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 Chapter 153: Stuck

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Chapter 153: Stuck Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 153: Stuck   Chapter 153: Stuck EmptyWed Sep 19, 2012 4:46 am

“Gerald! How much did you hear?” Ryan asked.
“Enough to know you are not from this world. But how you were acting today, I could have guessed something was up.” Gerald said.
“So you know that I’m a normal human?” Rachel said with an edge.
“No worries, he covered for you earlier, so he knew.” Ryan smiled.
“How? Did you tell him?” Rachel asked. Ryan looked a bit confused.
“No I didn’t.” Ryan looked at Gerald.
“I knew because I am your contact. But our hero of Drachma found you before I did, and people were already after you, so I had to wait.” Gerald explained. They all let out a sigh of relief.
“So you can get me to that island?” Rachel asked.
“Yes, but we must wait for Coleman and his men to leave.” Gerald said.
“You can hide out here till then.” Ryan said.
“Maybe be best if we go too.” Nate added. “I mean if most people are going to want to turn me in for a bounty,” Nate said to Ryan.
“Yeah, but” Ryan stopped to think about how the version of himself in this world was a hero to the town of Drachma. The likely hood of getting back to their real reality was low. If he could do some good he began to think, but was interrupted.
“You mentioned a Saiyan friend from your time line?” Gerald asked. Nate and Ryan shook their heads.
“Yeah, he was out leader, and apparently the True Heir.” Nate said.
“On Isla Sorna there is 1 Saiyan left. He is leader and protector of the island, helping it from being detected or found by Landon.” Gerald said.
“Is that the island you’re going to take me too?” Rachel asked.
“Do you know his name?” Ryan asked.
“I do not, I am sorry.”
“Maybe it’s Dustin!” Nate jumped up.
“Maybe not. But any Saiyan would be good. Sean or even Brandon in this timeline could be beneficial.” Ryan said.
“Beneficial for what?” Rachael asked.
“It might take years, but we have to find the Dragon Balls and undo Landon’s wish.”
“I’m sorry, but you cannot do that.” Gerald said.
“Why not?” Nate asked.
“Because Landon has 6 of the 7 Dragon Balls.” Gerald sighed.
“Well there goes that idea.” Nate said.
“No that’s perfect.” Ryan smiled. The others looked at him confused.

“So tell me about Zeke.” Zach asked as he and Oddie were walking through the harsh sun. Oddie was surprised by the question, as in the past Zach never talked about his dead brother. But with this being a different Zach, it made a little sense.
“He was headstrong and good willed. But he was cursed.” Oddie began to explain. Zach raised an eyebrow.
“He had the sand demon in his soul.” Oddie said. Zach’s eyes grew wide. Shukaku. “He was choose by the elder of our village to have it with him. He had the ability to suppress it enough to where it did not affect him. He was one of the village’s best. And you looked up to him.”
“What happen?” Zach asked. Oddie covered more of his face with the cloak, but was still able to be heard.
“Landon sent his men to attack our village.” Zach noticed Oddie was gripping his fist. “They mercilessly destroy everything and everyone. But they only had 1 target.”
“Zeke?” Zach asked.
“No, you.” Oddie said.
“Me? Why me?” Zach asked.
“From what little I could make out, Landon’s men for some reason believed you had the sand demon.” Zach stopped thinking. Why would Landon think he had Shukaku in this world, unless he remembered from before the wish like he did?
“Zeke was protecting me wasn’t he?” Zach asked as he began to walk again.
“Yes, the majority of Landon’s men were focused on you. He laid his life down protecting you, and having you and I escape from the village.”
“Did anyone else survive?” Zach asked.
“We haven’t found any yet. We might be the last Sand Bloodlines.” Oddie said with a sigh.
“Landon remembers.” Zach said.
“Remembers what?”
“He remembers that in my timeline, I had the sand demon in my soul. That’s why I was being targeted.” Zach said, trying to control his anger.
“Are you serious?” Oddie said surprised.
“Yes, and if he remembers that, I’m sure my friends have been targeted too.” Zach said as he began to run.
“ZACH! What are you doing?” Oddie asked.
“I have to track down my friends! Drachma is the closest town?”
“Yes!” Oddie yelled as he began to run and caught up with Zach.
“Then we need to start there, and then get our forces together. If we form an army, we can stop Landon! He will pay for everything!” Zach said.

