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 Chapter 155: Lord Landon

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Chapter 155: Lord Landon Empty
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Ryan looked over the side of the Clay Bird. For hours they were traveling, and have crossed many different Terrains, desert area, a forested area, even a barren land of rocks. This world was so different from the one he knew. But he also had no idea of where on the planet he was anyways.
He knew Gerald’s fate, he could feel it. He hated running, but he didn’t have much of a choice. Things had to be done carefully from here on out. If Landon got wind that they knew about his wish, he would sure to throw everything and everyone he could towards them. He had to figure out a way to get all the Dragon Balls.
“So where is Palmacosta?” Nate asked, disturbing Ryan as he was deep in thought.
“Straight East from Drachma.”
“So Palmacosta is where this island is?” Zach asked confused.
“No, we need to take a boat to Isla Sorna.” Ryan added.
“And Palmacosta is a Port Town, dozens of boats off the docks.” Rachel said.
“Why can’t we fly there?” Zach asked. Ryan Shrugged.
“I’m not sure. The instructions from Gerald said we had to take a boat, or we would not be able to find the island. A little weird, but I think it will be best to follow them exactly.” Ryan said. In the distance they were begging to see the blue ocean.
“Palmacosta should be coming up soon! There’s the ocean!” Nate said. They sighed in relief.
“Let’s try and get a boat as quick as possible.” Ryan said.

As they approached the ocean, they were able to see a huge town with tons of buildings. From the sky they saw a town square, with many people walking around. The docks were also huge, literally dozens of boats line them, and more out in the sea around the town. The Clay Bird circles around and began to descend outside of the city.
“Ok so my hope is my status in this timeline as a General of Drachma should help with finding a ship quickly and easily.” Ryan said as they began to follow a path that lead into the heart of the city.
“Let’s hope it’s that easy.” Zach said as they entered the city. No one really paid attention to them, as they were busy with their everyday life’s.
“What are you doing here Ryan?” A familiar voice asked. To the left Zach and Ryan recognized their school friends Kevin, who was also a Bloodline. He was more built here, and wore little armor; sense his body was able to become metal.
“Kevin you remember me?” Ryan asked surprised.
“It’s only been a few years, come one how could I forget the hero and general of Drachma?” Kevin laughed. Ryan and Zach sighed. He didn’t remember they both thought as they leered towards each other.
“Yeah, well a lot has happen.” Ryan said, trying to cover himself.
“Yes, but what brings you here? “
“Well,” Ryan said with a blank mind.
“We are investigating an occurrence out in the sea. We need a boat to check it out.” Zach interjected.
“Fair enough, but I am surprised,” Kevin began to say as everyone just tense. “A Sand Bloodline like you isn’t one to work with others.”
“How did you know I’m a Sand Bloodline?” Zach asked confused.
“It’s obvious. Each different Bloodline has different things about them that make them an easy tell.” They guys shifted their eyes towards Rachel uneasy. Kevin laughed,
“No worries to you.” Kevin said as he looked at Nate. “Lord Landon has no law against Uchiha, the bounties on your heads are from the Guilds, and we don’t allow them here. So you can relax and relax.” Kevin chuckled.
“Can you tell what sort of Bloodline I am?” Rachel asked nervously. The others looked at her confused. Kevin stared for a moment.
“She’s doesn’t hold any distinction of any Bloodline.” Kevin said as they all began to sweat. ‘She must be a Life Bloodline”
“Life Bloodline?” Nate asked.
“He’s right!” Rachael said trying to divert Kevin’s’ attention from Nate’s question.
“Yeah Life Bloodlines don’t look to different form normal humans. But, no offense, there powers are not much, just the ability to grow things.”
“Yep, we have a ragtag group of misfits.” Nate said with a chuckle.
“We must hurry and find a boat,” Ryan said as he began to talk as Kevin extended his arm out.
“I’m sorry I can’t let you,” He said with a smile as they all look at him worried.

