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 Chapter 150: Landon's Wish

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Chapter 150: Landon's Wish Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 150: Landon's Wish   Chapter 150: Landon's Wish EmptyFri Sep 07, 2012 9:33 pm

The Guardians traveled fast towards the city. It was shocking enough to see the Eternal Dragon Shenron in the sky, but then get reports that Landon, Sirius, and Jason were there scared them to death. Their greatest foes had any two wishes they desired, and they couldn’t get there fast enough. Dustin was already ahead with his instant Transmission as Tyler flew next to a giant clay bird that the others rode.
“We haven’t heard from Dustin yet!” Nate yelled over the wind.
“I’m sure he’s fine, I mean Dustin wouldn’t do something crazy right?” Vin asked.
“Normally no, but Landon is there.” Zach added, remembering Dustin wanting revenge.
“Let’s get there faster!” Ryan yelled as the clay bird flapped his wings faster and Tyler zoomed past them.

As they came into view they saw two people fighting in the air. Dustin was in his Super Saiyan form, throwing a barrage of punches at Landon who was smirking and easily dodging the attacks. On top of a building Sirius looked at the incoming Guardians, waiting for them.
“Welcome to the main event!” Sirius called to them as they jumped on top of the building ready to face him.
“Danielle, you stay back and provide support when you can.” Zach declared as she took a few steps back.
“I will help Dustin!” Tyler yelled as he began to fly towards him.
“Oh I’m sorry,” Sirius said as he jumped and stopped Tyler grabbing his neck, and then slamming him into the ground. “We make the rules, and you can’t help the True Heir. Landon wanted to fight him alone.” Sirius chuckled as he looked up to see the others beginning to charge him.

Dustin flew back a bit catching his breath. Landon’s speed was incredible. He wasn’t sweating at all, Dustin’s eyes grew wide, Landon was playing with him.
“I’m not in the mood for games! Why did you gather the Dragon Balls?” Dustin demanded to know. He saw to his right the others were here and began fighting Sirius. Jason was standing by the Dragon Balls on the ground, most likely protecting them.
“Well I have a wish I want granted.” Landon said with a chuckle. “We all have wishes. Some people want Ponies, some want money, I want something much better.”
“What’s that?” Dustin demanded.
“To see you suffer and your Bloodline to lose everything.” Landon chuckled darkly.
“I’m the last of my Bloodline! We were hunted for century’s! What more do you want done!”
“If only you knew!” Landon said as Dustin launched an Energy ball at him and Landon deflected it.

“Warlock PUNCH!” Sirius yelled as he threw his fist forward towards Nate. Nate’s Sharingan was spinning and he was able to jump over it and kick Sirius in the face. He stumbled back in irritation.
“This is too easy!” Zach yelled as he extended his arm out and four strands of sand flew towards him, wrapping around Sirius’s wrists and ankles, holding him in place. “Ryan!”
“Got it Zach,” Ryan said extending his good arm out and forming a clay bear. The bear charged Sirius towards him. Sirius growled as he ripped apart the sand confines and grabbed the bear and lifted it over his head.
“Detonate it now Ryan!” Vin yelled. Ryan laughed.
“Yeah, he will then throw it back at us.” Ryan said thinking it was a bad idea. Suddenly Danielle tapped him on the shoulder and smirked. “Your right Vin! DETONATE!” Ryan yelled as the bear began to glow. The Guardian gathered around Danielle as Sirius threw the bear at them.
“All in one place, thanks for making this easy for me!” Sirius laughed as the explosion blew up almost upon them. Suddenly Tyler and Nate ran out of the smoke, unharmed. Sirius took a step back confused as Nate’s Sword ignited with electricity.
“Elec-Sword!” Nate yelled as he slashed towards Sirius. Sirius formed a portal and pulled out his own sword and blocked Nate’s. Tyler appeared point blank next to Sirius, not having time to react.
“Vanishing Beam!” Tyler yelled as he let out a huge pink energy beam. As the beam vanished Sirius look un-phased down at the two Guardians as the others look on shocked.
“GET OUT OF THERE!” Vin yelled but it was too late, Sirius pushed down on his sword and blasted Nate back and hit his knee into Tyler.
“I’m sick of this!” Sirius yelled. “LANDON! MAKE THE WISH!” Sirius looked back at his partner annoyed.

