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 Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade

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Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade   Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade EmptyWed Aug 25, 2010 4:53 am

“Say goodnight Bloodline scum!” The Shredder yelled as the bazooka launched. Zach and Vin dove out of the way as the building shook from the impact. The crumbling wall fell on both Zach and Vin, covering them completely. Lerenzo looked over in shock at the destruction. The Shredder put the bazooka down and took a step back in the helicopter and jumped the short distance and landed inside the skyline apartment.
“What the hell is this all about?” Lerenzo demanded. The Shredder looked over at the man.
“Ahhh Mr. Lerenzo, I want to thank you for taking care of the Blade of Tengu for so long, but I will be taking it now.”
“Over my dead body!” Lerenzo yelled. The Shredder laughed.
“I know someone who might give me a bonus if I eliminate you,” The Shredder said taking a step forward. Lerenzo took a step back, unable to back up his own words. “I’m not much for killing real humans, but I think I can make an exception for you.” The Shredder lifted his hand up and his claws on his fist shining from the light coming in from the hole in the wall.
“Duck!” A voice yelled as Lerenzo followed the orders and a pink energy blast came forward.
“What the?” The Shredder said the blast hit him, throwing him back, out the hole in the wall. Lerenzo looked back to see three more kids.
“What is going on here?” Lerenzo asked. Ryan ran up and helped him up.
“Well, the Shredder wants you Blade of Tengu to become more powerful and kill all the Bloodlines.” Ryan explained.
“I was expecting a more complicated answer.” Lerenzo said. “What are you all doing in my house?”
“Well we wanted to get the Blade of Tengu to keep it from The Shredder.” Nate said.
“So you break into my home and wreak it?” Lerenzo asked annoyed.
“We didn’t wreak your home, it was the Shredder that did that,” Ryan said as he looked at the hole. “How did he make that hole?”
“Bazooka.” Lerenzo said.
“Bazooka?!” Ryan, Nate, and Tyler yelled in surprise at once.
“Yes a bazooka,” A familiar metallic voice said as The Shredder pulled himself up from the hole.
“What?” Nate said surprised.
“I blew you off of building.” Tyler said.
“Well my claws are more then just for killing.” The Shredder said annoyed. “And now I will kill you all with them!” The Shredder said as he began to charge towards them.
“AHHHHHH!” A voice yelled as a large strand of sand burst from the ruble and hit The Shredder and threw him through the wall. Everyone looked over to see Zach and Vin emerging from the rubble. “You know, were use to your moves Shredder.”
“The Guardian’s will not be defeated this night.” Vin said as he opened his eyes to reveal his Byakugan. “We will fight you to the bitter end!”
“Wow, they are working together.” Tyler said in surprise. The Shredder walked back into the room.
“You want to play boys?” The Shredder asked eyes narrowed and filled with anger. “Then come and get me!”
“Guardian’s ATTACK!” Vin yelled as they all charged towards the Shredder.
Vin was the first to get to the Shredder, his fingers ready to strike. The Shredder slashed straight forward as Vin dodged it easily, and hit areas around The Shredder’s arms a dozen times, before the Shredder could react. He then slashed down with his other hand as Vin slide to the side, as Vin kicked The Shredder in the chest. The Shredder was knocked back a few feet as he felt Vin’s kick surprisingly. The Shredder then lifted his arm up and smacked Vin in the chest, flying him back. Vin hit the wall hard as Nate jumped over him and his hand burst into lighting.
“Chidori!” Nate yelled as he swiped his arm at Shredder. The Chidori’s lighting strands flowed around his armor, causing little to no damage to the Shredder. Nate looked up at the towering Shredder with fear.
“Nate duck!” Zach yelled as Nate ducked down onto the ground as a fist made of sand launched towards The Shredder.
“Fool me once shame on you,” The Shredder said as he slashed into the sand fist and the sand fist split into two and feel to the ground. “Fool me twice, shame on me.” The Shredder gave a small evil chuckle as he pulled his leg back and kicked Nate in the stomach. Nate was lifted off the ground and was thrown into the room where the Blade of Tengu was. Zach ran forward in anger at what had happened.
“SHREDDER!” Zach yelled with rage as he sprinted towards the Shredder. Tyler and Ryan stopped their pursuit.
Zach pushed forward his arm in a fist, and The Shredder prepared himself.
“You think a simple punch can hurt me?” The Shredder mocked as sand began to flow from the Sand Sheaths and around Zach’s arm and formed the sand claws. Zach slashed towards The Shredder as he moved back. The tips of the sand claws scrapping the metal armor, making a dent. The Shredder looked down in shock, but had no time to focus as Zach swiped again with his other hand, now incased in sand, forming a hammer. It smashed against The Shredder as he was pushed back a bit.
“I’m not playing around anymore!” Zach said as his eyes were now different. The Shredder cocked his head as his eyes were completely black except for the yellow iris. Zach screamed as he launched out a huge strand of sand towards the Shredder. The shredder began to run towards it, his claws pointed ahead of him, ready to strike. As the sand strand and The Shredder collided it started wrap around the Shredder. The Shredder began to slash wildly around at the sand, more and more fell to the ground, but the Shredder couldn’t keep up with it as he was enveloped in the sand completely, only his head now exposed.
“Alright Zach! You got him in the Sand Coffin!” Ryan said in delight.
“Any last words before I crush you?” Zach said in a deeper then normal voice. The Shredder began to laugh.
“You’re a fun one you know that?” The Shredder said. Zach raised an eyebrow. “You think you have me?”
