bloodlines years ago, there endurance.” Dustin’s father said. Dustin raised a curious eyebrow. “Without a moral wound, or a injury that would prevent us from fighting, there is always something left. There is always more power, more energy to call from to continue fighting, if you have the right mindset.” Dustin looked at his father with disbelief. “Think about it. When you battled the Mayor of Columbus, you were thrown around every which way, but you kept battling. You dug deeper after every hit, and found more power that attack back with. The same with Sirius. The only reason you stop was because Sirius took out your leg. He knew how to stop you. This Snake Bloodline is not crippling you like Sirius did; he is only gotten into your mind, by using me, and using our family Technique. You must get past that to win.”
Dustin knew he was right. Every time Dustin was able to gain a little upper hand on the fight, Jim would do something new to mess with his mind. Psychological Warfare.
“Dad, I just don’t have anything left. I can’t push anymore. I don’t know how to fight and keep pushing out more energy like my ancestors. I was never trained,” Dustin said but trailed off. He looked at his father who hung his head.
“And that is my fault. I shouldn’t have ran all those years. I thought I was protecting you, but that’s not the case. Now you are ill prepared for the world. You had no idea what was going to happen. No one did. When Landon awakened every Bloodline’s powers, taking away the training, and meditation it took to even being using them, all hell broke lose. So many Bloodlines’s awakened not understanding their own powers, as you did. You had no one to guide you, to train you. I’m sorry for that. If I wasn’t such a coward it would have been different.”
Dad,” Dustin said, but trailed off. He didn’t know what to say.
“I’m even more sorry for the burden you now carry on your back. The burden that should have been mine, and our ancestors. It kept being pushed to another generation, and now, you are the one who has to take over. You shouldn’t have to have that. Your life has changed so drastically, and you were alone to deal with it, no one to help, to guide you. But for some reason, destiny has chosen you, at this time, to change things. I might not be alive, but I will support you, from the Other World. I will watch over you. But you must fight!” Dustin closed his eyes, and smirked.

Dustin didn’t open his eyes yet, but he felt different. He felt the strain from before. He heard the roar of the crowd, and knew he was no longer with his father. But he felt the smirk on his face, and chuckled a little bit.
“Going into a state of delusion Dustin?” Jim laughed past the clashing energy beams.
“Not quite, just realizing what my dad said was right.” Dustin slowly opened his eyes, revealing them to be the green of a Super Saiyan. Jim’s own eyes saw in shock.
“You eyes,” Jim stuttered. “They are green, like a,”
“Super Saiyan?” Dustin interrupted Jim.
“But how? You shouldn’t have any energy left after the beating you received.” Jim said in anger.
“Funny thing about Saiyan’s. As long as have the will,” Dustin chuckled a bit. “Apparently there is a way.” Dustin began to scream as the wind around him began to spin, and his hair bursting into its golden form of the Super Saiyan. “Now, get your fake Kamehameha out of my FACE.” Dustin yelled as his energy beam turned gold as he forced more energy into his own energy blast, and it began to push back’s Jim’s.
“NO!” Jim yelled in protest.

“What?” Zato yelled in anger as he took a step forward. “Where is that kind of energy coming from?”
“Something wrong?” Zach asked as he laughed. Zato paid no attention to him.
“Dustin’s turning the tide finally.” Tyler said.
“But where is he getting this power from I wonder. He was almost drained to nothing.” Ryan said.
“Who care’s, Dustin’s taking control of the battle finally.” Nate said with a smile of relief. The whole battle he had been blaming himself for Jim’s deception. If it wasn’t for Nate’s trusting nature with Kyle, and not noticing it was really Jim, they wouldn’t be in this situation. He wished it was him in that battle. He wanted revenge.
“This is impossible!” Zato thought to himself as he watched Dustin’s energy beam slowly over power Jim’s. “How could there be any chance that Dustin has that sort of energy left, unless,” Zato’s eyes turned white through his demon like mask. “Unless the legends are true!”

“You son of a bitch!” Jim yelled in anger. He had set up trap after trap to destroy Dustin mentally as to keep him from gaining a upper hand, but for some reason Dustin was able to jump over every hurdle. Jim didn’t have a choice now.
Jim began to scream as his eyes roll back into his head as more Chakra flowed out from book. A strange blue Chakra flowed around Jim’s body and into his mouth. Jim’s screamed was now of pain as the Chakra flowed out and went back into the book. The ground rumbled as now the book lying on the ground outputted more Chakra energy for Jim then before.
“Did you like that trick Dustin? I had to sacrifice some of my life to gain more power!” Jim yelled as he pushed more energy into his own Kamehameha. The two energy beams were now in a dead lock, equal in power in the middle of the battlefield.
“You’re a bit on the psychotic side Jim.” Dustin chuckled. “How about this though. Give up now and we can both be safe from the giant beams of destructions.”
“You take me for a fool?” Jim laughed. “Were dead even, but I bet I will be able to last longer then you!”
“Damn,” Dustin chuckled to himself. “I was hoping he would take the bluff. He’s right. I can’t hold this up forever.” Dustin said. “I don’t know how long he can ether, but with the book, and him stupid enough to take his own life force, he might have me this time.”
“That is not the true talk of a Heir to the Bloodline Throne.” A voice in Dustin’s head said. Dustin didn’t recognize the voice.
“And you would know?” Dustin answered back.
“Well yes, I have watched each and every Heir sense the first Saiyan Bloodline.” The Voice answered back.
“Ok,” Dustin said a bit confused. “And you are?”
“Oh sorry, allow me to introduce myself, I’m King Kai.” The voice said. Dustin started to laugh.
“Oh sure, King Kai.” Dustin laughed more. Jim watched from afar as Dustin talking and laughing to himself.
“He must have snapped.” Jim said.
“It really is me!” The voice argued.
“Oh come on, you expect me to believe that you’re the King Kai from the Dragonball Z Anime?” Dustin asked.
“You’re questioning my existence when you’re in a middle of a Kamehameha clash against a Ninja?” King Kai responded.
“Good point. So any reason now your talking to me?” Dustin asked.
“Because,” Another voice intervened. It was Dustin’s father. “Were going to help you win.”