Landon looked back at Sirius and shook his head.
“You know if he was all alone and in charge he would be doing what I am doing.” Landon turned to Dustin, “Give the people a show I say. I mean what kind of ruler would I be if I don’t entertain my people.”
“Ruler?” Dustin said with an edge.
“Yes yes, a ruler.” Landon pointed his index figures towards Dustin. “Energy Rings!” Five rings of Energy flew toward Dustin at lightning speed. They attached to his wrist, ankles and necks and forced him against a close Building wall, He was stuck unable to move. Dustin Struggled as Landon flew over to him and smiled.
“Let me go!” Dustin demanded.
“Oh come now, you in no place to demand anything. As I said, enjoy the show.” Landon turned to the Eternal Dragon. “SHENRON, THE ETNERAL DRAGON, HEAR MY FIRST WISH! REVEAL TO SIRIUS WHAT MY NEXT WISH WILL BE!” Landon yelled as he laughed manically.
“What?” Sirius questioned as he stood there confused.
“What kind of wish is that? Aren’t they partners?” Ryan asked. Zach shrugged.
“Who cares! Go help Dustin Tyler.” Danielle said as he was already flying toward his friend.
“Your Wish is granted!” Shenron said. Landon looked over at Sirius with a huge grin.
“TRAITOR!” Sirius yelled in a fury of rage! Landon’s turn plans had been revealed to him. Sirius had never been so mad. Landon tricked him, and there wasn’t anything Sirius could do.
“What happen?” Zach asked.
“Landon betrayed,” Sirius then looked back at the Guardians. ‘Why am I telling you this! I have to stop him!” Sirius said as he began to run. He was able to make a huge jump to the next building.
“Uh do we help him?” Zach asked.
“I rather not find out Landon’s wish first hand do you?” Ryan asked as they began to run. Vin was quicker than the rest, jumping the length of the building as Sirius did.

“YES! That’s the reaction nI wanted from you Sirius.” Landon laughed as he turned to see Tyler trying to get the Energy rings off Dustin. “HEY” Landon launched an energy ball at Tyler, launching him into the building. “Don’t spoil my fun!” Landon smiled as he looked at Dustin. “Now let’s get my second wish out of the way, and turn this world into my playground!”
“I can’t let you!” Dustin said as he began to power up. Landon looked at him.
“I better hurry this up.” Landon looked back to the Dragon.
“What is your second wish?” Shenron demanded.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Dustin yelled powering up. The building behind him began to give away freeing him.
The Next moment went very slow for everyone.

From below Jason looked up, watching Landon make his wish. Dustin starting to race towards Landon, fist ready to punch. Tyler was pushing his way out of the rubble he was thrown in. Sirius was trying to make a jump towards Landon, with Vin close behind. Nate, Zach and Ryan watched, helpless. Danielle stood shocked as well.

“Your Wish is granted!” Shenron said as the entire world began to shack. Dustin was stopped midair and yelled in pain as he was being enveloped by a white light. Landon was starting to be enveloped in it as well as Sirius and Vin. Landon laughed hard at his victory.
“Oh no!” Zach yelled in terror. The others took a step back knowing the light would get them in seconds.
“GUYS!” Danielle yelled as he extended her hand and Ryan, Zach, and Nate were covered in a Barrier as she too was enveloped by the light.
Then there was nothing, just Landon’s laugh, and then everything went black.
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Chapter 150: Landon's Wish Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 150: Landon's Wish   Chapter 150: Landon's Wish EmptySat Sep 08, 2012 5:19 am

i am really pumped you started up again Dustin good job on this chapter looking forward to more cheers
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Chapter 150: Landon's Wish
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