“I do! Your about to become scrap metal!” Zach said.
“You need to learn a few things boy!” The Shredder said as the sand cocoon burst into millions of different pieces, The Shredder spreading out his arms and legs to break free. Zach took a step back in surprise.
“But, how?” Zach asked his eyes back to normal as is his voice.
“You foolish boy, you have an uncontrollable monster inside you, which is why I must kill each and every one you maggots!” The Shredder said as he grabbed Zach by the collar of his shirt and lifted him off the ground.
“Zach watch out!” Ryan yelled Zach kicked the Shredder in the chest plate, loosening his grip and Zach rolled out of the way as the Shredder saw five clay birds buzzing towards him. The birds exploded onto The Shredder’s armor with not effect.
“Forgot you have no effect on me boy?” The Shredder asked.
“It wasn’t meant to hurt you.” Ryan smiled as The Shredder huffed in confusion. Ryan nodded his head up as the Shredder looked up to see a dozen giant blocks of sand floating above him.
“You think that will do anything?” The Shredder asked.
“Yeah it will.” Tyler said to The Shredder’s left, standing next to Zach.
“You ready?” Zach asked Tyler.
“You know it.” Tyler said while nodding his head.
“Combination Attack!” Zach and Tyler yelled in unison. Tyler pointed both of his fingers out and towards the blocks of sand. Pink beams launched out and began to hit them all turning them into chocolate blocks. “Raining Chocolate!” They said in unison again as Zach motioned his arms down and the blocks fell at a great speed, piling over the Shredder burying him in Chocolate.
“God when will I stop being the distraction?” Ryan asked as he turned around to see Vin, now getting up.
“Will that hold him?” Vin asked.
“We haven’t thought that far ahead yet.” Zach said as he turned around to see Nate still lying on the ground.
“It was a stalling measure.” Tyler said. Lerenzo’s eyes grew wide.
“It didn’t buy you enough time!” He yelled as the pile of chocolate burst and splattered around the room, the Shredder standing up, rage in his eyes and actions.
“I’ve had enough!” The Shredder yelled as he ran towards Tyler and Zach, towards the Blade of Tengu. “I am getting the blade, even if I have to slice you all into pieces!” The Shredder said as he gained more speed, his claws ready to attack. Zach looked back and swiped his hands in front of him and he began to form a sand wall. “A pathetic wall won’t stop me!” Zach and Tyler prepared themselves and Vin began to run towards the Shredder, and Ryan preparing for another clay attack.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” They all heard as Nate jumped over Tyler, Zach and the forming sand wall, a ancient blade from Lerenzo’s collection in hand, his Sharingan blaring. He began to fall towards the Shredder.
“A simple sword? I can cut through that and then I will cut through you!” The Shredder cackled.
“Elec-Sword!” Nate yelled as the blade of the sword burst into a lighting aura around it. The Shredder stopped in his tracks as the swords slashed down and into the armor of his shoulder. The Shredder let out an ear piercing scream as Nate pulled the sword back and landed on the ground. From the open area of his armor blood was seen.
“You insolent little bastard!” The Shredder yelled with fury in his voice as he slashed down with his claws. Nate propped his sword up and blocked them with the lightning aura still around it. The Shredder pulled back and slashed again. Nate again blocked.
“What is that?” Tyler asked as Zach let the sand wall down.
“Jace mentions something about adding an element to Nate’s swords. I didn’t know he had it in him.” Zach said as Vin and Ryan joined them ,watching The Shredder and Nate exchange blows.
“Shouldn’t we help him?” Vin asked.
“He’s blocking each of the Shredder’s attacks.” Ryan observed. “Nate is able to predict his opponents move for the most part, but he never really had the power to back it up, but with this, he’s now gain more power then we could think, I mean with this, he probably could of beaten all of us for leader.” Ryan said.
The Shredder once again slashed with all his might. Nate swung his sword and the aura around the sword burst into more power as he sliced through his claws. The Shredder’s red eyes grew as he saw his claws break. Nate jumped into the air, used The Shredder’s arm as a spring and jumped over him.
“Electric Slash!” Nate yelled as he slashed his sword side ways and a lightning wave came from his sword, hitting The Shredder in the back. The Shredder was flown in the air towards the other.
“Ahh!” They yelled as they jumped out of the way, and the Shredder flew into the artifact room, breaking the glass case of the Blade of Tengu, and the blade falling onto the ground. The Guardians looked back to see The Shredder near the blade and looked at Ryan.
“Or I am wrong, so sue me. Blame the kid that did it!” Ryan defended.
“Sorry guys!” Nate said in a panic.
“Stop him!” Lerenzo commanded as the Shredder pushed himself up and saw the blade.
“Dammit! I was hoping not to do this!” The Shredder bent down and grabbed the blade with his hand. Immediately his hand was covered in electrical sparks, and The Shredder groaned in pain as it didn’t stop. “I love to stay and chat, but I must prepare for my next step.” The Shredder began to run, with the Blade of Tengu in hand, and ran towards the hole, where the helicopter waited for him.
“No!” Zach yelled as he let out a strand of sand towards The Shredder but he missed as The Shredder made the jump into the helicopter. The Shredder opened a briefcase in the helicopter and placed the blade in it safely. He looked at his hand, the armor destroyed and his flash burned badly.
“Get us out of here!” The Shredder demanded from the unseen pilot in a dark helmet. The helicopter began to fly away.
“We can’t let him get away!” Vin said.
“Looks like it’s up to us!” Ryan said as he brought his hands together and his platypus formed into a giant bird. Ryan jumped onto it and flew out of the hole. Tyler lifted himself into the air and followed.

