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 Chapter 117: Infiltration

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Chapter 117: Infiltration Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 117: Infiltration   Chapter 117: Infiltration EmptyTue Aug 03, 2010 12:35 am

Ryan and Zach continued to walk down the narrow path in silence. The hallway had an eerier feel to it, and both of them felt it. The sense of being watched filled their minds and that any second something could happen.
After the last encounter, Ryan knew what The Shredder was capable of, and didn’t feel up to fighting him right now, but from past experiences like this, he knew it was most likely going to happen.
“Zach,” Ryan was the first to speak. “How mad are you that you lost?” Zach let out a small chuckle.
“Pretty pissed to be honest.” Zach said. “Vin is,” Zach paused. “Vin thinks he knows what is best, but he doesn’t really.” Zach shook his head.
“But as a fighter, he probably was the best choice.” Ryan admitted. Zach cocked his head confused. “He has the most fighting experience then any of us. We have had our powers for about a year now, and have fought in some pretty intense battles, The Mayor, the Xenomorph’s, Sirius, the Clones, and dinosaurs, but Vin was raised as a fighter and defender. Hell I bet he has moves he hasn’t even unleashed yet.”
“Your right about that, but I don’t know if he has what its takes to lead us. He seems timid with some of his decision making.” Zach argued.
“So you think you would be better at that?” Ryan asked.
“Of course!” Zach said proudly. “I would have lead us to easy victory over any foe!”
“And were back to the old Zach.” Ryan laughed.
“What’s what suppose to mean?” Zach snapped at Ryan. Ryan laughed.
“Nothing. Come on let’s get going. Wait,” Ryan looked behind Zach. “Where’s Kyle?” Ryan and Zach looked behind them, and saw nothing but an empty hallway. They assumed Kyle had been following the entire time.
“I don’t know, I thought he was just being quite.” Zach said.

