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 Chapter 147: Zach's Vengance

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Chapter 147: Zach's Vengance  Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 147: Zach's Vengance    Chapter 147: Zach's Vengance  EmptyThu Jul 21, 2011 6:49 am

“Let’s end this!” Rhypopium yelled as he charged towards Nate. His head was tilted down, his horn ready to impale Nate. Nate’s eyes spun in fury, preparing for the attack.
“Come on Rhypopium! I’m ready!” Nate commanded with confidence in his voice, but in reality, he was terrified. His eyes foresaw different outcomes and Rhypopium’s moves, and each was not positive for Nate health. Nate gripped his fist while he smiled finally. “All I need is one more attack, and I win this!”
“Silly boy, you are more stupid then I gave you credit.” Rhypopium charges faster as Nate prepared himself. The Mystic Arts patterns began to glow across his body. He opened his hand and the normal Chidori flared up.
Nate begun to run towards Rhypopium, wanting to meet him in the middle of the arena.
“Am I the only one who thinks he’s crazy for running towards him?” Ryan asked.
“He has to have a plan.” Zach defended his brother.
Nate pulled is arm back, the lighting strands flowing behind him. As he approached the raging rhino, he moved his arm forward and clashed his hand onto Rhypopium’s horn. Rhypopium chuckled.
“You FOOL!” He yelled as he quickly lifted his head up, whipping Nate into the air. Nate let go of his horn and went flying. The lighting strands leaving a path behind. “And now when you land,” Rhypopium cracked his knuckles. “I will knock you out!” Nate’s momentum of being lifted up in the air was almost gone, and was soon going to begin to fall towards Rhypopium.
“Time to show you not to underestimate me! Mystic Art! Earth Chidori!” Nate yelled as the lighting from the Chidori became rock and earth. The added weight forced Nate’s arm to move downwards, under him, and then his entire body followed. The added weight had him gain more speed then Rhypopium expected.
“What?” Rhypopium said to himself as Nate was already close to him, and without him being able to react, the Earth Chidori hit Rhypopium. He was flung into the air, spinning, before his body smashed onto the ground. At the same time Nate landed on the ground, perfect. This Chidori and his Mystic Art now gone. He looked back at his opponent, on the ground not moving.
The entire stadium was quite, waiting for Rhypopium to jump up and attack. But nothing happen, and Rhypopium didn’t move.
“The surprised winner is Nate!” Zato yelled from the podium. For a moment the stadium remained silent. Nate looked around awkward as the faces still shocked that the would be winner of the Battle Nexus laid on the ground motionless. Nate looked back up to his brother and friends that noticed the silence as well. Suddenly Rhypopium began to push himself up as the walls of the arena lowered. Nate looked back quickly. Rhypopium was laughing.
“Boy, you took the wind out of me. Your master of the elements was shocking to say the least. Using the added weight of the earth to strike me down.” Rhypopium looked around the arena. “HEY! The Kid won, so cheer for him!” Rhypopium yelled as the crowd began to cheer. Rhypopium went and extended his large hand to Nate. “Congratulations.” Nate smiled as he extended his hand out and they exchanged a hand shake.

The remaining matches in the second round of the Battle Nexus completed. Both Tyler and Zach won their matches with little effort. Dustin was already starting to feel better from resting, and wished he was still in the tournament, but he knew it could have been avoided.
The top 8 competitors had Tyler, Nate, Zach, Kane, and Brandon among them. The other combatants were just as skilled, and they knew that the rest of the tournament was not going to be as easy.
“The Top 8 players in this event have been chosen, so who will win?” Zato announced. On the screen, the remaining fighter’s faces flashed across the screen, and then they stopped, at Zach’s.
“Yes! I get to fight.” Zach said in excitement. The remaining fighter’s pictures flashed as before, and then it stopped, on Brandon’s. The Guardians all looked over to Brandon, whose eyes did not leave the giant board. Zach had a huge smile on his face. Dustin stepped next to his friend.
“Do not underestimate him.” Dustin said with a very serious tone. Zach looked to Dustin and smirked.
“You shouldn’t worry about me dude, just because you had to give up. This will be a piece of cake!” Zach laughed as he walked towards the lowering platform, where Brandon was already.
“So what are his chances?” Kane asked Dustin.
“I wish I could say. Brandon has some tricks up his sleeve, I can feel it, but something is different with Zach,” Dustin said. Ryan and Nate exchanged a quick glance. “I don’t know what, but I have faith he will be fine as long as he doesn’t get too cocky.”