“How on earth would Landon having the Dragon Balls be a good thing?” Rachael asked.
“It means we don’t have to look for all 7. Just 1 more.” Ryan smiled.
“And then sneak into his fortress, get around his men and Landon himself, and have enough time to summon the dragon, AND make your wish?” Gerald questioned.
“I didn’t say I have all the details, I just said it might be easier.” Ryan said.
“Easier then what?” Rachel asked. “That’s a suicide mission. Many of tried to topple Landon, all of failed.” She said grimly.
“General, I insist you do not try and do that. Without an army, you would die, and even then, the chances are slim.” Gerald began to explain.
“But we have to do something.” Nate said.
“They are right,” Ryan said defeated. “Landon is too strong for us. For now, we need to get you and Rachael to that island for protection.”
“What about you?” Rachael asked.
“The Ryan of this timeline has spent his life protecting this town. Without a good reason or a sure way to fix things, I have to stay here.” Ryan said with a heavy heart.
“Ryan, we can’t split up now!” Nate objected.
“You are not safe here though.” Ryan reminded him.
“Then come to the island with us.” Rachel added. “This city with find a way to survive.” Ryan looked at them conflicted.
“There is time to decide.” Gerald added. “We must wait, and our presence will be missed General.”
“Yes, you two stay here for now.”

Night fell on Drachma and the stars were bright Nate though. No pollution in this world, no lights to obstruct the space above. It was one part of this world he liked. Rachael and he sat around bored, watching Ryan try and teach the new recruits, and Gerald fixing his messes. It was amusing at the least.
He thought about how much was different from one wish. Landon’s wish to basically take control of the Bloodlines all those years ago really affected things. From what he could tell he waged war on the normal humans, and slowly conquered the world. But like any empire like that, small divisions divided off, and Landon was slowly taking them out.
“How long do you think till Coleman leaves?” Rachael asked Nate. He shrugged.
“Hopefully tomorrow. I mean once he comes up clean on searching for you, there isn’t a reason to stay. He acted like he was above being here anyways. Then Gerald can get us to safety.” There was a long pause.
“Tell me more about your time line please.” Rachael asked. Nate smiled and began to tell her.

“See the illumination in the sky?” Oddie asked as he and Zach were sitting around a fire. They made it out of the desert and were now in a wooded area.
“We’re almost there.” Zach said itching to continue traveling.
“Yeah and I’m exhausted. We already cut the time down of our journey, so let’s rest tonight.” He explained as he stretched out and yawned.
Zach was just as tired, actually he felt like he might be more, but his determination was taking the forefront. He didn’t want to live in this world, and he was determined, that if he would fix things, or die trying.
“So how far until we get to Drachma?” Zach asked.
“At the pace we were at today, 2 hours or so.” Oddie said looking at the small illuminate into the sky, the lights coming from Drachma. “You think you can rally an army to take out Landon?
“That is the plan. I want to go to every town forming a larger and larger army. We have to stop Landon. We have to get the world back to normal.”
“You’re normal.” Oddie added.
“For you, the world you speak of is your normal. This world is mine, and everyone else. Change scares people, and others won’t accept change as well as I am. In fact I’m still not sure.” Oddie trailed off.
“I though you believe me.” Zach said.
“I do, and I hate Landon, I want him to pay. But who knows what kind of person I was in your time line. Hell we don’t know each other you said. You’re my best friend, all I have. I don’t want to lose that.” Oddie began to explain.
“I promise when we fix things, we I will find you and you will join the Guardians and help protect the world.” Zach said. Oddie began to chuckle.
“What makes you think you will remember me?” The question confused Zach. “Maybe once you wish, you won’t remember me or any of this experience. Maybe we should just fix this world. I mean, Bloodlines are the superior species.” Zach’s brow lowered at Oddie’s talk. “We can topple Landon, and fix this world.”
“But my friends,” Zach began.
“BUT I’M YOUR FRIEND TOO!” Oddie yelled in anger.
“I know, but, I grew up with them. I mean I just meet you today.”
“And I have known you for years! So how unfair is this situation? What if your wish just takes you away from this world, and leaves me? What if there isn’t 1 defiant time line, but many?”
“I haven’t really thought of that.” Zach said defeated. He felt bad for Oddie. Zach was all he had left in the world apparently. Oddie turn around and lay on the ground. They were silent for the rest of the night. Zach didn’t fall asleep for a few hours thinking of how to make everyone happy.

Ryan and Gerald walked into the room where Rachel as already asleep on the bed. Nate turned around.
“So what’s the plan?” Nate asked.
“Coleman wanted to talk to us, he said he couldn’t find any signs and said he was mad he got a report from my town and we wasted his time.” Ryan laughed.
“He will be gone in the morning, and then we can get you guys to Isla Sorna.” Gerald said.
“Does that include you Ryan?” Nate asked. Ryan slowly shook his head.
“With Gerald I can come get you at any time, but this town needs me now.” Ryan said as Nate sighed in defeat.
“We leave in the morning, right after Coleman and his men are gone.”
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Chapter 153: Stuck
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