A castle eclipsed the sky in a forest like area, but next to a large body of water. The castle spanned miles long and high.
Inside a huge throne room Landon sat in a large seat, reading an old tomb. Landon was wearing royal clothes that gave him grace, but wouldn’t hinder himself in battle if need be. Purples and gold’s crossed across his body. The Mayor began to walk in as Landon looked up.
“Coleman, did you find a homosapien in Drachma?” Landon said placing the book to his side.
“Not exactly, but we found something else.” The Mayor said as he looked behind him. “Bring him in.” The Mayor yelled as Oddie was pushed in by the Mayors men. Landon raised an eyebrow.
“A Sand Bloodline?” Landon questioned.
“Yes, there were two of them, the other got away with a Clay Bloodline.” The Mayor began to explain. Landon’s eyes grew wide.
“Did you say a Clay and Sand Bloodline were seen together?” Landon said with an edge.
“Yes sir I,” The Mayor began to talk as Landon almost instantly flew in front of The Mayor and punched him in the stomach. The Mayor gasped for air as he fell to the ground. His men took a step back, leaving Oddie alone in the middle of the room. Landon looked up at him.
“What is your name?” Landon asked.
“O….Oddie.” He said with fear.
“Tell me about your friend that ran off with the Clay Bloodline.” Landon requested calmly as he walked back to his throne. He stepped on the Mayor’s stomach as he pasted him, causing him to cough in pain again.
“I’ve known him for many years but just recently, he’s been acting very strange.” Oddie said. Landon looked at him like that piece of information worried him.
“Different how. And tell me everything; your life depends on it.” Landon said bluntly. Oddie felt ill.
“Yesterday, when we woke up, he began to speak that he was from a different world,” Landon’s eyes grew wide as he flew towards Oddie and grabbed him around the neck.
“What kind of world?” Landon yelled in rage.
“One where” Oddie was gasping for air, stumbling over his worlds. Landon tossed him to the ground.
“Answer my blasted question!” Landon said as he opened is palm and energy ball quickly formed. Oddie shielded his eyes.
“One where you didn’t rule!” Oddie said abruptly. Landon began to stare into space. He gripped his hand to make the energy ball disappear.
“And he ran off with a Clay Bloodline?” Landon asked calmly this time.
“Ye……yes.” Oddie said. Landon walked over the Mayor who was starting to get up. He grabbed him by his throat.
“WHY DID YOU NOT STOP THEM AND KILL Them! I TOLD YOU EVERY SAND BLOODLINE WAS TO DIE!” Landon yelled. The Mayor tried to talk, but Landon had to tight of a grip on it.
“He did try,” Oddie attempted to defend the Mayor, in hopes to help himself. Landon threw the Mayor into the wall, causing an impact crater in the cement wall. Landon looked back at Oddie.
“He tried? He TIRED? What the hell did you do then? Nothing, you miserable piece of nothing!” Landon brought his hands together and formed an energy blast, and shot it at Oddie. Oddie quickly extended his arm out and formed a sand wall for protection. The wall shook at the impact of the energy blast. Suddenly Landon burst through it and charged towards Oddie.
“PLEASE!” Oddie pleased as Landon punched Oddie in the stomach, going right through him. Landon’s hand exited out Oddie’s back, red and dripping blood. He grabbed Oddie’s lifeless head with his other hand, and pulled Oddie off him and dropped him to the ground.
“It can’t be a coincidence. The Sand and Clay Bloodlines together. I ensured everything so they would never co-mingle. I killed every last Saiyan and Snake. I made sure the Sand were pushed to the desert and recently even attempted to eradicate them all. I made the Uchiha the prime suspects of the True Heir’s death,”
“But NOW everything I have worked for. The countless life times I have stayed alive to rule over all the Bloodlines.” Landon began to laugh. “But what am I worried about. They might not remember still, and even if they do,” Landon chuckled more. “They are useless without Dustin, and I made sure he wasn’t around in this time line.” Landon smiled wickedly.
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Chapter 155: Lord Landon
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