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 Chapter 137: And the Winner is..........

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Chapter 137: And the Winner is.......... Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 137: And the Winner is..........   Chapter 137: And the Winner is.......... EmptySat Jan 15, 2011 6:27 am

The crowd at the Battle Nexus gasped as the sand tower began to topple. Everyone was on the edge of their seats to know the outcome of the battle. The other Guardians were just as edgy. They wanted to know what had happen in the giant sand tower. Who had won the battle? Dustin was most worried about the unknown power he felt. Kyle was also uneasy in his expression, almost shocked the sand tower was toppled.
“Where are they?” Nate asked.
“I sense them both, but back down to normal power levels. Ryan’s is a little lower then normal though.” Dustin said as he scanned the area. The entire sand tower had fallen and the battlefield looks like a desert, with no life. No movement.
“Are they both dead?” One of the other competitors of the Battle Nexus asked. Everyone watched as a small patch of sand began to move on the far side of the arena.

The sand wiggled little by little as a hand popped out, grasping for something. The hand moved around and realized it was above the sand and tried to pull itself up. The top of Ryan’s head moved out of the sand as he began to cough and gasp for air. Slowly the rest of his body was uncovered, his left arms completely limp. Ryan laid on his back and looked up at the sky, inhaling the air. His left arm was in more pain then he could bare almost. He tried to move it, but nothing happened.
Ryan rolled over and pushed himself up with his good arm and looked around at the silent arena. No one was talking. He slowly moved his head towards the other Guardians, who were in awe at his state of being. Zato raised his hand in the air.
“I declare the winner,” Zato began to speak.
“STOP!” Ryan yelled. “Don’t declare anything yet!” Ryan continued to walk forward. Ryan grabbed his left arm with his right hand, holding it still as it was less painful to it to not move. Ryan almost staggered. He was worn from the battle. He used nearly everything he had to stop Shukaku, and if that didn’t stop him, if he was still awake, controlling Zach,
Ryan stopped and shook his head. He wasn’t going to think about that. Anyway, the tower of sand had fallen; it should mean Shukaku was no long in control.
Ryan stopped and looked down at the motionless sand around him. He bent down and began to dig.

The crowd was no longer silent as they watched in confusion at Ryan’s actions.
“What is he doing?” One person asked.
“Why didn’t he take the win?” Another asked.
“What is your friend doing?” One of the competitors of the Battle Nexus asked the guardians. He was a giant Rhino walking on two feet.
“I think he’s digging up Zach,” Tyler said as they watched.
“Is Zach in trouble?” Dustin asked.
“I’m sure he’s ok.” Kyle said with an edge.

“Come on, where are you.” Ryan said as he continued to dig with his good arm. “I swear if you’re trying to trick me I will break my other arm across your face.” As Ryan was complaining he saw an arm. “There you are!” Ryan said as he grabbed the arm and began to pull. He struggled, being weak after the fight as Zach’s body began to emerge form the sand. Ryan strained more with his one good arm. The upper half of Zach was above the sand, he was unconscious. Ryan sighed as he waited for some sign of life. Suddenly Zach’s eyes opened wide. Ryan took a step back. Zach exhaled as his body relaxed and he looked around, taking in his environment. He then looked at Ryan and smiled.
“You’re alive!” Zach said as he jumped out of the sand and hugged Ryan. Ryan screamed in pain as Zach unknowingly squeezed Ryan’s broken arm.
“Come on, get off me.” Ryan smiled as used his good arm to shrug off Zach. “My arm’s already broken; I don’t need more damage done to it.” Ryan’s smile turned to a serious stare at Zach. “What happen? How long has he been in control?”
“It’s really complicated,” Zach said as he trailed off. He looked over towards Dustin, Nate, Tyler, and Kyle.
“What’s the short version?” Ryan whispered. Zach leaned in close.
“I have been able to tap into Shukaku’s powers here and there, but sometimes he does take over, but normally he’s knocked back out by the bad guys.” Zach whispered.

