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 Chapter 154: Deja'vu Battle

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Chapter 154: Deja'vu Battle Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 154: Deja'vu Battle   Chapter 154: Deja'vu Battle EmptyTue Sep 25, 2012 11:38 pm

The air was still and quite. The room was silent as Ryan and Nate slept on the ground and Rachael in Ryan’s bed. A cool breeze flew through the air as the entire room suddenly started to shake violently. Everyone jumped up in shock.
“What was that?” Rachel asked alarmed.
“I would normally blame Zach for something like this, but who knows here.” Nate said. Ryan ran to his window and saw the area of empty. Suddenly there was more shaking.
“An Earthquake?” He asked Rachael.
“That doesn’t feel like an earthquake.” Rachael said.
“DEATH BEAM!” They all heard come from the Mayor outside.
“Who is he fighting?” Nate asked as Ryan was already getting his gear on.
“I don’t know but I’m about to find out.” Ryan said as he was already at the door. “Nate, stay here, protect Rachael. If anything happens, get out of here.” Ryan closed the door quickly. Nate and Rachael stared at the door for a long moment, hating not knowing what is happening.

“You’re supposed to be extinct!” The Mayor yelled at Zach and Oddie as they stood in a long path way in the middle of the city.
“SO ARE YOU! We took you out a long time ago!” Zach said as he pointed at the Mayor. The Mayor raised an eyebrow confused.
“I don’t care about your babbling.” The Mayor said as he pointed his index finger towards Zach. “DEATH BEAM!”
Zach and Oddie woke up early, and made their way to Drachma, where they quickly ran into the Mayor, who quickly knew they were Sand Bloodlines by their clothing.
Zach dove out of the way as the Death Beam hit the barrier wall behind them. “That trick won’t work on me!” Zach opens his palm and from the sides of the cloak ad wave of sand flew out and hit the Mayor, tackling him to the ground. The Mayor grunted in annoyance.
“TAKE THEM OUT!” The Mayor declared as an Alakazam and a Luxray jumped out from the shadows and charged the two Sand Bloodlines. Zach began to open his palm again when the Alakazam crossed his spoons, and his eyes began to glow. Zach was paralyzed and couldn’t move.
“What’s happening?” Zach asked as the Luxray began to glow a bright yellow.
“Volt TACLKE!” The Luxray howled as he crashed into Zach, flinging Zach back, causing him to bounce against the wall in pain.
“Zach!” Oddie yelled as he saw his friend and felt helpless. Oddie was not trained to battle, and now he saw the Mayor getting up. He took a step back as the three enemies were closing in on him.
“Lord Landon will be pleased that I finished off your two. DEATH BEAM!” The Mayor shot his beam straight towards Oddie’s heart. Oddie covered his eyes.
“CLAY BIRD!” A voice yelled from afar as a small clay bird flew in and intercepted the beam. The smoke quickly cleared as Ryan ran alongside Oddie. Ryan saw another on the ground behind them his face towards the ground. The Mayor began to grind his teeth.
“Is he ok?” Ryan asked, Oddie shook his head, still in shock. “What are you doing in my town?”
“You are probably not aware of this, but Lord Landon eradicated most of the Sand Bloodlines, and these are two stragglers. I am finishing them off for him.” The Mayor explained. “Now that you know that you made a mistake, get out of my way!” Ryan stood his ground, his brow lowered. “Are you deaf?”
“No, I won’t allow you to terrorize anyone in Drachma ever again. Get out now!” Ryan demanded. The Mayor smirked.
“I was waiting for you to defy me.” The Mayor said as Ryan looked to his side and saw Luxray charging towards him, his body covered with a yellow aura.
“Get Back!” Ryan yelled as he pushed Oddie out of the way and Luxray crashed into Ryan smashing him into the barrier wall, ad he fell next to Zach. Zach began to get up, ignoring the near lifeless body next to him.
“I must have been dreaming.” Zach began to say. “I thought I heard Ryan’s voice.” Zach stood up and looked at Oddie who was terrified. The Mayor smiled as Zach looked back at someone on the ground, their face not showing.
“So back for more?” The Mayor asked.
“I won’t give up. Last time we never gave up, and we defeated you!” Zach yelled with passion. Everyone looked at him confused.
“What are you speaking of? I have never met you before in my life, and anyone as annoying as you have fallen to my feet.” The Mayor opened his palm and an energy ball began to form.
“Oddie get behind me!” Zach declared as the energy ball was launched and Zach made a sand wall barrier. The energy blasted the san wall and made it shake. Suddenly the Alakazam jumped over the wall and his eyes began to glow. Zach was lifted into the air, his body being crushed, as the sand wall fell. The Mayor laughed as the Alakazam landed on the ground concentrating on Zach as he yelled in pain.
“LET HIM GO!” Oddie yelled. The Mayor chuckled.
“Why? I have all you where I want you.” The Mayor said as Oddie looked over to see the Luxray growling, head down, ready to pounce. Oddie turned around towards Ryan and extended his arm out and sand flew from his cloak and wrapped around Ryan as he pulled him towards the Mayor.
“You seem to want him dead, and I know you would take more pleasure killing him then us, or I can crush him, taking that pleasure away from you.” The Mayor thought for a moment.
“Alright. Let him go.” The mayor demanded as Alakazam let Zach down on the ground. Zach looked up to see Ryan, slowly regaining conciseness.
“Oddie! STOP!” Zach yelled. Oddie didn’t look at Zach; he was holding Ryan as the Mayor began to form his Death Beam. They were all distracted as a loud roar as four charging clay rhinos rammed into The Mayor, Oddie, Luxray, and Alakazam. Ryan was loosen form the sand and fell to the ground as Gerald ran into the walk way and bent down to see Ryan. Zach was now up running over to them.
“He will be ok.” Gerald said as he helped Ryan up. Ryan looked up to see Zach.
“Zach?” Ryan asked confused.
“You remember?!?” Zach said in excitement. Ryan smile and nodded as he was gaining composure. Gerald helped him to his feet as the Mayor began to get up, he was covered in clay.
“You foolish Clay bug you.” The mayor growled.
“He seems a bit more powerful than our encounter with him before.” Zach said.
“That never happen in this time line Zach. He’s had his powers sense he was a kid.” Ryan said. Zach then smiled.
“But so have we!” Zach said as he swiped his hand in the air and sand flew from his cloak and a dozen shape clay swords formed and floated before them, ready to strike their enemies.
“I have never fought with a Sand Bloodline, this should be interesting.” Gerald smiled as he prepared himself for battle. Ryan did the same.
“Gerald, I will hold them off. You get Zach and grab Nate and Rachel, get them to Isla Sorna.” Ryan said. “I will protect this town.”
“Nate? Nate’s here?” Zach asked.
“Yes, now go!” Ryan said as there enemies were getting up. Gerald grabbed Ryan by his shoulder.
“No, you go with your friends, I will hold them off.”
“But I don’t know the location of the island!” Ryan said. Gerald opened his palm and a small mouth opened and a clay scroll came out.
“Absorb this into your clay mouth; it retains all the information about Isla Sorna. It will help you and your friends get there. You must change this world.” Gerald said as he pushed Ryan back next to Zach who was getting up. The Mayor looked angry as he opened his palm and formed an energy ball.
“None of you will live very much longer.” The Mayor declared as he shot the energy ball. Zach extended his arm out and formed a sand barrier that blocked the energy ball.
“GO NOW!” Gerald yelled as he opened his hand and four large clump of clay fell out. They began to form into clay clones of Gerald. The stood, ready to attack.
“We should listen to him.” Zach said as he began to run the opposite direction. Ryan stood, frustrated and beaten. He turned around and ran.