“The end of the hallway, there looks to be a steel door.” Vin said as he took the lead of the group. Behind him Nate and Tyler walked quietly, not making a sound. “I still can’t see past the walls though. We should be careful and stealthy.”
“HEY GUYS!” Kyle yelled from behind them, running into their view. The sudden loud yell made them all jump in surprise as they looked back.
“What are you doing here?” Vin asked a little irritated. “You were to go with Zach and Ryan.”
“Sorry,” Kyle said.
“Just be quite.” Vin said as they continued to walk towards the steel door.
“Why did you come this way? Didn’t you hear Vin?” Nate asked.
“I did but,” Kyle began to say, but trailed off. Nate raised an eyebrow in confusion as they stopped walking and were at the steel door, and noticed something weird about the door.
“There’s no door handle or anything.” Tyler noticed as he looked over the door. Nate turned his head from Kyle to look himself, and Kyle sighed in relief.
“What kind of door has no handle?” Nate asked.
“The type of door that isn’t meant to be open normally.” Vin said thoughtfully. “Something must be behind this door that The Shredder doesn’t want anyone to get to.”
“Then we need to find a way in.” Kyle said.
“Let me handle this.” Tyler said as he extended his arm out and formed a pink energy ball.
“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Nate asked.
“When have I ever come up with a stupid idea?” Tyler asked. Nate opened his mouth to answer. “Shut up.” Tyler turned back and gathered more energy into the energy ball. Vin took a step back and stood behind Tyler. Tyler launched the energy ball at the door and the small closed hallway area was engulfed in smoke from the explosion. Everyone coughed as the smoke slowly started to dissipate.
“Oh yeah, great idea Tyler.” Nate coughed.
“I got this.” Kyle said as he swiped his arm in front of him and a gust of wing blew the air away through the hallway behind them.
“Thanks Kyle.” Vin said as they saw the metal door was destroyed and a hole was now in its place.
“I told you it was a good idea.” Tyler said proudly.
“Yeah, and we almost died form second hand smoke.” Nate said while rolling his eyes. Tyler walked through the hole to a huge open room. On the far wall, huge monitors walled the room, all showing numbers and images from around the globe. Above them was a cat walk, with spiral stairs on both sides. The entire place was made of steel, and in the middle was a chair, with its back turned from them. Vin put his finger to his lips to tell the others to be quite. The quietly ran in and under the stairs.
“Why are we being quite, when any sense of stealthiest has been taken from us with Tyler’s energy blast?” Nate asked.
“Well if you point out all our bad decisions we will be here all day.” Tyler said to Nate.
“Hello?” A voice said from the chair. “Is someone there?”
“Shredder?” Vin asked.
“No, my name is Saki.” The voice said from behind the chair. The team ran over and around the chair to see Saki, strapped to the chair, still in his business suite. “It’s about time someone came and helped me. The Shredder was close to killing me.”
“Don’t worry, we will help you.”” Vin said as they began to attempt to remove the straps, but they couldn’t pull them off. As they struggled, another door, off to the left, slide open, the Shredder standing there. Everyone froze in place as they say him take a step into the room.
“Well well, what do we have here?” The Shredder mocked in his deep metallic voice. “Some mice have come into the mouse trap I have set for them. Now I will get rid of a few bloodlines along with this pathetic piece of garbage.” Saki curled up his lip in annoyance at The Shredders comments. Everyone turned away from Saki and faced the Shredder.
“We won’t let you kill anyone, anymore.” Vin pronounced.
“Oh, you’re going to stop me?” The Shredder asked playfully and then laughed. “Show me what you have.”
“Let’s go!” Vin yelled as he led the charge. He scanned The Shredder’s armor, but was unable to see past it to who was wearing it. He didn’t notice a few weak points in his wrist, in where the fist claws were connected. The Shredder swiped down towards Vin, but Vin side stepped and raised his index fingers and hit the Shredders Left knuckle. The claw flew off breaking. The Shredder looked in enraged surprise.
“You little,” the Shredder smacked Vin hard with his left hand, and Vin went flying and hit the metal wall with a loud thud, and then fell to the floor.
“Alright, while he’s distracted.” Tyler said to Nate. Tyler extended his arm out and launched a energy attack the reflected off The Shredder’s Armor and hit the wall in a small explosion. The Shredder looked up towards Tyler, eyes narrowed. “Oh, I remember now, most of our attacks are useless, and I remember that look, I’m screwed.”
“Tyler duck!” Kyle yelled from behind. Tyler dove to the ground as Kyle was twirling his arms in a circular motion. “Wind Storm!” Kyle yelled he launched a gust of wind towards Nate. Nate jumped and was being launched towards The Shredder by the windstorm and Nate opened his hand.
“Chidori!” Nate yelled as the lighting burst form his hand and he held it out towards The Shredder. The Shredder didn’t move as he was hit by the attack and was flung across the room. His impact left an impression on the wall as he landed on his feet and Nate rolled on the ground in front of him. “I was sort of hoping that would faze you more then that.”
“My turn.” The Shredder said as he lifted his leg and kicked Nate in the stomach and Nate flew across the room, onto the top of the cat walk.
“This is going as planned.” Kyle said sarcastically.
“Hmm, I’m at a cross roads.” Saki said. Tyler and Kyle looked over at him. “Who to root for, the psychopath in the metal suit, or the God forsaken bloodlines?” Saki asked himself. Tyler sighed.
“Why are we risking our life’s for you?” Tyler asked.
“I was just joking, now be a good little abomination, and take him out.” Saki said. Tyler rolled his eyes.
“You picked the losing side Saki.” The Shredder laughed as he ran towards Tyler and Kyle.
“Any chance you have an idea or plan?” Kyle asked.
“Other then throw Saki in the way as a diversion and run like hell, nope.” Tyler joked. The Shredder jumped into the air and clenched his right hand and swiped down, hoping to slash at Tyler. Tyler jumped back and out of the way as the fist missed him. The Shredder then did a leg swipe and Tyler jumped over it. “Ha, that trick won’t work o name.”