On the podium, watching, everyone was getting annoyed.
“What are they talking about?” Tyler asked.
“You got me. Something is up though.” Dustin said.
“I’m more curious of why they are not fighting.” Kyle added a bit annoyed.

“Just don’t tell Dustin ok?” Zach pleaded.
“Why not?” Ryan asked confused. “I would think he would be the person to tell.”
“Because he will not let me battle until I have full control, that could take forever. I won’t sit on the sidelines.” Zach said. Ryan sighed.
“You understand how stupid and dangerous that is?” Ryan asked. Zach didn’t say a thing. “Fine,” Zach smirked. “But were going to work on controlling it.”
“Yeah we will have to do that later, when we get back.” Zach looked at the crowd. “Well let’s declare you the winner; you did take me out, at the cost of your arm though.” Zach chuckled. Ryan looked back towards Zato and raised his good hand.
“I concede!” Ryan yelled. The crowd gasped as did everyone else.
“Ryan could have taken the win. Why is he giving up?” Dustin asked.
“Well his arm looks broken,” Tyler noticed.
“Why are you giving up?” Zach asked perplexed.
“How to you expect me to fight with a broken arm?” Ryan laughed. “Anyways I proved I can win in a one on one fight.” Ryan smirked. “But you better win this thing now Zach. No excuse.”
“Are you sure?” Zato asked curiously. “You were to be declared the winner.”
“Yes. I’m useless with a broken arm, which is my own fault.” Ryan laughed. “Just let it be known I basically did win.” Zato hesitated and raised his arm in the air.
“Zach is the winner!” Zato yelled as the crowd roared in applause. The giant screen blacked out Ryan’s picture in the bracket, and moved Zach into a box titles ‘Top 16’. Zach and Ryan walked to a lift outside the battlefield and were lifted up to the other competitors. “Now let’s see who will fight in round 2!” Zato announced as the screen rapidly changed from different pictures of the competitors. The picture of the Rhino appeared. “Rhypopium.” Rhypopium took a step forward onto the lift as Zach and Ryan walked over to the rest of the Guardians.
“So what exactly happen in there?” Dustin asked.
“What no congrats Zach?” Zach asked.
“And how did you break your arm Ryan?” Dustin asked, ignoring Zach.
“Wow Zach, great work winning that match.” Zach said to himself.
“I used a new move to take out Zach. I placed clay on my fist and punched Zach in the face, activating it on impact.” Ryan explained.
“Then why does it seem Zach has no injuries from that?” Tyler asked confused. Ryan and Zach looked at each other and forgot Shukaku took the blast, and Zach wasn’t hurt.
“Uhhhhhhhh,” Both Ryan and Zach searched their minds for an explanation.
“It’s obvious,” Nate said over Zato announcing Rhypopium opponent. They all looked at Nate. “Zach used a Sand Clone.” Zach and Ryan exhaled in relief.
“That’s right a sand clone!” Zach laughed.
“So you toppled the tower of sand and Ryan gave you the win, but then declared he ‘basically did win?” Dustin questioned more. Zach and Ryan began to sweat as Mako interrupted them.
“Oh my!” Mako exclaimed. “Look at your arm.” Mako looked over Ryan’s broken arm.
“Yeah, have any morphine or something. It actually really hurt.” Ryan said in a painful laugh.
“Come with me to the infirmary. We can get that fixed up for you.” Mako said. Mako began to waddled off as Ryan shrugged his shoulders and followed him.
“See you guys in a bit.” Ryan said as he followed Mako. As Dustin and Tyler watched Zach turned around towards the arena. Kyle and Nate followed Zach’s actions.
“Looks like they will have to fight on my sand.” Zach said as he saw Rhypopium and his opponent, a purple human like creature stood on the outer rim.
“Not likely.” A lizard like warrior said to Zach. Dustin and Tyler walked over and watched.
“What do you mean?” Tyler asked.
“Just watch.” The lizard said with a hiss as the arena rumbled and the sand began to shift and disappeared. In the middle they saw as the ground was splitting up, and dropping the sand in a pit bellow.
“Well that’s good way to get rid of anything left over from the last fight.” Nate said.