On the lowering platform Zach and Brandon didn’t speak. It was silent, nether spoke, or looked at each other. The platform came to the ground and they both walked to the battle ground. As they entered, the walls rose around them. Zach stood where they entered, and Brandon continued to walk. When he got to his end, he turned around and stood.
“They look ready, so FIGHT!” Zato announced as Zach quickly slashed is hands across the air. Two strands of sand went flying out of his Sheaths and towards Brandon. Brandon didn’t move, he just waiting there, watching the strands rush towards him. As the approached him, and were about to hit him, they went through him, as the image of Brandon disappeared. Zach looked around confused.
“You will have to do better than that Zach.” Brandon mocked.
“How?” Kane asked confused.
“His speed.” Tyler said. “He has incredibly speed.”
“I warned him. Right now Brandon doesn’t have much power, like Tyler or do, but his speed is beyond ours. At least in our normal forms. While I’m in Super Saiyan or if Tyler was using a World Ring it might be different, might.”

“So your fast, so what?” Zach said as the strands of sand swirling in front of him. Zach swiped his arms as the strands became hundreds of small Sand Balls.
“Balls made of sand?” Brandon questioned.
“Just watch.” Zach said as the balls all started to grow spikes out of all their sides. “Your speed won’t save you this time.” Zach said as the hundreds of spiked sand balls flew towards Brandon. Brandon had a worried look on his face as they approached. He flew out of the way of the first few, but the continued to come towards him, barraging him. He was able to side step in the air against most of them. As he strafed out of the way of the last one he chuckled.
“Come one Zach. You have to give me more credit than that.” Brandon said, but then he noticed Zach chuckling, which made him unnerved.
“You need to give me more credit!” Zach said as he waved his hands back towards himself. Brandon raised and eye brow as he looked over his shoulder and saw all the spiked sand balls he dodged flying back towards him. “They had to go somewhere, so I had them wait!” Brandon began dodging once again, but it was taken by surprise as one hit him in the gut. It knocked the wind out of him as the spiked sand ball began form into a thin strand and wrap around Brandon. Suddenly he was entrapped in a Sand Ring, and he was unable to move his arms up.
“What is this?” Brandon asked as he struggled more.
“That is my Sand Ring, and now to weight you down.” Zach said as more of the Sand Balls began to wrap around Brandon, covering his entire body but his face. The added weight of the sand forced Brandon in the Sand Cocoon to fall to the ground with a large thud.
“The Sand Cocoon!” Nate yelled.
“Man Zach didn’t waste any time winning this one.” Kane said. Dustin stood in silence, watching the battle carefully.

On the battlefield Zach took a few steps forward towards Brandon, incased in the cocoon.
“So you want to give up? Because I could crush every bone in your body, and trust me, I want nothing more than to do that.” Zach said. “You left us, and left Ryan to fight on his own against the Mayor! You disappear for nearly a year, without any contact, and now you randomly appear? Tell me where you been!” Zach demanded as he lifted the cocoon off the ground. Brandon sighed, but kept a frustrated look on his face the entire time.
“If you win, I will tell you everything.” Brandon said to Zach. Zato was able to hear him and his eyes grew wide.
“You’re pretty dense you know that, I have this easy battle in the bag. You’re stuck in my Sand Cocoon.” Zach said as he suddenly felt a change in the air. Up on the platform both Dustin and Tyler could feel it before the others.
“His power level, it’s growing rapidly.” Dustin said. Back on the ground the Sand Cocoon began to shake and was progressively shaking more and more. Ach jumped back, letting go of the cocoon, but it just floated in midair. Brandon closed his eyes as the air around him grew in speed.
“AHHHHHHHHHH!” Brandon yelled as cracks began to cover the Sand Cocoon. Zach jumped back as suddenly Brandon was enveloped in a golden light, and chunks of the cocoon went flying into the wall around Zach. The golden light dimmed down and he saw Brandon floating in front of him but different. His short buzz cut hair now had a golden tint to it, and his eyes where emerald green, that of a Super Saiyan.
“Let’s see how easy this battle is for you when you have to fight a Super Saiyan!” Brandon said, preparing himself for battle.
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Chapter 147: Zach's Vengance  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 147: Zach's Vengance    Chapter 147: Zach's Vengance  EmptyTue Aug 09, 2011 3:03 pm

brandon is about to be my fucking bitch!
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Chapter 147: Zach's Vengance
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