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 Chapter 152: Blast from the Past

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PostSubject: Chapter 152: Blast from the Past   Chapter 152: Blast from the Past EmptyWed Sep 12, 2012 11:52 pm

“General we have something to discuss.” The Mayor said as Ryan was almost too scared to talk. But he remembered this Mayor never fought him, or the others. He had to act as normal as possible.
“What is it?” Ryan asked.
“We had report of a Non-Bloodline in Drachma last night. Do you know anything of these reports?” The Mayor asked with a smile. Ryan knew he would be one to kill Rachel if he had the chance.
“I am sorry, I haven’t heard of any of these reports and no Non-Humans have been seen.” Ryan said, trying to stay calm. The Mayor chuckled.
“Funny, as all the reports said you were last seen with it.” The Mayor raised and eye brow.
“That’s impossible,” Gerald intervened. “The General and I were together all night. And the word of two officers outweighs whatever random reports you were given.” Gerald said, emotionless. Ryan sighed in relief.
“Well then people might of confused you with another,” The Mayor started to walk past Ryan. “All you Clay Bloodlines are all the same, useless drones meant to be killed off on the front line. I will be staying here in Drachma for a few days; my men will be looking for any signs for a Non-Bloodline.” The Mayor said with a smile as two men in better armor then Ryan and Gerald walked next to the Mayor. “I hope you don’t have an issue with that?”
“Of course not, but you are wasting your time.” Ryan said frustrated. The Mayor shrugged.
“You need not to worry about my time. Its more valuable than your life.” The Mayor chuckled as he and his men began to walk into the market area.
“Thanks for covering for me Gerald.” Ryan said. Gerald cracked a smile.
“I wasn’t covering. Just make sure all loose ends are taken care of.” He said as he nodded to Ryan’s bedroom.
“Will do.” Ryan smiled as he began to walk towards the tower that held his room. Suddenly they heard a scream coming from market area.
“DEATH BEAM!” The Mayor yelled.
“Gerald let’s go!” Ryan said as they began to run towards the commotion.

“Then Landon made his wish, that he double crossed the snake bloodlines.” Zach said as he finished his story. “I know it sounds crazy Oddie, but it’s the truth.
Oddie sighed as that story. “Your story contradicts everything I know. The fact that we have been best friends for years, and the Uchiha brother? Cross Bloodline breeding just doesn’t happen that often. And a Saiyan that was the True Heir?” Oddie shook his head. “Landon hunted down the last of the Saiyans years ago.” Zach looked down defeated. “But,” Zach looked up
“But?” He asked.
“I know when you’re lying, and right now you’re not lying. If Landon did use the Dragon Balls, that could change everything, but why is it you remember this and not me? And why right now? Why not before?” Oddie asked.
“Those are great questions that I couldn’t begin to know how to answer.” Zach chuckled. Oddie stood up.
“I wish there was something we could. With no way to get the Dragon Balls, I think you’re stuck in this reality.” Oddie said as he extended his hand out. Zach sighed.
“You have a point,” Zach said. Oddie explained how the Bloodlines were the majority in the world. Most normal humans were dead or in hiding, and the Saiyans were all but dead. That meant no Dustin. He also explained how Clay Bloodlines were everywhere, so finding Ryan would be difficult, and then the Uchiha’ s were never seen, so Nate was out too. And with no clear idea what Tyler was, he decided it best to not ask.
“Cheer up; Drachma has a great pub remember?” Oddie said as he chuckled. “Oh right you don’t. Well you will tomorrow. Let’s get going.” Oddie opened the tent to reveal they were in the middle of the desert. Zach squinted his eyes at the blinding light, and the endless sand. He lifted his hand up and a huge lump of sand lifted up.
“Well at least one thing is the same.” Zach said.

