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 Chapter 148: Super Saiyan 2?!?!?!

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Chapter 148: Super Saiyan 2?!?!?! Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 148: Super Saiyan 2?!?!?!   Chapter 148: Super Saiyan 2?!?!?! EmptyTue Jul 26, 2011 6:25 am

Zach stood shocked at Brandon’s Super Saiyan form. He never thought Brandon would have achieved this form, but here he was, in front of him, the golden aura around him. He could feel the power Brandon possessed, and then turned around to the Guardians on the platform.
“I told you not to underestimate him Zach!” Dustin yelled back. “Just like right now!” Zach was confused as he turned around and saw Brandon quickly approaching him. He had no time to react as Brandon’s knee went jabbing into his stomach. Zach’s air was blow out of him as he went flying backwards and hit the barrier wall. Zach attempted to push himself off the ground as Brandon disappeared and reappeared above him, his body upside down, his left leg ready to strike Zach. Zach reacted quickly this time, forcing a stand of sand to block the kick before it smacked him across the face.
“Still not reacting fast enough.” Brandon mocked as he disappeared again. Zach looked around franticly. Suddenly he heard Brandon’s voice coming from above him. Brandon’s body was facing down towards Zach, his arms extended in front of him, waving about in different motions. “Burning!” His hands came together to form a diamond an energy ball appeared. “ATTACK!” Brandon yelled as the small, yet powerful energy ball flew down towards Zach at great speed. The energy ball hit and caused a small explosion. The crowd gasped, waiting to see what had happen to Zach. Brandon flew himself upwards. He watched carefully as the wind blew the smoke away. The crowd gasped.
“I thought he wouldn’t have enough time to defend.” Brandon said annoyed as he saw a dome of sand where Zach was. Brandon waited a moment with no movement. Nothing was happening. He extended one arm out and formed an energy beam that blasted the dome. Upon impact it crumbled. “What? That beam was nowhere near the power of my Burning Attack.” But to his and everyone else surprised, Zach was not under the dome, but there was a hole. “What?”
Suddenly a pillar of sand burst from beneath Brandon, striking him hard as he went flying into the air. Brandon strafed off the top and tried to brush off some of the sand. From the second hole, Zach emerged with sand swirling around his legs, lifting himself up into the air.
“Don’t be too surprised. I have learned many tricks in my battles.” Zach smirked. “Even if you are a Super Saiyan, you’re not a Guardian!” Zach declared as he began to make sand spread around the battle field. Brandon looked around under him as the sand continued to flow. “Now, the real battle starts!” Zach said as the swirling sand under him pushed him towards Brandon, ready to battle.

“Zach really wants to win this.” Kane noticed as they watched the battle. Brandon was dodging most of Zach’s attacks, but he was relentless. Ryan grabbed Nate and took him to the back of the platform as the others talked.
“How much do you know?” Ryan asked.
“About?” Nate asked, faking not knowing what Ryan was talking about.
“Shukaku!” Ryan said under his breath. Nate sighed.
“I know a lot. And I assume you fought Shukaku?” Nate asked, already knowing the answer.
“Yeah, it was a close one. If I didn’t do anything it could have been bad.” Ryan remembered Shukaku’s plan. “But do you think he will show his face up in this battle. I mean Zach is pretty intense right now with Brandon.”
“If we tell Dustin, Zach will get really pissed.” Nate said.
“And if Shukaku gets full control, I’m not sure we have enough power to stop him.” Ryan said worried. They looked back at the battle; Zach was blocking a small energy blast from Brandon with a shield of sand.
“Let’s wait, and see what happens. If he starts to go berserk, we will step in.” Nate said.

“Where are you coming up with all this sand?” Brandon said frustrated. Zach chuckled.
“See my Sheaths,” Zach pointed to behind his back. “Not sure how, but these are ancient Sheaths pasted down from the Tribunal to me. They contain all the sand I will ever need. So blast all you want, you’re not that powerful anyways. You may of gone Super Saiyan, but I say your actually strength is no more than Dustin in his normal state.”
“You want more power?” Brandon said mad. “Then I will give you more power than you can handle.” Brandon reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black case. He opened it and up and Zach saw a vile of some liquid and a long needle attached.
“What the hell is that?” Zach asked. Brandon chuckled as he threw the black case to the ground and lifted the syringe into the air.
“The next evolution of a Saiyan.” Brandon said as Zach and the rest of the Guardian’s eyes opened wide in fear. Brandon plunged the needle into his arm and pushed down injecting the liquid into him. His body quickly began to convulse. Brandon’s neck snapped back into the air as he began to yell like he was in pain. The golden aura around him grew in size and power. The entire arena began to shake. Zach watched on, his body stiff from fear.

“Dustin, is he?” Tyler asked.
“I don’t know, but you feel that power?” Dustin said as Ryan and Nate ran from behind them.
“What is he doing?” Nate asked.
“His power, it’s increasing expediently.” Tyler said. “He’s reaching a level beyond what even Dustin has been able to achieve.”
“Are you kidding?” Ryan asked with urgency in his voice.
“No,” Dustin said. “Brandon is using some sort of substance that allows the injector to gain a lot of power unnaturally.” Dustin pointed out. Brandon’s screams of pain become more intense. “That is why he is in so much pain. I would bet its destroying him from the inside. I doubt just anyone could take that.”
“So he might die?” Kane asked.
“No, he wouldn’t have taken it like this if he was that much of a risk. He wasn’t even against a wall. He wanted to make a point to Zach.” Dustin said worried.

