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 Chapter 146: Mask Removed

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Chapter 146: Mask Removed Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 146: Mask Removed   Chapter 146: Mask Removed EmptyFri May 20, 2011 5:58 am

“Slashing Claws!” Kane yelled as he charged at his opponent, a insect like creature who buzzed into the air as he avoided Kane’s attacks.
Above, the Guardians watched the two fight. Zach, Tyler, and Nate all paid special attention, sense one of the fighters down there could be an opponent later on in the tournament. Ryan and Dustin watched casually, as they were no longer participating in the event. Zach looked over his shoulder and saw them.
“Don’t look down you two.” Zach said. “I mean it was each of your decisions.”
“How about you Instant Transmission him into an empty field filled with nothing but clay mines and we watch from a distance and I active them slowly?” Ryan suggested to Dustin. Dustin cracked a smile.
“I sort of like that idea.” Dustin laughed. Zach turned back to watch the match. From above, Zato yelled for Mako, who was waddling around.
“Mako, I need you to watch the rest of this match, and possible the next. I have something I need to attend to.” Zato commented.
“Of course sir.” Mako said as he walked up to the podium, and stood proudly as Zato walked off into the arena building itself, unnoticed.

Ian looked down from the helicopter to see the rotting away Visitor Center at the center of the island. The helicopter was spinning around to land on the empty helipad.
“Be prepared everyone. When the last team was here, raptors were seen in this building.” Ian warned the soldiers. They all looked at each other with grim eyes as the helicopter landed. “Alright! Let’s go!” Ian said as a solider pulled the door open and they jumped out.

The team was quite as the only noise to be heard in the darkened hallway was their foot steps. As they turned a corner the saw a huge metal door in there way.
“What is this?” A Solider asked.
“No worries, there is a panel to the left.” Ian pointed to a small electronic panel. “One of you should have a device to open it.” One of the soldiers pulled out a small electronic device and was able to connect it to the panel.
“To open the door will take about fifteen minutes.” The solider said. Ian cocked his gun.
“Make it ten.” He said soulless.

Zato walked down the hallway, passing a few workers of the Battle Nexus, and others, not acknowledging their existence. He then stopped a door that had a guard standing in front of it.
“Sir, how are you today.” The guard greeted Zato.
“I am fine; I would like to see the fighter.” Zato said.
“Of course sir.” The guard said as he bowed his head.
“And please leave here. I want privacy.” Zato commanded.
“But sir,” The Guard began to talk.
“NOW!” Zato yelled as the guard sulked away. Zato walked into the room. It was the infirmary, empty except for a single bed where Jim was, chained to the bed.
“Well, well, look where you are now.” Zato said. Jim turned his head to see Zato and sighed as he turned back. “Don’t you dare look away from me you little bastard!” Zato commanded as Jim looked back, annoyed.
“What do you want?” Jim asked.
“I want to know how you could screw everything up so badly.” Zato grinded through his teeth.
“I didn’t expect Dustin to turn the match around like that.” Jim said with annoyance. “It’s almost as if he had help.”
“He did!” Zato said. “I could sense his father was helping him from the Other World.”
“But how can you tell?” Jim asked confused.
“Because,” Zato said as he lifted his arm up and removed him mask. His face was pale. “I will never forget what he looks like, or what I felt in the air after killing him, and I felt that today.”
“Father, I am sorry. Please free me, and give me another chance.” Jim pleaded.
“Another chance? I risked everything to sneak into Zato’s place. Once they find out he is dead, do you know the backlash? But I still did it, because you guaranteed that the True Heir would be dead. I even had it set up for him to fight your little puppet you places in the tournament, the other Saiyan, but Dustin gave up, because he was to tired from your match. Even so, if he had the strength, he would have won.” Zato complained.
“Brandon is in the tournament to get Shukaku,” Jim began to explain.
“Really? I thought that boat sailed in the first match! He is nothing but a useless monkey that failed if he makes it to fight the Sand Bloodline. Just like you failed today.” Jim’s father lifted his arm up, ready to strike. Jim closed his eyes as his fathers arm came down, slashing into the chains. Jim opened his eyes in surprise.
“Don’t call me that.” He said as he placed the mask back on. “I am Zato until the end of this stupid event. And you are no longer part of our coven.”
“What?” Jim jumped out of his bed quickly, but he was in pain.
“You failed me too many times Jim. Unless you bring me the True Heir’s head on a platter, I never want to see you again. Do I make myself clear?” He asked. Jim just shook his head as Zato left the room, leaving Jim to plot his next move.