“Even with your clones, you can’t think you can defeat me.” The Mayor gloated. Gerald grinded his teeth, not giving the monster in front of him the pleasure. “Fine then,” The Mayor opened his plan towards the sky and an energy disk lined with blades form and began to spin.

“What is going on out there?” Nate said as he peered out the window. Whatever was happening was out of his sight of range. He pulled is head back in from the widow and looked at Rachel, who was sitting patiently, waiting.
“I’m sure he’s ok.” Rachel said, trying to convince herself. Suddenly they heard a loud screech. They looked out the window and say a giant clay bird, with Ryan and Zach.
“Zach!” Nate said in surprise.
“That’s right, no get on!” Zach said extended his arm out. He first pulled Rachel up on the bird, and then they heard a blood curdling scream, and they recognized the voice as Gerald’s. Rachael closed her eyes tight, holding back tears.
“COME ON!” Ryan demanded as Nate secured himself on the clay bird and they started to flap away with great speed.
“Where are we going?” Nate asked,
“The port town known as Palmacosta.” Ryan said.

The Mayor cracked his neck as he saw Gerald’s lifeless body on the ground. In the corner Oddie cowered with fear as the Luxray and Alakazam surrounded him. “You will be coming with us to Lord Landon.”
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Chapter 154: Deja'vu Battle
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