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 Chapter 151: A Whole New World

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Chapter 151: A Whole New World Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 151: A Whole New World   Chapter 151: A Whole New World EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 11:06 pm

“GUYS!” Zach yelled in a panic. He sat up from laying down breathing heavy. What had happen, he wondered. He was trying to collect his thoughts as he noticed he was in an unfamiliar place.
He was in a small tent, and sides being moved by the wind outside. He suddenly noticed it was very hot in the tent. The small opening that wiped in the wind he saw it was very bright out. Zach shook his head, and looked down at himself. He was old worm cloak.
“What the hell is going on?” Zach asked himself.
“What are you talking about?” Another unfamiliar voice said. Zach jumped at the noise as another person walked into the tent. Zach saw he was bulky with short brown hair, wearing an old worn cloak like Zach was.
“Who are you?” Zach asked. The guy look at him annoyed.
“Zach, I’m in no mood for your jokes. We still have another day and a half walk to Drachma.” The guy said. Zach look at him confused. The guy raised an eyebrow.
“I’m serious where’s Nate!” Zach began to get annoyed.
“Nate?” The guy asked confused.
“Yes Nate, my brother, and the other Guardians! Ryan, Dustin, Tyler, Vin!” Zach named off his friends.
“Zach,” The guy bent down and sat next to Zach. “Your brother died 4 years ago.” Zach’s eyes grew wide with fear, confusion, and anger. “But your brother’s name wasn’t Nate. It was Zeke. And those other names?” He sighed. “Zach we been best friends sense we were 4, and I never heard of any of those people.”
Zach arm was shaking in confusion and fear. He didn’t know what to think or feel. This world was not the world he knew. He thought of one more things to ask. “Does the name Landon mean anything to you?” The guy’s brow lowered in anger.
“You mean Lord Landon?” He asked with disgust in his voice. Zach placed his hand on his head trying to digest it all. “Zach, tell me what is going on.” Zach looked up at his apparent best friend and began to explain.

Ryan groaned as he rolled in his bed. He was comfortable, and didn’t want to move. He began to stretch trying to figure out what happen. A white light, Landon laughing, then nothingness. Ryan began to run his hand across his face, then to his hair, when he suddenly sat up in bed.
“My hair!” Ryan said in surprise. His hair was much shorter than before, nearly a buzz cut. He then noticed his surrounding, and completely forgot about his hair.
The room was circular. The wall made of grey brick and the ceiling was high. To his left was an open window, no glass. He got out of bed looking around as he walked to the window. On the wall were four swords hung like they were trophies.
As he approached the window he saw a giant brick wall that surrounded the area. In the courtyard he saw dozens of people, as dressed in almost renaissance type clothing, but almost modern at the same time. To the left a few dozen people, looking like soldiers stood in lines, waiting.
“What the hell is going on here?” Ryan asked in confusion. Suddenly he heard a groan coming from his bed. A girl sat up, starching. Long blonde hair covered part of her face. “Who are you?”
“So nice of you to remember.” She said. “Rachel. I guess last night was crazy.”
“Lovely I’m in this weird world, and a hot girls in my bed and I don’t remember last night!” Ryan began to sulk.
“I thought you didn’t drink last night.” Rachel laughed. “We didn’t do anything.” Ryan looked up at her confused.
“Then why are you in my bed, unless were in a relationship? If so sorry I forgot!”
“You saved my ass last night. When someone found out I was a Non-Bloodline people were after me. You stepped in and saved me. You said it was safe here, and you would take me to a safe place today.” Ryan looked at her like she was crazy.
“After you for being a Non-Bloodline?” Ryan questioned. Suddenly he began to remember something. Landon’s wish! “I WISH THAT I WAS THE ONE TO DOUBLE CROSS THE SNAKE BLOODLINES ALL THOSE YEARS AGO!”
Ryan took another look outside. The entire world was different. The world was different to how it would of if Landon double crossed the snake bloodlines. That means, Ryan began to think, Landon was the True Heirs cousin from his grandfather’s stories! More questions flowed through his mind.
“Yes. You know the law; all normal humans are to be executed. The law made by Lord Landon.” Rachel said scornfully. Ryan was cut from this trance.
“Lord Landon?” Ryan laughed.
“Yeah, luckily your one of the few generals who has compassion for us.” Rachel said.
“General?” Ryan questioned. Rachel shook her head.
“You must have been slipping yourself some hard liquor last night to forget. You’re the General of Drachma, this town.”
“Yesterday, do you remember your life being different than this, where Bloodlines were the ones hated mostly, and Landon wasn’t a ruler?” Ryan asked Rachel. She looked at him and laughed.
“I wish! Well no offense to the Bloodlines being hated. But this is our world.” Rachel said.
“No, it’s not my world.” Ryan said. How is it he remembered how it was before Landon’s wish, but not everyone else.
“What do you mean?” Rachel asked,
“I don’t know this world. Landon made a wish with the Dragon Balls to change history. My world is more technological advance. Bloodlines are the minority. I was part of a small group of heroes, known as the Guardians.” Ryan tried to explain. Rachel looked at him and began to laugh.
“That’s a good story.” Rachel said as she got and went to his dresser and threw him a thin shirt, and pants. “You need to get ready, from what you told me last night, you have new recruits to train.” Ryan shook his head. He had to play his part in this world, or someone might question too many things.