Danielle sighed in distress as she sat on the ground, next to Dustin’s grave stone. Although she knew this was the one that was made to fake his death from before, this was the only was she knew to morn. She was upset. Lauren was gone for God knew how long, and she felt useless in the world. She never knew how much Dustin, and the others changed her life for the better, and now the reason she was there was now gone, and no amount of wishing would bring him back. The wind became still and Danielle noticed. She looked up as a familiar black hole appeared over Dustin’s grave stone. Darkrai slowly emerged out.
“You!” Danielle yelled as she got up. “Why did you take Lauren!” She demanded.
“You’re hurting.” Darkrai responded. Danielle looked at Darkrai confused.
“What? You’re ignoring my question!” Danielle said irritated.
“We need Lauren for something, but we need you too. We think we know of a way to awaken Lauren, but,” Darkrai trailed off.
“But what!”
“Please help us.” Darkrai asked.
“What do you want help with?” Danielle asked.
“Come with me.” Darkrai turned and entered his portal. Danielle reluctantly followed.
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Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade   Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade EmptySat Aug 28, 2010 9:44 am

omg nate is good for once in the story i might have to go read yugioh mangas now lol jk
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Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade   Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade EmptyTue Aug 31, 2010 9:12 am

I call rematch for Guardian leader lol. And really Dustin? Chocolate Rain?
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Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade   Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade EmptyTue Aug 31, 2010 9:17 am

redtar94 wrote:
I call rematch for Guardian leader lol. And really Dustin? Chocolate Rain?

I gave you that power I will take it back, don't question my stupid attack ideas! Any way's it was Zach and Tyler, not me, I'm dead.
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Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade   Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade EmptyWed Sep 01, 2010 4:45 am

Right, and I'm going to get Mangeyko Sharigan in the next arc (ha ha). No, but I'm happy that I'm an actual asset to the team.
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Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade   Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade Empty

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Chapter 121: Battle for the Blade
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