Ryan and Gerald ran as they saw the Mayor and two of his men corner someone in a cloak, his head hidden, in a corner.
“What is happening?” Ryan demanded to know.
“He was caught stealing from that a food stand.” The Mayor said as he pointed at a stand that had loafs of bread, and an older lady behind it.
“Oh General,” the lady said. “I told him it wasn’t a problem, the boy looked hungry and had no food.”
“It was stealing! And he must pay!” The Mayor said with too much pleasure form that sentence.
“Yeah I think it’s a bit much.” Ryan said. The cloaked one’s head moved up.
“RYAN!” A familiar voice said. It threw Ryan for a loop. He uncovered his hood and it was Nate, although looking much different. His hair was long past his shoulder, but pulled back to move out of his face. Across his cheek as a scare.
“You know this street rat?” The Mayor asked. Ryan looked at Nate, wondering if he remembered everything, but it wasn’t the time to ask.
“I will handle this, you stand down.” Ryan said getting in between them and Nate.
“How do we know this is not the Non-Bloodline?” One of the Mayor’s men asked. Ryan looked back at Nate.
“Show them you’re Bloodline.” Ryan said. Nate’s eyes look at him scared.
“The last person I showed that too here tried to capture me, and was yelling about bounty.” Nate said. Ryan shook his head.
“All the more reason to just kill him.” The Mayor said. Gerald moved to next to Ryan.
“You may be close to Lord Landon, but the General here is in control of Drachma, so I would suggest you listen to him.” Gerald said. The Mayor took a step back. He looked to his minion on the right.
“I want to know if he is a Bloodline. Find out.” The Mayor said. The minion began to glow and turned into an Alakazam. He looked at Nate for a only moment.
“He is a pure Bloodline sir.” The Alazazam said. The Mayor sighed.
“Fine I’m here to just find the Non-Bloodline anyways. I want to get out of the back water town soon anyway.” The Mayor said as they began to walk away.
“Ok Nate,” Ryan said as he turned to his friend. “How do we know each other?” He asked.
“Uh from the Guard Tower!” Nate said.
“I never heard of this Guard Tower. Sounds like a pub.” Gerald said.
“Thank goodness! You remember!” Ryan said in relief.
“Yeah people are crazy here; they think Landon is some sort of omnipotent ruler.”
“That’s because he is.” Ryan said. Gerald bent down as to whisper.
“I’m still very confused, but you two should speak in private, as to not raise suspicion.” He pointed around and saw people watching. Ryan shook his head.
“Gerald take him to my room, and then go to the recruits. Handle them for me please.” Ryan commanded. Gerald shook his head and he and Nate began to walk away. Ryan walked over to the stall owner and dug into his pockets and pulled out a few gold coins.
“I’m so sorry for the troubles.” He tried to give the money to her. She shook her head.
“I cannot accept money from you. It because of you that Drachma is so safe and mostly peaceful unless Landon’s goons come.” Ryan smiled, happy to hear that in this reality he was at least trying to make a difference for the better.

Ryan walked into his room and saw Nate talking to Rachel.
“So you were drunk last night?” Nate asked as he walked in.
“NO! Nate I was telling her about our world, and she thought I was crazy.” Ryan defended. Rachel shook her head.
“A Clay and an Uchiha friends, now I seen everything.” Rachel said.
“What do you mean?” Ryan asked.
“All Uchiha’ s are fugitives.” Rachel said.
“WHY? What did we do?” Nate asked.
“It’s said that it was your people who killed the True Heir.” Rachel said.
“No way!” Ryan said. Rachel laughed.
“Of course it’s not true, but Landon has made sure that Urban Myth as stayed alive for many years.”
“That is why that guy said there was a bounty on my head when I was walking around with my Sharingan active.” Nate said. “I better keep that hidden.
“Yeah it was Landon who killed off the Saiyans.” Rachel said. “Along with a few other Bloodlines and wants to finish off normal humans.” Rachel was starting to shake.
“If it’s so risky to be a normal Human here, then why risk your life coming into Drachma?” Ryan asked.
“Because I have a contact here. There is a rumor of an island where humans live in peace with a few Bloodline Protectors.” Rachel explained. “He was supposed to help me get there.”
“What do you know about your contact?” Nate asked.
“That he is a Clay Bloodline.” Racehl said.
“Hope it’s not you as we don’t remember anything.” Nate joked.
“No it’s not.” Rachel said ad she looked at the two. “You two really aren’t from around here are you?”
“I keep trying to tell you that.” Ryan said.
“Then how is it I knew you from last night?” It hit Ryan.
“Danielle’s Barrier!” Ryan yelled. Nate and Rachel looked at him confused. “Right before the light covered us; Danielle put us and Zach into a barrier! That’s the only common thread I can think of.” Ryan speculated.
“So Just Zach, you, and I remember out of the entire world?” Nate said with a little depression in his voice.
“At the least.” Ryan said.
“So you really are from a timeline where Landon isn’t ruler?” Rachel asked, starting to believe them.
“Yes. But it was a miracle Nate and I meet up. If we found Zach, Dustin, Tyler, Vin, and Danielle,” Ryan began to say when Rachel interrupted.
“Danielle? No you can’t mean who I think you mean,” Rachel began to say.
“You know where Danielle is?” Nate asked.
“Well I mean it’s possible it’s not the same Danielle, but, that’s the name of Landon’s Queen.”
“LANDON’S QUEEN!” Ryan and Nate said in unison as they did an anime fall.
“Hey how did you do that fall thing at the same time?” Rachel asked as they got up quickly.
“You’re joking right?” Ryan asked.
“As I said, it might be another, but Landon has a Queen named Danielle.” Rachel said.
“That’s can’t be a coincidence.” Nate looked at Ryan. “Landon must also remember he made the wish!” Nate began to sulk. “If he sees us were dead.”
“True, but he must not know we would remember. In fact we shouldn’t. It was the barrier that did it.” Ryan said as something hit him. “And if we run into Vin, Tyler or Dustin, they won’t remember us. We lost our friends.”
“We wouldn’t see Dustin anyway, she said Landon killed off all the Saiyans.” Nate added.
“You had a Saiyan friend?” Rachel asked.
“Yeah,” Ryan sighed. “IF we knew where any of them were, we might be able to jog their memory.”
“I can’t say that would work.” Rachel added. “You’re telling me all this, and nothing is adding up in my mind. I believe you, but sense you two were in that barrier,” Rachael trailed off as there was a silence.
“We need the Dragon Balls to fix everything!” Nate said. Suddenly the door opened and Gerald was there.
“Did you say, Dragon Balls?” He asked.
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Chapter 152: Blast from the Past
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