Ryan walked out his door and quickly shut it, as to make sure Rachel was safe. He was now dressed and wearing chain mail with his clothes. He began to walk down a small stair way and at the bottom a towering man wearing the same as Ryan stood waiting.
“Good morning sir.” The man said to Ryan. Ryan chuckled nervously.
“Good morning, I have some recruits to meet?” Ryan asked, confirming he knew what to do.
“Yes sir, a few dozen are here.” He pointed to the group Ryan saw from his window. He shook his head.
“Well let’s go and see how they are.” Ryan said as the man looked at him weird.
“Normally you do that by yourself.” The man said confused.
“Of course I do uhhhhhh,” Ryan tried to think of the guy’s name.
“Gerald.” He said.
“Yes Gerald, but I thought let’s see how you do. Delegate it a bit” Ryan said
“Have you been drinking?” Gerald asked.
“Why does everyone in this reality think I’m a drunk?” Ryan asked a loud, not expecting an answer.
“Maybe because you just asked that question aloud for people to hear.” Gerald said with a serious face. Ryan looked at him.
“You have a point, but I’m not drunk I assure you.” Ryan said as he and Gerald walked towards the new recruits. They all watched the two come forth. They stood there for a long moment, no one talking. Gerald poked Ryan in the shoulder.
“Aren’t you going to give them your speech?” Gerald asked. Ryan sighed. A SPEECH! His plan to not be noticed wasn’t going to go as planned.
“Alright, welcome recruits. You all choose to be here to be a part of something great. To help protect the people you care about, and even the ones you don’t know. I bet we have a lot of variety in terms of Bloodlines, and we will find untapped potential in all of you, and work together for a better tomorrow.” Ryan said trying to get applause from them. The recruits looked at him confused. Gerald coughed to get Ryan’s attention.
“They were all forced here because they are all Clay Bloodlines. Just as we were forced into the army.” Gerald said. Ryan’s eyes grew wide and then he did a face palm.
“Gerald can you please just take over here, I’m having an off day.” Ryan said as he turned around and walked to the wall. Gerald began to talk to the recruits. Ryan looked around better.
He was confused on why Clay Bloodlines were forced be to in the army. He was even more confused on how to fix things. The first thought was to find the others, but who knew where to begin looking for them. The Dragon Balls would be impossible to find too.
The world was more different then he could imagine, and he was only in an isolated village, that he apparently help protect. He began to ponder what he should do.
“SIR!” Gerald yelled. Ryan walked over to him as another man was talking to him, with his back to Ryan.
“What is it?” Ryan asked.
“He would like to speak with you.” Gerald looked irritated as the man turned around. The shock made Ryan stop dead in his tracks, because right in front of him was The Mayor, with a wicked smile on his face.
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Chapter 151: A Whole New World
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