“Like dead bodies.” The lizard laughed, walking away, as Zach, Tyler and Nate was spooked by what the lizard said.
“That thing gives me the creeps.” Zach said.
“Don’t let him get to you. Now that he see’s what were capable of with Zach and Ryan’s battle, I bet he’s scared of us.” Dustin said as he leaned into Zach’s ear. “I will find out what you’re hiding, one way or another. But for now, keep your secret.” Dustin leaned away as Zach laughed nervously.
“The match is about to start.” Kyle said.
“Not really.” Another warrior, a cat like human creature said as he walked behind them. “Rhypopium will most likely go to the top 4, like most years he participates. He’s actually the number one choice to win this year.”
“Really?” I mean he looks tough,” Nate said. “But I can’t imagine him being all that fast.”
“Let the match begin!” Zato yelled as the crowd roared for Rhypopium.
‘Just watch.” The car warrior said as Rhypopium’s opponent ran towards him in a fury, yelling. It jumped into the air and extended its leg out, ready to kick him. Its speed was incredible.
“Wow, that thing is fast.” Zach said.
“Rhypopium didn’t even more his head, almost ignoring it.” Dustin noticed. Suddenly as his opponent was close, Rhypopium snatched his arm in the air and grabbed it by the leg. The Guardian gasped as the speed the giant creature had. Rhypopium slammed it into the ground, causing a small crater. It didn’t move.
“Rhypopium is our winner!” Zato declared as the massive winner walked out of the ring, a few people in what looked like white scrubs ran to his downed opponent.
“Jesus, he barely moved!” Zach declared.
“Yes, you see why he is who everyone thinks will win.” The cat warrior extended his paw to Dustin. “My name is Kane.”
“Dustin. This is Zach, Nate, Tyler, and Kyle.” Dustin said as he pointed to each of his friends.
“Pleasure to meet all of you. Well the next round will be starting soon, let’s hope none of us are paired together.” Kane said. The lift came to the top and Rhypopium walked past and stood in the back. The screen flicked with the faces of the remaining warriors. Tyler’s face stopped.
“For match 3, we have Tyler!” Zato announced. Tyler looked around surprised he was next.
“It’s your turn to make us proud.” Zach commented. Tyler laughed. The screen stopped at the lizard that talked to them before.
“Perfect,” The Lizard hissed. “Easy win.”
“Tyler’s opponent will be Eclipso!” Zato declared.
“Eclipso eh?” Kane said. “He was disqualified for killing his opponent a few years ago.” Tyler’s eyes grew wide with fear.
“Seriously?” Nate asked.
“Yes, he has been banned for a few years sense then. It’s his first year back.” Kane explained. Eclipso walked past them.
“Come earthling. We have a fight to being.” Eclipso laughed as Tyler clenched his fist.
“Don’t worry, I’m ready for you.”
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Chapter 137: And the Winner is.......... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 137: And the Winner is..........   Chapter 137: And the Winner is.......... EmptySat Jan 15, 2011 6:40 am

Fuck that shit zach was unconscious and i won there is no way in hell i would give him the victory. I would blow up my other arm in the next fight and then i woul blow myself up after that. Godamnit im Kamakazi Sucidal Samurai Deidara Bitch!!!! lol next time i will kill you zach lol
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Chapter 137: And the Winner is.......... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 137: And the Winner is..........   Chapter 137: And the Winner is.......... EmptyWed Jan 19, 2011 9:26 pm

i woke up after four seconds, i would have raped u with ur bad arm, dont worry, the victory was really mine in the first place
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Chapter 137: And the Winner is.......... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 137: And the Winner is..........   Chapter 137: And the Winner is.......... Empty

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Chapter 137: And the Winner is..........
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