Kane roared into the air as he claimed his victory in the arena. The crowd cheered on, as did the Guardians from the podium.
“Wow he was pretty impressive.” Dustin said.
“No kidding. Will be a hell of a match if one of us will fight him.” Tyler noted. They then noticed Zato walk back onto the upper platform.
“Thank you Mako.” Zato said.
“You’re most welcome.” Mako said with a smile.
“Now let’s get another match started!” Zato announced to the cheering of the crowd. The Screen rapidly changed the pictures once again and it stopped on Rhypopium. “Looks like Rhypopium is going to fight in this match, but who is his opponent?” Zato announced. The pictures stopped at Nate’s picture. Nate’s stomach became heavy. He saw what he did in his last round. Rhypopium chuckled.
“I was hoping to fight one of you kids.” Rhypopium said from behind them. “Come on little one.” He said as we pasted by Kane as he walked off the moving platform and Rhypopium stepped onto to.
“Oh this will end well.” Nate said sarcastically as he stepped next to his opponent and the platform began to lower. As they lowered from few, the others began to talk.
“Hundred bucks on the rhino.” Zach said to Ryan.
“I heard that!” Nate yelled from below them.
“Fools bet.” Ryan said.
“THANKS GUYS!” Nate said annoyed.

Nate faced Rhypopium in the arena. Zato had already announced the beginning of the fight, but they continued to just stare each other down.
Nate was uneasy. He saw the last battle Rhypopium was apart. His opponent was fast, like Nate, but Rhypopium was able to easily grab him and smash him into the ground. He didn’t want to end up like that, and he decided he had to take another approach then to use his speed.
“Young one, we are boring the audience. Show me everything you have, hold nothing back, for then this battle will be pointless. I am here to prove I deserve the title as Battle Nexus Champion!” Rhypopium declared.
“Yeah well you will forgive me for being cautious.” Nate said with a small chuckle.
“Well make your move. I was impressed with your fire manipulating abilities when you fought Aero, but I know there is more to you then that.” Rhypopium said. Nate just stood there nervously trying to think of a plan. “Fine, if you don’t I will!” Rhypopium yelled in anger as he began to charge towards Nate. Nate took s step back in surprise as the charging rhino.
“If speed won’t work, then I will have to fight power,” Nate opened his hand as lighting burst from it, forming his Chidori. “With power!” Nate began to run towards Rhypopium, preparing to attack him. As they approached each other, Nate extended his arm out and it collided with Rhypopium’s horn that was faced down during the charge. Nate’s Chidori was able to stop the charging beast.
“Impressive,” Rhypopium as he shifted his eyes up to see Nate struggling to hold him at bay. “But you left yourself open.” He said. Nate looked at him confused as swiftly Rhypopium’s arm shifted forward, forming a fist and smashed into Nate. Instantly Nate’s Chidori exhausted as Rhypopium began to charge again, as it he never stopped. His fist in Nate’s chest as he was lifted off the ground. Nate couldn’t react as Rhypopium smashed Nate into the wall. Nate body felt an extreme about of pain as he body was smashed into wall.
Rhypopium quickly moved his arm back and grabbed Nate by his leg and swung him over his shoulder and Nate went flying and smashed into the other end into the wall, leaving a impact crater. Nate’s body fell to the ground as he looked up in pain.

“My God!” Tyler said in shock.
“Rhypopium’s power and speed, a deadly combination.” Kane said. “You see why he is thought to take the title this year.”
“Come on Nate!” Zach yelled “You can take him out!” He watched his brother struggle to get up after being attacked.
“Rhypopium was holding back.” Dustin said. The Guardians looked over to him in shock.
“Are you……..kidding?” Ryan asked.
“No. I can tell he was holding back with that punch.” Dustin said.
“Wow, he must have respect for you guys.” Kane added. “He is normally is pretty merciless, of course not killing anyone, but he tries to win before his opponent can come up with a counter attack of some sort. It’s pretty intelligent. But to give Nate a chance fight back, what are you up to Rhypopium?” Kane questioned.

Nate struggled a bit, he had activated his Sharingan too late, and didn’t see Rhypopium’s attack coming, just like before with Aero. Nate was messing up, but he wouldn’t let that happen again. Rhypopium was already turning around, looking as if he was ready to charge.
“You are able to bounce back from an attack pretty easily. Glad to know you can take a punch.” Rhypopium chuckled. Rhypopium began to charge towards Nate again. Nate’s Sharingan Eyes spun in anticipation.
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we should go with the plan dustin lol and damn nathan just got raped
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Chapter 146: Mask Removed Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 146: Mask Removed   Chapter 146: Mask Removed EmptyWed May 25, 2011 9:56 pm

so shukaku is about to rape brandon's virgin asshole
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Chapter 146: Mask Removed Empty
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Chapter 146: Mask Removed
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