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 Chapter 156: Palmacosta

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Chapter 156: Palmacosta  Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 156: Palmacosta    Chapter 156: Palmacosta  EmptyWed Oct 17, 2012 2:22 am

Ryan looked at Kevin confused. Kevin had a serious look on his face. Zach gripped his fist, preparing for a fight.
“Why can’t we go?” Ryan asked. Suddenly Kevin began to burst into laughter, almost losing his balance. Everyone gave him a confused look.
“You took me way to seriously Ryan. I meant I want you all to stay the night, get some rest, enjoy a grand meal I will get prepared. I insist.” Kevin smiled. They all looked over at each other, uneasy.
“We would be delighted.” Rachel finally accepted.
“Wonderful, go to the Inn, I will reserve a few rooms for you, then this evening please join me in the meeting hall for diner. I will have something special made.” Kevin said as he began to walk off. “I have to take care of some business for now though. See you tonight.” They watched as Kevin walked away and was no longer in ear shot.
“Well great were stuck here till tomorrow.” Zach said.
“We didn’t have a choice, he would have gotten too suspicious.” Rachel defended her decision.
“But what if someone finds out about you?” Nate asked.
“No worries, we will lay low. It’s not like people show off their Bloodlines in this world anyways, so hopefully nothing will come up.” Ryan said as they began to walk into the town square.
“So what do we do until then? Rachel asked.
“I’m going to go lay down at the Inn for a few hours and get some rest.” Ryan stretched.
“I think I will just wander around, I mean we are in a new world.” Zach said looking around the new surroundings.
“I think I will join you, I never been to Palmacosta.” Rachel added. Everyone looked at Nate.
“I think I will wander around on my own.” Nate said.
“Alright, we will meet at the Meeting Hall in 4 hours.” Ryan said. They all shook their heads in agreement.

“Sue, please make plans for a grand dinner. An old friend has traveled to town and I want to treat them right.” Kevin laughed as he walked into his military building.
“Is that wise?” Sue asked as Kevin looked at her confused.
“What are you talking about?” He asked.
“The smoke signals are up in the East.” Sue said. Kevin must have missed it. He looked at the window the faced the open water, and in the East was a huge smoke stack. He knew what that meant. Lord Landon had someone he wanted captured. The Town was to be put into lock down. But Ryan couldn’t have been associated with this, could he?
“Yes please continue the preparations. I will signal the guards for a town lock down though. No reason to scare the people though. Keep this quite.” Kevin left the room, with a serious and determined face.

The group had parted ways and Zach and Rachel had stuck together. They had made their way to a market like area. Many stands stood with different assortment of foods and goods. Many of them were selling fish.
“I hate fish.” Zach waved his hand in the air to blow the smell away.
“It’s rather tasty. Probably good I like it, going to be on an island to live.” Rachel said.
“You won’t live there long.” Zach said. Rachel looked at him confused. “We’re going to find the Dragon Balls, and wish everything back to normal.”
“You don’t realize this is my normal.” Rachel said as she continued to walk. Zach sighed. “Only you three remember your world. Everyone else knows this one. And it’s not like if you DO wish everything back, the likelihood of anyone remembering this world is low.” Zach quickly caught up with her.
“Maybe we can find a barrier bloodline to help us and then you will remember.” Zach said.
“What if I don’t want to remember 2 life’s? Two ways of life’s? Two life times of struggle. Who know what I am in your world Zach! I could be some prissy girl who cares only about herself. I like who I am and I don’t want to be different!” Rachel burst out. People around looked at them confused. Zach chuckled nervously and grabbed Rachel’s arm.
“Let’s go somewhere that won’t get people’s attentions.” Zach led her down a empty ally.

Nate sake at the dock, listening to the busy people going back and forth from the dock to sea. He took in a deep breath and smelt the sea air and it was refreshing. He noticed this world had no real pollution. The air was crisper everywhere he was, and gave him more energy he felt. This world had a few positive notes he thought.
He then remembered his life, and even though the past year or so was mostly filled with peril life threatening battles that never seemed to stop, he missed it. He chuckled at his memories.
His mind went to his parents. In this world they both were not his parents, as Zach and he were not brothers. He was now confused on who in relation was he to. But he wouldn’t find out. Most Uchiha’s were hated due to Landon’s lies.
“Hey kid, what are you doing?” A voice said behind him. He turned his head to see an elderly man standing before him.
“Uh nothing, just enjoying the view.” Nate tried to understand why this man was asking him a question.
“Yes such a beautiful view isn’t it?” The old man said not looking at Nate. He stared into the horizon for what felt like a long minute. “Change is coming.” Nate raised an eyebrow.
“What are you talking about?” Nate asked confused and a little irritated. The old man began to walk away. Nate shook his head trying to forget it.
“Lauren says good luck.” The old man said. Nate looked back to see the old man running away with great speed. Nate jumped up and began to follow him.

Zach and Rachel find privacy in an ally way, and began to talk.
“I didn’t mean to upset you. I haven’t thought about all the reproductions of changing an entire world. But I know the feeling, sense I know what happened and am living it and can remember.” Zach explained. Rachel sighed.
“I didn’t mean to unload on you. It scares me. I don’t want to be someone different.” Rachel said.
“You shouldn’t worry though.” Zach said. Rachel looked up at him. “The Mayor was the exact same way he was in our world, and Kevin is as well. Well maybe he’s a bit more outgoing, but obviously a good heart. I bet you’re the exact same way in our world.” Rachel couldn’t help but smile.
“Thank you Zach.” Rachel said as she took a step forward towards Zach, leaned in and began to kiss him to his pleasant surprise.

Kevin stood on a private dock, empty. It was hidden from view by rock formations, and was made as a way to meet Lord Landon’s contact. The Eastern sky had a huge smoke single that was starting to dissipate. Kevin then noticed a difference in the water in the distance. A slight discoloration and it was moving towards him, at remarkable speeds. The water lifted itself up and formed a human shape. Cole’s face formed and smirk as he jumped from the water and landed next to Kevin. Cole smirked as Kevin’s face stayed serious.
“Long time no see.” Cole extended his arm out to shake Kevin’s. Kevin didn’t lose eye contact with Cole as he shook his head.
“Not long enough.” Kevin muttered.
“Are you still sore about the academy? How you think I messed you up so I could take place at Lord Landon’s castle why you got this back water town.” Cole remarked.
“No, I’m happy I am General of Palmacosta. I just hate dealing with scum.” Kevin said. Cole smirked.
“Hold your tongue; I can make sure Lord Landon knows you disobey him with your no bounty hunter rule.” Cole chuckled. Kevin exhausted in frustration. “Good. Now I am told there are a Clay and Sand Bloodline traveling together. Have you seen them?” It took everything in Kevin not to react. But it was true, Ryan was the one Lord Landon was after, and the Sand as well, probably all of them.
“Why?” Kevin asked.
“I’m not sure Lord Landon was short on details. He wanted them found and obliterated. Nothing left of them.” Cole chuckled in delight. “A chance to kill, I won’t questions Lord Landon’s motives.”
“They are here. I know the Clay Bloodline, he trust me.” Kevin said.
“Excellent, I will destroy them,” Cole began to say but Kevin interrupted him.
“You can’t. A head on battle he will win. He is the General of Drachma.” Kevin said. Cole’s eyes widen.
“Then you and your men can assist me.” Cole said.
“No, a secret approach is best. Ambush them. I was going to treat him and his friends to a dinner. We can do it then.” Kevin said as Cole smirked a cold smile.
“There is hope for you yet tin man.” Cole chuckled.
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Chapter 156: Palmacosta
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