“Why is your friend talking to himself?” Rhypopium asked confused.
“He must have snapped.” Zach said.
“No,” Ryan began to say. “Ok well maybe. He is holding up a conversation with himself. Wish we could hear. Might help the whole we think he’s insane thing.”

“Help me win? Well I assume you two are in the Other World, and I am, umm, a dimension I have no idea where is, so that might cause some issues.” Dustin argued.
“You doubt the great Kling Kai. Fine, I won’t help, I hope you enjoy dying.” Kind Kai said.
“King Kai, that’s my son!” Dustin’s father argued.
“Fine I will help, but he has to tell me a joke and make me laugh.” King Kai insisted.
“Oh you have to be kidding me.” Dustin sighed.
“This isn’t the time!” Dustin’s father protested.
“Look here I am doing this for you, so we go by my rules. Dustin you say one joke that makes me laughs and you will get my help.”
“Well fantastic. I suck at telling jokes.” Dustin said frustrated. “If only Zach was here, I know he would have something,” Then Dustin began to think. His life depended on a joke. He knew he had to come up with the stupidest………and then it came to Dustin. “Ok King Kai.” Dustin Said. “I went to the butchers the other day and I bet him 50 dollars that he couldn't reach the meat off the top shelf. He said, ‘No, the steaks are too high.’” Dustin yelled, not realizing that the entire stadium could hear him.
“Uhhhhh,” Jim said in shock and confusion. The stadium was quit except for ach laughing.

“Alright Dustin, that was hilarious!” Zach said through the laughter.
“Why did he just say that horrid joke?” Tyler asked.
“Well this proves the he’s snapped theory at least.” Nate said.

Dustin waited nervously. He didn’t hear anything from King Kai, and the silence was killing him. But suddenly, he heard a small snicker. Then the snicker became a burst out laugh.
“Oh, wow that was a great joke Dustin. You must be a professional comedian with material like that.” King Kai said past the laughter.
“Ok so how exactly are you guys going to help me?” Dustin asked.
“King Kai will be sending over part of my energy.” Dustin’s father said. “That way you can over power Jim, and kill him.”
“Kill him?” Dustin said a bit shocked. “I’m not big into the whole killing unless I don’t have a choice.”
“The Snake Bloodline’s are not be trusted. You must finish him off, or you will regret it.”
“Fine,” Dustin sighed.
“Good, well get ready for what might be classified as a ‘Combination Attack’ but your friend Zach.” King Kai said laughing.
Dustin waited, but nothing happened. He didn’t feel different or any other energy with him.
“What is going on?” Dustin asked.
“Be patient,” King Kai said.
“Dustin, this has to be quick. And you will need to use all the power you can. I will help.” His father spoke to him. It was like he was standing next to him. “You have to use your anger. I know you are afraid of that power, but trust me, it is needed to win. Dustin, look at the individual that you are facing.” Dustin look at Jim’s demented eyes. “It was not just the Snake Bloodline that killed me and your mother.” His father paused. “It was his family, his father you took my last breath.” Dustin’s eyes grew with anger and his body trembled. “And his father who chased you and your mother down that day.”
Dustin closed his eyes and reopened them. Determination was overwhelmed with anger and sadness as he stared right at Jim.
“Use this anger. Use it now!” Dustin’s father yelled as Dustin pulled back his hand and the energy he was holding increase. Without him noticing, a transparent arm placed itself on his. Dustin’s father, transparent appeared, and followed the motions of his son.
“I’m ending this now! KAAAAAMEEEEEEHHHHAAAAAAMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Dustin yelled as he followed the motions of his signature attack. His father followed and feed his own energy into the beam. As Dustin’s new energy beam was unleashed, it quickly become the dominate force. Jim’s was being forced back.
“No! NO! NOOOOO!” Jim yelled as he felt his power being pushed back, and slowly was losing. He didn’t have time to gain more power from the book, and the Kamehameha was almost at him. All his planning, everything. His last chance for redemption was gone.
Dustin’s Kamehameha fully took over Jim’s, engulfed his half of the arena. The force field Jim had placed stood firm, and took the impact of the huge energy blast. The entire area was covered in smoke. The wind quickly blew through the arena and the audience was silent. As the smoke cleared they saw Dustin standing, his head hung down, no longer a Super Saiyan, and Jim, lying on the ground, not moving. The crowd erupted in cheers and applauds.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 144: Final Strike   Chapter 144: Final Strike EmptyWed Apr 13, 2011 10:06 pm

um i beleive the term of that attack is father son kamehameha and... king kai... really...
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Chapter 144: Final Strike Empty
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ok so i laughed for like five minutes reading that joke
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Chapter 144: Final Strike Empty
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My God! your still reading!
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of course we are we love you dustin!!!!!!!!!! flower
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Chapter 144: Final Strike Empty
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Chapter 144: Final Strike
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