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 Wrapping up the Battle Nexus arc

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Wrapping up the Battle Nexus arc Empty
PostSubject: Wrapping up the Battle Nexus arc   Wrapping up the Battle Nexus arc EmptyFri Sep 07, 2012 5:38 am

When we last left our heroes, Zach and facing Brandon in the Battle Nexus! Brandon had taken a serum that pushed him into the level of an Ultra Super Saiyan! Zach though had the advantage as the speed based fighter; Brandon was put at a disadvantage with his new bulky physic. But Brandon started to get the hang of his new powers and was able to throw Zach in the air, preparing for his new move, the Heat Dome Attack!
As Brandon blasted up towards Zach, he put up a strong sand barrier to hold it off from his Sand Sheaths. The Heat Dome was starting to become overwhelming, and Zach was starting to lose power, when the serum took its toll on Brandon and he passed out, with Zach being declared the winner of the round.
After that match, Dustin and Ryan went back to talk to Jim, and found that he had escaped his confines, and rushed to tell the others.
The rest of the event went quickly, with the final 4 being Tyler, Nate, Zach, and Kane (The cat like creature they befriended).
Tyler vs. Nate and Zach vs. Kane.
Zach won agiasnt Kane, and Tyler barely beat Nate.
In the end, thanks to a new World Ring, Tyler becomes the new Battle Nexus Champion!
Ian returned from Isla Nublar with the information he wanted, and his newest plan was in the works.
As the Guardians return back, they are welcomed by Vin and Danielle, but the home coming is short lived. The sky grows darker and they look off in the distance. They see the Eternal Dragon Shenron! Bishop calls them saying Landon, Jason and Sirius have been spotted next to him. No time to rest Guardians! The team moves out!
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Wrapping up the Battle Nexus arc
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