Zach watched on, the golden light was almost blinding to him. His ears were pierced with Brandon’s scream as he started to notice his arms. They were getting bigger, as were his legs. In fact as Zach looked on, all of Brandon’s’ muscles were getting bulgier. His entire body was. Suddenly a burst of energy shot out of Brandon’s mouth and into the air and the golden aura burned righter. Zach covered his eyes to shield himself.
Zach heard somewhat labored breathing from Brandon. He opened his eyes and saw him breathing hard. His body was huge, disgusting almost with how his muscles were apparent on him. Brandon chuckled.
“You wanted more power, and then here it is. Super Saiyan 2!” Brandon laughed into the air. He then looked back down at Zach, and stared him straight in the eyes with a serious face. Zach was frozen. Brandon charged towards Zach. Zach swiped up his arm and a pillar of sand burst form the ground from sand below and hit Brandon, but he acted as if he didn’t feel it and continued to fly towards Zach. Zach couldn’t believe what had happen, and before he could do anything, Brandon had him by the neck. “Go on Zach, no jokes, no puns? No breading me for ‘abandoning’ the Guardians when you don’t even know the whole truth?” Brandon said with rage. Zach had his hands around Brandon’s wrist, as he felt the air escaping him.
“How……” Zach gasped out of his mouth through the quick breaths he was gasping for.
“How what?” Brandon said as he lifted Zach up into the air and threw him down. He watched his body fall. Zach took in a few quick breaths now and waved his arms and forms a cushion of sand as he landed.
“What was it that caused you to get to this form?” Zach demanded. He actually didn’t care; he just needed time to regain his composure. And figure out a plan.
“It’s simple. I took a Nero-toxin that would kill humans, but gives us Bloodlines a burst of power. Even some Bloodlines would die by injecting it like that. I was given this to make sure I win the match I needed to win. So I can guarantee my place in the Guardians!” Brandon yelled as he began to fly down towards Zach. Zach was able to jump out of the ways as Brandon impacted into the sand, causing it to fly all around him. Zach quickly moved his arms to control the sand and began to incase Brandon in lays and layers of sand.
“Dustin! Did you hear him? He’s insane!” Zach yelled. Suddenly the sand burst from around Brandon and he emerged.
“Well I guess it would only be fair if he does win to let him back in.” Dustin yelled back. Zach got mad at that.
“HEY! What are you trying to do! Give him more motivation?” Zach yelled as Brandon starting to fly towards him in a charging manner. Again Zach was able to jump out of the way and dodge. As he was jumped out of the way of his punch Zach noticed something.
“Will you stand still?” Brandon yelled frustrated.

“Is it really a good idea to tease Zach right now? He’s fighting a Super Saiyan 2 Brandon!” Nate asked. Dustin laughed.
“Oh I think its fine. First off, Brandon isn’t Super Saiyan 2.” Dustin said. The other looked at him all at once.
“He’s not?” They asked in unison.

Zach looked on as Brandon turned around mid-air and watched him. “Oh I KNOW this! You’re not a Super Saiyan 2!” Zach said. Brandon looked at him frustrated.
“What are you talking about?” Brandon asked with anger.
“I don’t remember exactly, but this is the form between the first Super Saiyan Form and Super Saiyan 2. You’re not going to be a problem.” Zach began to laugh with confidence.
“He’s still more powerful than anyone you fought with one on one!” Dustin yelled, causing Zach to do an anime fall.

“So if he is not Super Saiyan 2, then what is he?” Nate asked.
“People call it Ultra Super Saiyan. Right now, I would say he’s more powerful than I am.” Dustin said casually.
“What? Then how are you so calm?” Kane asked. Tyler snapped his fingers.
“Because this form has a major drawback!” Tyler exclaimed. “His muscles, while giving him increased power, kill his speed.”
“Exactly, and he was a speed based fighter, not having that is not only throwing him off, but he’s not able to use his strength too well ether.” Dustin explained.
“So Zach could win?” Nate asked.
“I would think it depends on how well Brandon and adapts to this. The sooner Zach ends this battle, the better.”

“Zach!” Brandon yelled as he charged towards Zach. Zach smiled as he approached. Zach jumped over him. Brandon looked over his head confused as Zach pulled is arm up and a strand of sand wrapped around Brandon’s wrist. Brandon looked down at it as Zach pulled up on the sand, and flipped Brandon over, making him land hard on his back. Zach quickly jumped back, away from Brandon as he began to sit himself up.
“What’s wrong? Having some trouble?” Zach mocked. Brandon gripped the sand in his hand, crushing it.
“This can’t be, I am supposed to get back into the Guardians.” Brandon said as he gripped his fist together. “I WON”T LOSE!” Brandon yelled in anger as he suddenly disappeared. Zach looked around confused as he felt a sudden pain in his stomach. He felt paralyzed by the pain as he looked down to see Brandon’s fist in his stomach. Brandon smiled as he used his other hand to grab Zach’s face and life him off the ground. “I’m doing everyone a favor by shutting you up.” Brandon said as he threw Zach straight up into the air and lifted his arms up, and began to form an energy beam.
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Chapter 148: Super Saiyan 2?!?!?!
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