“What trick?” The Shredder asked as his right fist launched into Tyler’s stomach, claws included. Tyler’s eyes grew wide as the Shredder held him up in the air.
“I hate it when this happens.” Tyler said as the Shredder lifts him over his head and threw Tyler across the room. Tyler slide on the ground, a small trail if blood behind him. The Shredder then took a step towards Kyle, and stared at him, but didn’t move. Kyle looked right back at him, eyes narrowed. There stare down as interrupted by the sound a door sliding opened from the catwalk.
“Were here to save you Mr. Saki!” Zach jumped into the room yelling. Behind him, Ryan sighed as he walked in after him.
“It didn’t sound heroic in the other eight rooms you jumped into, and it doesn’t sound heroic this time.” Ryan said as he looked around. Zach was looking too. They saw their friends laying everywhere, and The Shredder and Kyle staring down.
“And your friends were doing such a great job before you came along.” Saki commented. Ryan glared at Saki. The Shredder turned to Saki.
“There are more?” The Shredder asked irritated.
“I’ll handle this.” Zach said as he extended his hand out sand flowed out of his Sand Sheaths and flew towards The Shredder. The Shredder looked back up towards Zach and Ryan as he saw the strand of sand flying towards him. As the strand approached, The Shredder slashed across the sand as it fell to the ground. Zach extended his other hand and another strand flew towards The Shredder.
“Is that all you have?” The Shredder mocked as he slashed the other sand strand.
“Not really, I just didn’t want my friend to feel left out.” Zach smiled as he nodded his head towards Ryan, who had his hands together.
“What?” The Shredder said confused.
“I would look behind you if I were you.” Ryan said as The Shredder looked over his shoulder to see four clay spiders crawling close to him. “Detonate!” Ryan yelled as the spiders glowed and then blew up, causing the Shredder to fly across the room, next to the door he entered from. The Shredder looked up and shook his head in anger.
“Give up now.” Zach declared. The Shredder slammed his fist onto the console next to the door and the door slide open.
“He’s getting away!” Ryan said as The Shredder jumped up and walked into the door.
“I got him!” Zach said as another burst of sand launched towards The Shredder. The Shredder looked back as the sand was almost on him.
“I can help!” Kyle yelled as he slashed his arm across “Air Slash!” The slash went through the air.
“NO!” Zach yelled in protest but was too late. The Air Slash went through Zach’s sand and made it collapse on the ground. Zach looked down at Kyle as he looked up at him guilty.
“Sorry.” Kyle said timidly. Ryan watched as the door shut behind the Shredder. Zach was already running down the stairs. Ryan bent down to check on Nate.
“you ok?” Ryan asked. Nate groaned.
“I sick of being thrown around today.” Nate said, Ryan laughed.
“What is the hell is wrong with you!” Zach yelled as he ran past Kyle towards the door. Zach looked t the door and saw no handles. He pressed the console next to it, but nothing happen. “HE got away thanks you!” Zach pounded his fist on the door.
“I thought I was helping.” Kyle said as he hung his head down in shame.
“Zach, check on Tyler and Vin.” Ryan yelled from the cat walk as he was helping Nate onto his feet. Zach walked past Kyle, towards Tyler.
“Go check on Vin.” Zach said to Kyle as he didn’t look at him. Kyle ran over to Vin and shook him.
“Vin?” Kyle asked. Vin didn’t respond.
“Tyler?” Zach said a bit panicked as he saw the streak of blood that Tyler caused. Tyler groaned and rolled over. There were two rips in his shirt, but his skin was healed.
“I really hate that part.” Tyler said as Zach extended his hand out and Tyler grabbed it and was helped off the ground.
“Vin’s knocked out.” Kyle yelled out as Zach and Tyler began to walk over. Ryan and Nate followed.
“Aren’t you going to help me?” Saki asked as Ryan and Nate passed.
“We will, our friend might be hurt one second.” Ryan said as they walked to the other. Saki snorted in irritation.
“Man I wish he was like chained on the wall.” Zach said.
“Why?” Nate asked.
“Because then Ryan could of said ‘Just hang out for a bit.’” Zach said while laughing. Everyone sighed in annoyance. “What?” Tyler looked at Vin.
“He’s breathing, but we should get him out of here.” Tyler said.
“We have to go after The Shredder!” Zach said.
“Not likely.” Tyler said.
“Why?” Ryan asked.
“The wall that the door he left in is made of the same metal that his suite is made of. They look exactly the same. My blast won’t affect it, and nether will Ryan’s clay.” Tyler said.
“And we don’t know how to open the doors.” Nate added. “I think we should retreat, and count this a victory that we saved Saki.”
“I’m not saved until I am not shackled up!” Saki yelled into the conversation. They ignored him.
“I will grab Vin, you guys get Saki out of the chair.” Zach said as he bent down and slung Vin over his shoulder.
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Chapter 117: Infiltration Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 117: Infiltration   Chapter 117: Infiltration EmptyWed Aug 04, 2010 7:46 am

Good job, we got our a**es kicked again, but wait, there's a twist; this time we had an audience to cheer us on.
p.s. So many emoticons! Very Happy Smile Sad Surprised Shocked Cool Laughing Mad Razz Embarassed Crying or Very sad Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Rolling Eyes
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Chapter 117: Infiltration Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 117: Infiltration   Chapter 117: Infiltration EmptyWed Aug 04, 2010 10:26 am

redtar94 wrote:
Good job, we got our a**es kicked again, but wait, there's a twist; this time we had an audience to cheer us on.
p.s. So many emoticons! Very Happy Smile Sad Surprised Shocked Cool Laughing Mad Razz Embarassed Crying or Very sad Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Rolling Eyes

what is wrong with u
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Chapter 117: Infiltration Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 117: Infiltration   Chapter 117: Infiltration EmptyFri Aug 13, 2010 5:33 am

i think hes got a case of the homosexual disease
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Chapter 117: Infiltration Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 117: Infiltration   Chapter 117: Infiltration Empty

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Chapter 117: Infiltration
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